Season 2 Episode 18

Divine Secrets and the ZBZ Sisterhood

Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 18, 2009 on ABC Family

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  • Secret society madness.

    This episode was average for Greek, I say that with love since I think this show is one of the best written shows for teens/young adults out there. The main plot revolves around Rusty trying to get Cappie to search for a secret society with him but he declines and ends up getting drafted to said society along with Evan. Subplots include Rebecca dating a lesbian and realizing she's not gay after all, Calvin flirting with a straight guy at the gym (what is up with his gaydar?) and the IKI's try to defect and come back to ZBZ. The secret society plot was alright as a start to (hopefully) a bigger storyline and Evan and Cappie seem to be on the path back to friendship which I think is nice. The only subplot I liked was Calvin and the gym guy, it was funny and sweet. Rebecca being gay for a couple of episodes was okay I guess, just disappointing that they're not going to take that any further. I would have liked to see her test the waters some more. Finally Casey vs Frannie round 20 was kinda boring and redundant.

    This episode lacked what I consider some of Greek's best things like the parties/mixers and the pranks that the sororities/fraternities pull on each other. The episode also hurt from the absence of many characters such as Asleigh, Fisher, Max, Jordan and Andy.

    Hope next week's eppie is better.