Season 1 Episode 11

A New Normal

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 24, 2008 on ABC Family
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A New Normal
A broken-hearted Rusty and Casey head back to school for a new semester after the fallout from the newspaper article that turned the Greek system upside down. As the newly appointed president of Zeta Beta Zeta, Casey faces the scrutiny of a national representative assigned to come in and get the sorority back on track. However the sorority turns out to be the least of her problems as she struggles as a newly single girl to get over Evan. Rusty struggles with the loss of his first love Jen K. so much so that it begins to damage his relationship with his fraternity brothers. Under the watchful eye of Dean Bowman the Greeks hold a 'Back to School' carnival in support of the dean's favorite charity. At the carnival, the Plain White T's return for another performance as the Kappa Tau band.moreless

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  • Rusty returns from break still carrying a broken heart. Casey decides she's over Evan. The Greeks have a festival and then Zeta Beta's need to work on their now tarnished image. Rebecca and Kappie continue their relationship in secret.moreless

    Not the most exciting episode but it did have its moments. Kappie's just fantastic. And he work amazingly well being romantically paired with Rebecca Logan. But somehow I don't trust her not to mess him up even more than Casey did.

    The Zeta Betas are having a hard time of it. After the graffiti on their building to having Lizzy from Corporate Office (or whatever they call it) coming to evaluate them, and being shunned by all I don't think Presidency (even if it's only int-rum presidency) is going quite how Casey imagined. But those sweet Kappa Tau's came to the rescue at the Kissing Boothmoreless
  • Greek is back!

    Finally, Greek is back!! I missed Cappie and Rusty the most!

    So...Rebecca and Cappie...they may start to be a couple! I'm ok with this as long as Rebecca dont be a biatch again!!

    I never liked Evan and Casey, but in this episode I was hoping they get back togheter! But after the things he said in the carnival, I get back to hate him!

    Omega Chi! They're soo homofobics!! Compare their reaction with Kappa Tau! I think Calvin should join it!

    And when we thought we get rid of Frannie, that Lizzie shows up! How could she be worst than Frannie!?!??!

    Rusty has to get over Jen K!! He is boring and irresponsable! That's not the Spitter we know!moreless
  • The mid-season premiere!

    Greek returns, and with a vengeance! Cappie and Rebecca are just fling-tastic in this episode!

    Rusty and Casey return for their second semester at Cyrprus-Rhodes University. Both are dealing with the aftershock of their break-ups with Jen K. and Evan.

    Cappie and Rebecca have been seeing each other over break, and Rebecca decides that she would like to stop seeing Cappie.

    Cappie and the pledges and actives at the Kappa Tau house are worried about Rusty, who is skipping fraternity meetings when he usually shows up early and provides snacks.

    The Greeks have a carnival.

    Evan strips Casey of her title as Omega Chi Sweetheart and her lavaliere at the carnival.

    The Zeta Beta Zetas have someone new staying with them after the incident with Jen K. and the article in the newspaper.

    Cappie kisses Casey at the Zeta Beta Zeta's booth as the carnival (kissing booth), and Rebecca sees. She is upset, and they decide that they will continue to see each other in secret.moreless
  • Season 1, Episode 11

    AH! GREEK is quickly becoming one of my favorite shows. Before the midseason finale, you could tell that we were just beginning to know the characters and there was a lot of character development. We've now reached the point at the midseason finale where were heading towards great storylines and awesome story arcs. It's the start of the second semester, and Rusty and Casey return to Cyprus Rhodes both dealing with break-ups. Cappie and Rebecca deal with their fling they had that could and probably will lead to more. And its the aftermath of the tragedy that turned the greek system upside down. Rusty misses Jen K. and it is intererring with his life at Kappa Tau. ZBZ gets an unexpected vistor, a ZBZ alum, Lizzie who is there to report back to the greek system and will stay there until they are standing on their own two feet again. Calvin and Ashleigh make up. With all these new rules for the GREEK system, they put on a All Greek Back to School Carnival for the charity of choice made by Dean Bowman. Cassie kisses Cappie at the Zeta Beta Zeta kissing booth and Rebecca gets jealous. It looks like this fling will turn into something more. Evan asks Casey for his letters back.moreless
  • A broken-hearted Rusty and Casey head back to school for a new semester after the fallout from the newspaper article that turned the Greek system upside down.

    The second season premiere was filled with excitement right from the very beginning. It all started with Casey and Rusty coming back the Cyprus-Rhodes from the break and trying to settle back into they're college lives. Over the break, Cappie and Rebecca have been having a fling, but they've planned on ending it when the new semester starts.

    Casey can't quite get over Evan or Cappie, so this problem tends to make things a little messy throughout the episode, not even mentioning the fact that Evan really isn't over her, and Cappie might not be either. And Rebecca is into Cappie.moreless
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Senta Moses


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Jessica Lowndes

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Jessica Rose

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    • Evan: Casey is right!
      Casey: I am? Yeah, I am!

    • Evan: You guys can basically see it for yourself, it's curfews, cops checking IDs, higher GPA requirement, wristbands...
      Cappie: (with emphasis) Wristbands? Good God man, not wristbands! Come on!

    • Rebecca: It's 2:17, seventeen minutes past when I said I had to go!
      Cappie: You know what? Let's end on an even number, I don't like odd numbers, they're bad luck in so many cultures!

    • Casey: Ok stop, it's ending right now, I've had it with your pscyhotic Jen K. moping. If anyone should be depressed, it's me, I was the one who got dumped last semester. You dumped her, you're in the empowered position, you could even take her back if you wanted.
      Rusty: You think I should take her back?
      Casey: Hell no! Ok stop.
      Rusty: If I'm in the empowered because I'm the dumper, how can you the dumpee not feel like a pathetic loser?
      Casey: Do you want to walk the rest of the way?

    • Evan: They were a little surprised. You walked out on them.
      Calvin: I walked out on them because they were looking at me like I was going to force them to wear assless chaps.
      Evan: What's wrong with assless chaps?

    • (After Calvin picks up one of Dale's anti-Greek flyers)
      Dale: You know, an ex-Greek would be a huge coup for the movement. Tell me in detail why you left, I want to write this down.
      Calvin: In detail?
      Dale: Yep.
      Calvin: Well, they found out I was gay...
      Dale (after a minute to mull this over): Gay. Homosexual. You know, I can work with that!
      Calvin: You can?
      Dale: Yeah. An intensive vitamin and prayer regimen can cure that. You're a double threat. If I can get an ex-gay ex-Greek to join up, I'm a shoo-in to win the Chastity Cup! Let's see those little PP suckers try and top that, huh?

    • Cappie: Spitter, you've never even been late to a meeting before! You usually come early to help set up snacks!
      Rusty: I was working on a paper.
      Cappie: For a class you haven't even started yet?
      Rusty: I'm in Honors Engineering, we're anticipators.

    • (Casey pulls over and throws a cd out the window of the car)
      Rusty: I can't believe you just did that! That was the mixed cd that Jen K mad me for our three and a half week anniversary.
      Casey: Rusty..
      Rusty: And you littered.

    • Evan: I want to thank everyone for coming on such short notice.
      Cappie: Dean Bowman? You've grown younger, share with us your magic.

    • (after Casey loses her spot at the head of the table in the president meeting)
      Cappie: So, your slumming at our end of the table, huh?
      Casey: Hey, Cap.

    • Rebecca: 2:18, gotta go.
      Cappie Right, right, vacation time is over.
      Rebecca: Which means this is over too. We both said it was for fun, but that's it. Just a fling.
      Cappie: Fling-tastic.

    • Rebecca: (after clapping instead of snapping) Sorry, my manicurist advises that I don't snap.
      Lizzie: Oh, is your manicurist a Zeta Beta?
      Rebecca: No
      Lizzie: Well, I don't think you should listen to her.

    • Cappie: Bros and Cheesoritos before hos.

    • Cappie: Where is Rusty? Rusty? Alright, he is a little guy, everyone check under your chairs!
      (everyone looks under their chairs)

    • Dale: (Smells his textbook) Man, there is nothing like the smell of a new textbook, huh?

    • (Rusty is hinting to Cappie that Casey is single now and that he should make a move)
      Cappie: You know what they say, don't you Spitter? Dump me once shame on you, dump me seven times shame on me. And also shame on guys who wear braided belts, they just give me the willies. You know what else is giving me the willies? You pimping out your sister. Do want "Perv" to be your new nickname? Huh? You like that?

    • Evan: Calvin, hey.
      Calvin: Hey Evan, hows it going?
      Evan: How's it going? Well you returned the pledge pin without even telling me about it. That's pretty lame.

    • (Casey and Rusty see someone painted Zeta Bimbo Zeta)
      Rusty: So much for a clean slate.
      Casey: Oprah, help me.

    • Casey: (to Rusty) Decide to be done with Jen K. and you will be, decide this is going to be a great new semester, and it will be.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Music featured in this episode:
      Come Back To Me by Plain White T's
      Our Time Now by Plain White T's
      Let Me Take You There by Plain White T's
      Small Part Of Me by Maria Taylor
      The Sun Explodes by The Good Luck Joes
      Get Over Yourself by Aidan Hawken


    • In quoting Casey, Ashleigh says they are so dunzo, a common phrase used by Kristin on Laguna Beach, which is one of Ashleigh's favorite tv shows.

    • Cappie: Well, the first cut is the deepest.

      A reference to the Sheryl Crow hit, "The First Cut Is the Deepest", originally sung and written by Cat Stevens.