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Greedis a high-stakes quiz show where five contestants work both as a team and against each other to win a jackpot of up to $2 million by answering multiple-choice and multiple-answer questions. One wrong answer disqualifies the entire team from the grand prize and causes everyone to forfeit their winnings. Individual contestants can be eliminated through Terminator challenges (explained later). Joining the "Team of Greed" Each new game begins with a pool of six contestants. Host Woolery poses a question with a numerical answer (e.g., "In inches, what's the length of the longest 1999 Cadillac model?"). Each contestant enters in his/her response. The player who has the correct, or closest, answer is named the team captain. The second-closest answer is ranked No. 2, and so on to the fifth-closest response; ties are broken by speed of response, and the contestant having the sixth-closest response is returned to the contestant pool. The five players make up the "Team of Greed," and begin the two-level climb up the "Tower of Greed" for the $2 million jackpot. The "Tower of Greed" – Level 1 In the first level of the game, each of the underling players is asked one question apiece, with the fifth-place player going first; each correct answer raises the pot by $25,000. The first two questions have four possible answers, while the third and fourth have five choices. After the player gives his answer to his/her question, the team captain can accept it or reject it and replace it with one of the remaining answers. After the fourth question, worth $100,000, the team captain may elect to stop (and split the winnings), or continue to the next stage of the game. At this point, a Terminator sound is heard. A player is selected at random, and he/she may choose to keep his/her team intact or take $10,000 (which is kept, regardless of the outcome) and challenge one of the teammates to a one-question, elimination-style showdown, in which the winner takes the loser's share of the final winnings. If the team captain loses the Terminator, the challenger becomes the new team captain. The "Tower of Greed" – Level 2 The next four questions have four correct answers, with the following prize structure: $200,000; $500,000; $1 million; and $2 million. The team is read the question and – depending on the question – shown between six and nine possible answers. (Sample question: "Which of these car models were marketed by American Motors?" Possible answers: Ambassador, Gremlin, Hornet, Imperial, Javelin and LeBaron). The team captain is given a free one-time use token, which they can use on any of the questions to eliminate one incorrect answer. One at a time, starting with the lowest-ranked player and rotating to the captain, each player selects one answer. After all four answers have been given, the team captain can reject any of the responses (even his own) and replace them with one of the remaining choices. Woolery then reveals each answer, one at a time. After three correct answers are given, the team captain is offered a bundle of cash (a $20,000 split for the $200,000 question) to stop, or risk the team's winnings to that point. If all the answers provided are correct, they are again given the option to continue. The team captain can, after hearing the category of the next question, elect to stop and split the winnings, or risk everything on the next question. Before each question, the Terminator sound is heard, the selected player is given the option to challenge as described above. The bigger-money questions offer larger buyouts ($50,000, and $75,000 plus new Jaguar sedans). Also, if three or fewer players remain, the team captain can delegate one of his/her teammate(s) to select the remaining answer(s). If the team is still in contention for the grand prize after the $1 million question, each player can stop and take their winnings thus far, or go for the final $2 million question. As with the first stage of the game, an incorrect answer at any time not only ends that team's chances for the jackpot, but causes everyone to lose all their "Tower of Greed" winnings (anything won through Terminator challenges is kept, however). This was Fox's effort to cash in on the resurgence in big-money game shows, which was due in large part to ABC's Who Wants to be a Millionaire?. Repeats of Greed can been seen on GSN most evenings.moreless