Season 1 Episode 15

Freshman Daze

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 21, 2008 on ABC Family
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Freshman Daze
With the annual Greek Ball on the horizon, Casey and Cappie recall a fateful development from their freshman year, and Casey is also reminded of a selfless act by Frannie that had a major impact on her life.

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  • Season 1, Episode 15

    Wow. An amazing flashback episode. It was huge character development and I definitely feel completely different about the characters after this episode. I had no idea Evan and Cappie were friends, and how Evan and Casey got together. I really liked seeing how Casey and Ashleigh met. I liked seeing Frannie do something nice to Casey. She really did have her back. I loved how Cappie ended up going to the ZBZ house and surprising Rebecca and went with her. I liked how Cappie told her what Frannier did for her tha night and that she invited Frannie to go to the ball with her and Ashleigh Probably one of the best episodes so far. It just keeps getting better and better.moreless
  • A great flashback episode.

    A really good flashback episodes. One of the best that I have ever seen. One of Greek's best episodes so far. Very good.

    The All Greek Ball is coming. It is the first one in two years. During the last ball (during Casey, Cappie, and Evan's freshman year), according to Casey, there was some 'snafu' thing.

    THIS is the real story...

    Casey and Ashleigh rushed sororities together, they had never met prior to that. Evan and Cappie had went to Camp Kitchiwawa together, and were very good friends. They rushed fraternities together.

    At a Kappa Tau party, Cappie and Casey met. Evan also met Casey there. Both liked her.

    Evan and Cappie were both pledging Kappa Tau Gamma, then Evan learned of his nickname, "Bing". He was almost a ding, but he was a bid... bing. Evan de-pleged, and joined Omega Chi Delta.

    Casey started dating Cappie.

    Then, there was the one night at Dobler's. Cappie was drunk. He was singing on stage. Casey was getting tired of being there, and left with Evan.

    On the night of the All Greek Ball, Cappie doesn't show up. Causing Frannie and her date, Dino, to have to wait with Casey at the Zeta Beta Zeta house. Casey ends up going to the ball with Evan, as friends, and Frannie goes to the Kappa Tau house to confront Cappie.

    At the Kappa Tau house, Cappie, Beaver, and the current Kappa Tau president (Egyptian Joe) are all drunk. Frannie yells at Cappie, Beaver, and Egyptian Joe, saying Cappie needs to get to the ball. Cappie rushes, and runs out of the house.

    At the ball, Cappie runs in, and sees Casey and Evan dancing together. It then turns into a showdown. The two are insulting each other. Then, Cappie has had enough when Evan insults his parents, and he starts a fight with him. The two are throwing punches, and all kinds of terrible things.

    When Casey learns of what Frannie did for her freshman year, she takes her off of probation, and welcomes her back into the Zeta Beta Zeta sisterhood with open arms.

    Cappie does not want to go to the All Greek Ball, but, Rebecca does.moreless
  • Amazingly Well Written Episode

    That was pretty much just an amazingly well written episode. Delving into the characters past to see what exactly led to them being at the positions they are now had to be done at some point throughout this season. However, I could never have expected it to be done in such an excellent manner. The past few episodes have shown different sides of characters such as Franny, Rebecca and Evan, and there now exists no truly 2D characters (except maybe Dale, which still led to a hillarious 4 second flashback of him). The only drawback of this episode is that I fear that the show has no way of possibly topping it in the future.moreless
  • The best episode we've seen. We finally found out what happened with Casey and Cappie, and with Cappie and Evan. And we get to know all characters a little more... and love them even more.moreless

    Unlike other shows, where characters are divided into "goodies" and "baddies", Greek cares about all their characters. We were aware of that almost from the beginning (the way we began to love Dale and Rebecca) but this ep was simply awesome: things happened, friendships and relationships were ruined, and it was nobody's fault. Nobody played the bad guy. It was all of them (Cappie, Casey, Evan, Frannie) who just made the mistake of... being human.

    This was a small show, but it's getting bigger day by day. I hope next episodes are just as great.

    Only thing I miss: Rusty is almost a supporting character now, I'd like to see more of him.

    By the way, I'm spanish, I'm following the show from Spain, thanks to internet.

  • Best episode of the show so far.

    I like Greek. I started watching it last year and just found it again. This was the first really strong episode I think we've had. I really enjoyed the flashbacks to freshman year and it made things a lot clearer. It was pretty well done too.

    It was good to see Casey realise that Frannie actually had been a good friend in the past, that was great development for her character. It's interesting that in the flashbacks Evan and Cappie both wanted Casey but now in the present she's all alone.

    I really like some of the characters like Ashleigh, Calvin and others. I do kind of find Rusty a little irritating. So yeah this was the first time this show shined for me, I look forward to the rest of it.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • GOOF: On the episode Picking Teams, Frannie told Rebecca that Casey almost didn't get activated because she is in a relationship with Cappie but it is revealed on the flashbacks that Cappie and Casey ended their relationship during their freshmen year, way before the need to activate the pledges.

    • It is revealed that Rusty did not go to prom.

    • Goof: The Kappa Tau mixer in the flashback sequence is supposed to have happened in Cappie's freshman year two years ago (since Cappie and Casey's class has been shown previously to be juniors). However, the first song playing in the background is "Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast" by Airbourne. The album that this song comes from didn't even exist until June of 2007 (and wasn't released in the US until January of 2008).

  • QUOTES (13)

    • Cappie: Listen to the name, Spitter, it's a ball. Like a testicle. I don't want to go to a testicle!

    • Ashleigh: Frannie is so awesome. She ends everything with "right". It's so interesting, right? Oh my god. I just did it!

    • Rusty: Tell me what happened at the all-Greek ball.
      Cappie: Spitter, for the umpteenth time, it's a long boring story!
      Rusty: Well then, let me make it short for you. (Spreads out his research) So, I googled you. Not many Cappie's on the web. Especially ones that attended Camp Kitchiwawa?
      Cappie: It's yesterday's news, Spitter.
      Rusty: What I didn't know was that the camp's most prominent benefactors were Jonathan and Mim CHAMBERS.
      Cappie: (Looking at Rusty's research) How did you...
      Rusty: I'm really smart. This is what I do. You've known Evan since you were kids, your parents ran the arts and crafts program, and you rushed Kappa Tau together.
      Cappie: That's all on the internet?
      Rusty: If you know your way around a search engine. I used a lot of boolean operators. "And", "Or", "Not" occasionally "Near".
      Cappie: Huh.

    • Beaver: (to Cappie about Frannie) I tried to stop her, but she scares me.

    • Cappie: (to Frannie) Big sis... in-law.

    • Cappie: This song goes out to the most beautiful girl in the room, no no, not you Beave.

    • Calvin: I'll do it, I'm dateless anyways, unless one of you guys wants to go with me?

    • Frannie: Cappie, only two years late.
      Cappie: Hi, Frannie.

    • Frannie: Can I borrow some of your detergent?
      Casey: Yes, sure, I mean, please, thanks.

    • Ashleigh's Big Sis: And I'll always be here to protect you. From boys, who'll always hurt you. I'm proud to be your Zeta Beta Zeta big sis.
      Ahsleigh (to Casey): I loved my gigantic and lesbian big sis.

    • Casey: And do you know what that means? We get to have some real Zeta Beta Zeta fun!
      (girls snap)
      Casey: Ladies! I am very disappointed. We don't snap here, we clap.

    • Frannie: Isn't Casey doing a great job?
      Rebecca: Beats our last president.

    • Cappie: Okay, so there's this All-Greek Ball this weekend.
      Guys: Yay!
      Cappie: And we're not going
      Guys: Yay!

  • NOTES (1)

    • Music:
      I Believe in a Thing Called Love - The Darkness (Cappie sings)
      Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast - Airbourne
      Let It Go - The Sammies
      R U Ready? - E-Dee
      Go Crazy - Brick Casey ft Lisa Bello
      Hey Hey - Band Of Thieves
      Cave Boy - The Digbees
      I Hope Tomorrow Is Like Today - Guster
      Nothing Like You And I - The Perishers


    • Evan: They weren't in Old School.

      Old School is a 2003 comedy starring Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell, and Vince Vaughn. It was about three thirty-somethings that try to relive their college days by starting a fraternity.

    • Casey calls Cappie 'Taylor Hicks' in the flashback, Hicks was the reigning champion of the hit reality series American Idol, Cappie was singing many karaoke songs at Dobler's.

    • Frannie: Hey, "Lennie", why don't you do me a favor and go pet some rabbits downstairs.

      Lennie Small is a protagonist in John Steinbeck's novella: "Of Mice and Men". He is a physically large man whose mind is slow and who dreams of taking care of rabbits.

    • When Casey is discussing with Rebecca she says "Cappie likes school dances as much as LC likes Spencer." A references to the reality show The Hills and the ongoing feud between Lauren Conrad and Spencer Pratt.