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This show is about a super social sister and her anti-social brother who are both dealing with living the Greek life in college. The series focuses on a group of college students in and out of the fraternity and sorority system at a campus.

Set at the fictitious Cyprus-Rhodes University, which focuses on the social minefield that is the Greek system. We will see the characters through this treacherous terrain as they try to find their place at this University or one of the Greek houses such as "Slacker" Cappie's house or "It Girl" Casey's house.

Directing the pilot is 10 Things I Hate About You and Kyle XY Gil Junger. The show is written by the creator and producer of Summerland and Wildfire Sean Smith.

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    The network is going back to Cyprus-Rhodes.


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    • Casey tries to get a job in office in washiongton while Rusty works on his magical wire. Finding out that dale is the new hasher for ZBZ and Cappie might declare a major!moreless

      i love greek! but at some point they are repeating the same things. Even though i don't want greek to be discontinued it might be in there best interest to stop, thank god it's there last season. They people who have written greek, replay everything collage drama only goes so far. I think that line started last semester! sorry, but Rusty's character has been getting to complex, with his science and truthfully no one understands it. In this episode you are missing at lease my favorite characters who you wanted to learn more about from last week like.. Calvin, love him! and truthfully i love the Cappie and Even drama, it's cute. this episode just didn't have a very good hook. except i love the part when dale say's "i'm not going to be your boy toy" :) very cute. I watch every episode so i'm not behind for next week. But this weeks was kinda upset :( but it was still okay.moreless
    • Greek is an Awesome Show. It is basically college drama, where Casey, tries to lead a sorority and maintain a relationship, which never works out well, and her brother, Rusty, tries to fit in a fraternaty and to make friends.moreless

      Greek is about Casey Cartwright, who is the sorority: Zeta Beta Zeta house and is trying to do the best she can so she can be leader of the house.

      She has a brother who is younger and starting in Cypruss Rhodes University. Her brother, Rusty, is a nerd who wants to join a frat house so he can fit in and make friends. He meets Dale, his roommate who is a Christian Addict and who is completely against fraternaties and sororities.

      On the hunt to find a fraternity, Rusty meets Calvin, who turns out to be gay Calvin's best friend is Rusty and Ashleigh, who is also Casey's best Friend.

      Rusty ends up joining the Kappa Tau Gamma house, which is the most trouble prone house on campus, and lead by Casey's ex boyfriend, and Calvin goes to Omega Chi Delta, which is lead by Evan, Casey's current Boyfrind in the pilot and is Cappie's enemy. The Omega Chi house and the Kappa Tau house are the main enemy's in the show, except Casey and Rebecca, the new senator's daughter who Casey bribed to go into ZBZ.

      Watch as everything falls apart each episode.

      Diffenetely recommend you watch it.moreless
    • This show is about college students in fraternities and sororities. The show goes on about relationships, rivilaries, parties, and competitions. Its so good I can't even describe it.

      Omg.. I love this show. It's my all time favorite show on tv right now. I have been watching all the episodes from season one on The whole premise of the show is amazing. I love the characters. Both the guys and girls are hott. This whole show is a hit. I recommend this show to everyone. It's one of the best. It's so ugh..I lovee it ! Not to mention the fact all the breaking up and making up. I love the relationship between Cappie and Casey. Scott Michael Foster does a great job with his role. Plus he is super hott. But everyone does a great job. It's so great to see such great actors doing great work.moreless
    • Genius!

      Though I've had judgmental thoughts about sororities and fraternities, I see the bigger picture now. Greek is enjoyable, highly amusing and the drama is rightly placed. The Cappie/Casey dilemma faintly reminds me of Ross/Rachel and how those two kept going on and off for years. The fact that there's at least one character you can identify with or hope to be more like is a huge plus. And I like the fact that Calvin's gay It shows versatility and that it's not just another 'teen' show we've all seen and know. Can't wait for season four though I'm sad it will be the last but at least the network was kind enough for the show to end in style and not in a mess like Terminator or Privileged.moreless
    • Greek is television program about college. The main character is Rusty, a pledge for Kappa Tau. As the series progresses you meet new characters, witness love triangles, and watch all sorts of betrayal.moreless

      I believe this is a show packed with all the drama you can handle. It has twists and turns, like when you find out that the sweet, girl next door character, Jen K, betrayed everyone by writing an expose on the Greek system that revealed dirt on mainly the ZBZ house. In the season opener Casey and Cappie share a kiss due to the carnival this stirs up trouble with Rebecca (casey's rival and Cappie's summer fling) and Evan (Casey's ex). It is full of comedy and heartache and fun to watch. Greek is good for family, but I think it's more suited for adults and teens. Over all I give it two thumbs up.moreless

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    Coming of Age, college humor, frat guy humor, the high class, love triangle