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Greatest American Dog

Season 1 Episode 4

Top Dog Model

Aired Thursday 8:00 PM Jul 30, 2008 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Top Dog Model
The theme for this week is personality. The owners and dogs are challenged in a photo shoot and one more dog and owner goes home.

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  • The dog with the most personality and character lost!

    Galaxy and JD win again! And poor Travis and Presly get sent to the dreaded dog house. Everyone got to have a photoshoot displaying a personality or mood. The bottom thre were Tillman who was lazy, Leroy who was angry, and Beacon who was loving. I do not think Tillman should have lost and I can not believe Beacon and Brandy are still here. First of all she's engaged and she can't just let Laura and Travis flirt! Also how did Beacon's picture look "loving"? Teresa got in trouble with the judges by using "inhumane" snarlbands on Leroy. I'm gonna miss Tillman who farted on his final lap!moreless
  • I disagree with the judges...

    I like Tillman a lot, but it's true that he's not as well trained as some of the other dogs. I think Ron could have done better in the photo shoot and I think Tillman should have gone soon, but not in this episode. Teresa and Leroy should have left. You don't have to make your dog angry to look angry. It's incredibly hard to make a dog angry, but seriously, she was spraying her dog and putting elastic on him. Ridiculous. That's abuse. Anyways, I'll continue on... I was happy with Bill and Star pulled it off. I was worried that they would not have been able to look stubborn. I thought JD and Galaxy's picture was amazing. Really well done. Overall, another great episode except for the abuse and Tillman leaving....moreless
  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Tillman's gone!!!! he was the best dog on there!

    Tillman was the best!! Leroy should of gone home for being tortured!! What tics me off is tillman went home before some other dogs who were stupid. Like Beacon,Bella,and andrew.All they do is nothing. Tillman rides a skateboard.So with a talent like that who wouldn't make Tillman famous. sigh. O well. I guess i need 2 root for Galaxy or Star.As long as some airhead dosn't win. Tillman you rock. hope you get famos one day :).Tilman rules 4 ever! Beacon,Bella,And andrew don't.oh one more thing. The Judges suk 4 taking away the joy of this I can't find a reason to watch this show anymore!!!moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • JD and Galaxy won the Best in Show challenge.

    • The Best in Show challenge was a photo shoot in which the dog was supposed to capture a certain word. The words were: JD - sneaky, Bill - stubborn, Beth Joy - mischevious, Teresa - angry, Laurie - curious, Travis - joyous, Brandy - loving, Laura - regal, and Ron - lazy.

    • JD and Galaxy won the Dog Bone Challenge and sent Travis and Presley to the dog house.

    • The Dog Bone Challenge was called "Take it or leave it." The object of the challenge was to tell how well the owner's know their dog's personality. The dogs were shown an item and the owner then guessed if they would take it or leave it.

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Ron: Tillman did throw up in the pool today. He drank about four gallons of water and put it all back in the pool. (Bill starts laughing) He recycles. My dog was thinking green. After that, he farted. The good thing is he didn't pee in the pool.

    • Ron: (about Tillman swimming) You're like a fat duck.
      Brandy: He looks like a blow fish.

    • Travis: JD put me in the dog house, but what he doesn't understand is that I grew up on a ranch, so he's basically putting the farm boy back on the farm.

    • Ron: I'm watching Beth Joy feed Bella Scarlet and there's an amazing amount of vitamins and eye drops and pills and powders and potions. Dude, the dog must glow in the dark; I don't know what to tell you.

    • Travis: (while making dinner) You have a boyfriend?
      Laura: No.

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