Season 1 Episode 10

Black & White and Read All Over

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 10, 2007 on ABC Family
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Black & White and Read All Over
When a scandalous story in the college newspaper hits stands trashing the Greek system, the brothers and sisters of Omega Chi, Zeta Beta Zeta and even Kappa Tau are in a frenzy to figure out who the undercover culprit could be. Meanwhile, after navigating some troubled waters with her boyfriend, Ashleigh turns to Calvin for support and even goes so far as to hit on him, only to learn he has a secret.moreless

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  • A scandalous story hits the campus newspaper and sends the Greek system into turmoil.

    I felt so bad for so many characters in this episode.

    Rusty for the Jen K betrayal. Both Calvin and Ashleigh for the misunderstanding. Even Frannie because of the dumping from Zeta Beta

    I love Ashleigh... but how could she land Calvin in it like that... She's fantastic but... could she be any sillier?

    Kappie's mysterious near abduction of Rusty just to confirm his brothers' support for him, it was awesome!

    But I'm not loving the flirtation of him and Rebecca. Frannie deserved all that was coming to her. Seriously, she thought that she could stay another year, stay President and all would be fine? I think not. And I'm not sure why Evan believed all the garbage that Frannie was sprouting. I mean, he's not all that clean himself. What a silly silly boy.moreless
  • Mid-Season Finale. Season 1, Episode 10

    Wow. I'm still speechles. I just got finished watching this episode and it has to be the best and my favorite episode so far. The first nine episodes were character development and now it's starting to get gooooood. An article comes out in the paper exposing the Greek system. It's main focus is the ZBZ house, exploiding everything about everyone including Casey, Evan, Rebecca, and Rusty. Casey tells Frannie that she thinks it was Rebecca. Jen K. tells Rusty she did it. Jen K. comes clean with the ZBZ house, and Rusty breaks up with her. A Greek representative comes to the ZBZ house to straighten things out and names Casey president. Frannie gets mad so she tells Evan that Casey was just using him for selfish reasons and that she still loves Cappie. Ashleigh dumps Travis for Calvin, but when Ashleigh throws herself at Calvin he tells her he's gay and she gets mad because he didn't tell her sooner. Ashleigh decides to be his friend, but accidently lets it slip to the Omega Chi house that he's gay Rusty walks in on Cappie and Rebecca. Casey takes Rusty home since he missed his flight. I loved this episode. I can't wait to watch more.moreless
  • Twists and turns...great mid-season finale.

    So a lot happens soon as I saw Jen K's face after news of the article arrived...I knew it was her so I was glad she came clean in the first ten minutes. She was a good character and its a shame that she came to this harsh end. Everyone hating her...Rusty refusing to forgive her. You couldn't blame anyone, she really did lie to both Casey and Rusty.

    As for the whole Frannie thing...she is evil and I don't know why Casey would care if she was hurt. I liked how Ashleigh and Casey secretly met with the rep and revealed all...I think these two are my favourites. How nasty was Frannie going to Evan, that was below the belt...he actually seemed very hurt when she broke it off, poor Casey though...

    Even worse is Calvin is outed to all his house by Ashleigh. It was a really funny scene but I hated how no one wanted to even talk to him. I like them as friends too so I hope they work things out. Plus Cappie sleeps with Rebecca who was quite funny here with her 'suspect' comment at Frannie. Will Rusty tell Casey? Who knows...I really want to watch more but can't...moreless
  • Exciting mid-season finale.

    There are many dramas and break-ups, and hook-ups as the first semester at Cyprus-Rhodes University comes to a close.

    A scandalous article is published in CRU's newspaper: Greek System EXPOSED. It reveals all of the secret things that had happened that semester. And, Casey thinks that it is one of the girls at Zeta Beta Zeta. When it is revealed that Jen K is the author, Rusty has a tough decision to make.

    Frannie is set on ruining Casey's life when she gets the ZBZ presidency.

    Ashleigh discovers that Calvin is gay and accidentally reveals the secret to the guys at Omega Chi. So, Calvin de-pledges.moreless
  • Ashleigh is so stupid! But I love her. There were so many different ways she could have back-tracked...

    I was thinking OMG she didnt just say that. Anyway, a brilliant "finale" according to the BBC. A lot of 'wows' and 'uhs' to make it exciting and a wicked plot that drives apart two couples leaving destruction in its wake. Hurricane Jen K has passed...

    When a scandalous story in the college newspaper hits stands trashing the Greek system, everyone is in a frenzy to figure out who the undercover culprit could be. She broke Rusty's heart for an article. The lowest of the low but I hope she comes back and Evan over-reacted and Frannie's a b!tch. One you love to hate Bring on Part 2 of Season 1 - please, I cant wait!moreless
Kelly Stables

Kelly Stables


Guest Star

Alan Ruck

Alan Ruck

Dean Bowman

Guest Star

Charisma Carpenter

Charisma Carpenter

Tegan Walker

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Tiffany DuPont

Tiffany DuPont


Recurring Role

Jessica Rose

Jessica Rose

Jen K

Recurring Role

Aaron Hill

Aaron Hill

The Beaver

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (18)

    • Cappie: Your honor, I object!
      Dean Bowman: To?
      Cappie: Well, jean shorts. Dane Cook, highly objectionable.

    • Evan: (After a knock on the door) Is that my little ski bunny?
      Frannie: Got a carrot for me?

    • Ashleigh: Hey Janet! I love your top.
      Janet Thank you! I hate your sorority and everything you stand for!
      Rebecca: Do you know who I am?
      Janet: Yes !
      Rebecca : Well, I have no idea who you are. Leave...

    • Cappie: There is only one group of greeks that matter, am I right pledge?
      Rusty: Cappie…
      Cappie: And who is that group?
      Rusty: The Kappa Tau's.
      Cappie: And do the Kappa Tau's care about what others think of them?
      Rusty: No.
      Cappie: And are you a Kappa Tau?
      Rusty: Yes…
      Cappie: Then what's the problem?

    • Casey: (About Frannie) She is delusional! Like Britney Spears in a barber shop!

    • Frannie: Here at CRU we open our arms wide to the daughters of Zeta Beta ancestors no matter what shape or size they are, I mean, just ask Tanya!

    • Casey: (about Frannie) There is leadership in that house that prefers manipulation over truth.

    • Tegan: (after being offered a glass of water) Oh no, it must be flat, French, and in a bottle.

    • Calvin: Nice motel, Ash. Either you're planning a meth bender or you're on the lam.

    • Rusty: (to Jen K.) Forget you? I can hardly remember anything before you.

    • Ashleigh: And practically throwing myself at a gay guy.
      Casey: Wow! Ash that's so...weird.
      Ashleigh: I didn't know he was gay.

    • Calvin: Did Travis cancel on you again?
      Ashleigh: No, this time I cancelled...our relationship.
      Calvin: Well, what happened?
      Ashleigh: You happened.

    • Rusty: Where's my big electron? Oh electron! Hey Cappie! I just wanted to say that I-(sees Rebecca and Cappie sleeping next to each other.)Oh God.
      Cappie: Spitter? Is that you?
      Rusty: No. This is just a dream. Go back to sleep.

    • Rusty: (After finding out Jen K wrote the article) Is Jen K really your name? Do you have an accent? I always thought you might have an accent.

    • Casey: The author of this article knew several private details that happened in this house, she clearly has no loyalty to anything or anyone except herself, she likes to spread misery…
      Rebecca: Your not serious!
      Casey: It reads like your resume.

    • Evan: The Dean is so close to shutting us down and your mouthing!
      Cappie: Would you quit your bellyaching Evelyn? Your parties are so lame anyway, what do you have to lose?

    • Casey (about Jen K): Rusty, she betrayed you and your friends and me. How can you even consider staying with her?
      Rusty: Because I love her. How is what Jen did any different than what Evan did?
      Casey: She didn't just do it to you. She did it to all of us. You have to dump her. She is a liar.
      (Rusty interrupts her)
      Rusty: And Evan was a cheater, but you looked past it. The world isn't black and white, remember? People make mistakes.
      Casey: And it sounds like you're about to make a big one.

    • Casey: I love you!
      Evan: No you don't, you love you!

  • NOTES (1)


    • Frannie: I love Casey's eyes. They're so big and innocent like Bambi's.

      Bambi is a deer from the book, Bambi, A Life in the Woods, and the Disney films, Bambi and Bambi II.

    • Casey: (about Frannie) She's delusional, like Britney Spears in a barber shop.

      Britney Spears is a troubled pop star, who was seen shaving her head and attacking a photographer with an umbrella this year.

    • Frannie: (about one of the pledges) Makes me wonder if she really made out with Justin Timberlake's cousin.

      Justin Timberlake is a singer who used to be part of the boy band, *NSYNC, but has found success as a solo artist.

    • Cappie: Dane Cook, highly objectable.

      Dane Cook is a stand-up comedian who's released two albums, Harmful If Swallowed and Retaliation. He's also appeared in films like Employee of the Month and Mr. Brooks.

    • Frannie: And I thought Orlando Bloom would be the next Tom Cruise.

      Orlando Bloom is an actor who's starred in The Lord of the Rings and The Pirates of the Caribbean trilogies.
      Tom Cruise is another actor who first started out in 1983's Risky Business and has been acting since. His marriage to Katie Holmes and support of Scientology has attracted media attention.

    • Calvin: Right! Let's try to make this place look a little less like that movie Hostel.

      Hostel is a 2005 horror movie written and directed by Eli Roth.

    • Title: Black & White and Read All Over

      This is a very well-known riddle (What is black and white and read all over?), to which the answer is a newspaper.