Season 1 Episode 9

Depth Perception

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 03, 2007 on ABC Family
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Depth Perception
Allies become enemies when both Casey and Frannie are nominated for the title of Omega Chi Sweetheart. Who will prevail in this the ultimate cat fight? Meanwhile, as Rusty's relationship with Jen K. heats up, he longs for more private time with her but his judgmental roommate Dale is always around, making it difficult for the two lovebirds to spend time alone.moreless

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  • Rusty and Jen K's relationship heats up but Dale doesn't approve. Casey and Frannie both run for Omega Chi sweetheart. Rebecca Logan and Kappie get to know each other.

    Dale was awesome. Him being out of control and crazy was awesome. He was so much more interesting in this episode than usual. And Rusty's solution of having sex with Jen K in front of him... I'm not quite sure how that would have worked.

    Rebecca Logan showing a more human side to Kappie was a sweet moment. Then again, I think I've shown how much of a Kappie fan girl I am and adore any moment of this show when he's on screen. Frannie didn't deserve to even be nominated for the sweetheart title. I'm not entirely sure that Casey deserved it either however I doubt someone we'd never heard of could have won. And I'm not entirely convinced that Evan didn't rig the voting.

    Rusty and Dale being friends... another one of those 'awww' moments. And Dale's pajamas ... definite win.moreless
  • It's war...

    Another great episode with some character development and some great scheming and plotting.

    I liked that Dale and Rusty work out their differences and that Rusty, with a little help from Jen K, acknowledges that Dale has become a friend. I can even understand parts of Dale frustration at being left out.

    Well, the war between Frannie and Casesy is now on. Frannie asking Casey to sacrifice her own ambitions once again does seem excessive and I'm glad Casey decided to stand up for herself. Again, Jen K. came to her rescue, she is truly vital to both Cartwright siblings as Casey and Rusty rely on her...moreless
  • Season 1, Episode 9

    A great episode. Rusty finally loses his virginity to Jen K., so they try and find time to have sex so they clash with Dale. Cappie needs to get cash and fast, so he signs up for a psych experiment with Rebecca as the moderator. Casey gets nominated for Omega Chi Sweethart. Frannie finds out that she will have to attend a fifth year at Cyprus Rhodes to graduate, so she takes her postion as a nominee for Omega Chi Sweethart causing friction between her and Casey when Casey decides not to drop out. Casey wins Omega Chi Sweethart and Cappie pays her back for bailing him out at the strip club.moreless
  • The beginning of Cappie and Rebecca.

    This was a really good episode. Even though I ship Cappie and Casey, I really like Cappie and Rebecca together. They kind of compliment each other in a way, like ying and yang.

    Rusty has had sex with Jen, and if he is ever going to do it again, he has to get Dale out of the dorm, but Dale won't do it. Both of them are really bugging at each other, and Dale starts to lose his mind. Milk is everywhere!

    Casey wants to be Omega Chi Sweetheart, but has to run against Frannie, who's just discovered she has to complete a fifth year at CRU.

    Cappie needs some money, and so, he takes a test, and his interviewer is none other than Rebecca Logan. And, during the weekend they spend together, without sleep, without taking a break from each other, they learn a lot about each other.moreless
  • So Cappie needs soem cash quick, and volunteers for a psych experiment with Rebecca moderating. Rusty and Jen K. battle with Dale over alone time. Casey and Frannie collide while vying for the same title at Omega Chi.moreless

    Generally a good episode, very lighthearted and funny.

    We learn that there is an interesting origin behind Cappie's real name, without knowing what his real name. Rebecca confronts him on his true feelings for Casey. He and Rebecca flirt a bit, which was weird cause they are such opposites, more so than we normally like for the opposites atract scenario.

    Rusty and Jen K. have now crossed out of virgin territory and are looking for some alone time, but Dale out of fear he is losing the friend he imagined Rusty to be, tries his best to alienate Jen K. and make Rusty's life a living hell. They eventually reconcile after discussing their issues.

    The big story of the episode is the rivalry mounting between Casey and Frannie, Frannie came to realize that she may not have put enough effort into her studies and will not be able to graduate in the spring, which means she will have to complete a fifth year. In a funk Frannie decides to act like this is her second Junior year and plans to upstage Casey for Omega Chi Sweetheart, and possibly run for Zeta Beta Zeta President for a second term, which would upstage all the preperation and sacrificing that Casey has done, like forgiving Evan and accepting Rebecca. Evan convinces Casey to continue to compete, because it is not her fault Frannie screwed up and then admits that she is not well liked by the Omega Chi's or anyone it seems. Casey does this and delivers a great speech and wins, Frannie is a bit taken a back by all of this. I liked that Casey finally stood up for herself, she has made so many sacrifices already.

    Cappie uses the money from the study to pay back Casey for bailing him out of jail, but has Rebecca deliver it for him.moreless
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Scott Allen Rinker

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  • TRIVIA (1)

  • QUOTES (19)

    • Rebecca: I know how hard you work to pretend nothing ever bothers you.
      Cappie: (sarcastically) Stop, I'll tell you where the nukes are.

    • Rusty: I bought some cookie dough for all that milk, do you want some?
      Dale: No thanks, cookie dough salmonella can kill you.

    • Cappie: You know, your not nearly as unpleasant as I thought you'd be, Logan.
      Rebecca: I know. You smell better than I thought you would.

    • Beaver: I heard about the honors engineering floor, but I thought it was a joke.

    • Ashleigh: (Talking about Frannie) She seriously hasn't spoken one word to you since the game?
      Casey: I've seen her six times and she just smiles, and walks away. This morning at breakfast, she winked at me!
      Ashleigh: Well, that's scary…

    • Cappie: My weekend with the senators daughter… sounds kinky.

    • (After finding out she can't go pre-med)
      Frannie: But what about my dream of becoming a gorgeous but troubled intern in a hospital full of other gorgeous interns, discussing my love life while performing complex surgery, and hating my mother?

    • Jen K: (Talking about Dale) I know he has some issues…
      Rusty: Some issues? He canceled our cable after accidentally watching three minutes of a Dawson's Creek rerun.

    • Frannie: So, let's start talking baked goods, I was thinking something as a scone.
      Ashleigh: Uh, Casey's not much of a baker.
      Casey: But I can, drive to the store, buy some muffins and wrap them up to make them look home made.

    • Jen K: Where's Dale?
      Rusty: It's Wednesday, so he'll be at the biology building for another 20 minutes and then he'll get a cherry limeade and some Cheetos which will take another 8 to 11 minutes depending on pedestrian traffic.

    • Frannie: Maybe we should think of some obscure disease you could be suffering from… Let's plan a Grey's Anatomy marathon, just in case.

    • Frannie: No sister has ever been elected president of ZBZ without taking sweetheart of Omega Chi first. Well, there was Vanessa Davidson of 95' but she had scoliosis and played the whole, 'I've overcome obstacles,' thing to gain sympathy votes.
      Casey: So, it's possible without…
      Frannie: Not with your posture.

    • Casey: What's on your mind?
      Frannie: Al Gore...
      Casey: I'm more of a Jake Gyllenhaal girl myself.

    • Ashleigh: Maybe not being nominated for Omega Chi Sweetheart wouldn't be the end of the world... (Casey and Frannie look at her likes she's crazy) Or maybe it would...

    • Cappie: Who looks at a cloud and sees just a cloud?
      Rebecca: Me.

    • Cappie: (about what he thinks about the sound of a baby crying) Evan Chambers losing his allowance.

    • Frannie: (to Casey) May the best woman win.

    • Rusty: Have you seen my milk? I just bought half a gallon yesterday.
      Dale: No. Sure haven't.
      Rusty: (looks in the trash) Why is my milk in the trash?
      Dale: Oh, that milk!

    • Evan: Listen Casey, Frannie's had her reign. It's your turn now.

  • NOTES (1)

  • ALLUSIONS (11)

    • Frannie:But what about my dream of becoming a gorgeous but troubled intern in a hospital full of other gorgeous interns, discussing my love life while performing complex surgery, and hating my mother?

      Frannie is describing the plot of the ABC medical drama, Grey's Anatomy.Casey also makes a reference to the show in this episode.

    • Rusty: He canceled our cable after accidentally watching three minutes of a Dawson's Creek rerun.

      Dawson's Creek was a very popular drama about four friends and their life in high school. The show began in 1998 and ended in 2003

    • Cappie: There is no real world. Just two strangers picked to sit in a room and have their lives taped.

      He is referring to the introduction of MTV's The Real World.

    • Jen K.:...and watching Planet Earth.

      Planet Earth is a BBC documentary narrated by David Attenborough. The American version was narrated by Sigourney Weaver.

    • Rebecca: The whole rich girl, out of control thing got a little too Lindsay Lohan-ish.

      Lindsay Lohan is an actress who's known for her late night partying and her run-ins with the law.

    • Cappie: This is like being in a slumber party with Jack Bauer.

      Jack Bauer is a government agent in TV's 24. He is played by Kiefer Sutherland.

    • Dale: Got milk, Rusty?

      Got Milk? is an American advertisement encouraging the purchase of milk. The ads usually features actors, musicians, athletes, TV personalities, reality stars, and sometimes even cartoon characters.

    • Casey: (finishing Frannie's sentence) An Izzie. Or a Meredith, I know.

      She is referring to Dr. Meredith Grey and Dr. Isobel 'Izzie' Stevens of Grey's Anatomy. Meredith is played by Ellen Pompeo and Izzie played by Katherine Heigl.

    • Rebecca: (about Cappie) Rob Thomas guy?

      Rob Thomas was the front man for the band, Matchbox Twenty.

    • "You're case study 8675309"

      This is an allusion to the song, called 867-5309/Jenny and performed by Tommy Tutone.

    • Jen K.: She spends all day on the Internet talking into her little webcam. It's like living with Lonelygirl15.

      Lonelygirl15 is a fictional YouTube video blog, a girl in her room talking about her life. This is also an inside joke, considering that Jessica Rose (who plays Jen K) is the one who portrayed Bree (aka lonelygirl15) in the famous video series.