Season 1 Episode 6

Friday Night Frights

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Aug 13, 2007 on ABC Family
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Friday Night Frights
In Casey's bid to become president of Zeta Beta Zeta, she tries to win over her sorority pledges by throwing a slumber party that turns scary when the lights go out. Meanwhile, the same stormy night at Cyprus Rhodes University brings trouble for Cappie when he gets an unexpected visit from a beautiful and mysterious girl named Destiny.moreless

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  • Season 1, Episode 6

    While everyone is away at the away game on a stormy friday night, Casey plans a slumber party for the pledges, which Rebecca plans to sabatoge to ruin Casey's chance at becoming president. A girl shows up at the Kappa Tau house who says her bike broke down, but Rusty is trying to prove to Cappie that she isn't who she says she is. Evan Calvin are the only Omega's at the Omega Chi house tonight. And when the power goes out everyone becomes frantic. Rusty thinks Destiny is a mental person. Evan and Calvin try to catch a rat and find a snake. At Casey's slumber party everyone is frantic about a ZBZ who suppossedly died in the ZBZ house. Great episode. I love the character development!!moreless
  • Great episode!

    I really like this episode, it's really funny, and not very dramatic, it's mostly just pure comedy. I am really glad that Greek has an episode like this, because, in my opinion, every show should have an episode like this, it follows the storyline, but is not monumental to it. This episode only had one purpose: comedy. The only thing important in this episode is the mention of Cappie attending Camp Kichiwawa.

    The power is out on Greek Row, and all through CRU, and the KTs have a guest in their midst, 'Destiny'. But, Rusty is suspicious of her motives.

    The ZBZs may have a ghost... but who is it?

    Calvin and Evan spend some time together.moreless
  • This episode was fantastic! The bonds shared between brothers and sisters was really great. You gotta love a bit of character development!

    This episode was fantastic! The bonds shared between brothers and sisters was really great. You gotta love a bit of character development! First the girls. I thought the slumber party idea was...interesting, but it was a good twist with the whole, 'haunted sister' deal. I wasnt sure how they were going to turn us back onto Casey's side after her plans kinda went down the drain. I thought that her frienship with pledge Jen was nice as well.

    Cappie and Rusty's adventures were pretty entertaining, and watching Rusty figure out mysterious Destiny was fun and cool. All I could think when she said "That's it?" to Cappie was simply: FAIL.

    I absolutely loved the Calvin and Evan bond. I was squeeing when I thought Calvin was gonna drop his bomb to Evan though!! The snake was pretty funny though, and so was that rat! Rolling on the floor when it was sucked up into oblivion! (I put it down to ventilation - though I don't know how it works inthe US).

    Overall a really great ep, had me laughing all the way through.moreless
  • It's friday night full of frights!

    I really enjoyed this episode! It was really nerve-wracking waiting to see what happened next but it made for a great episode! I have to admit it was a little scary and does catch you off-guard with all of the cheap scares but it makes the episode even more enjoyable than it already is. The Cappie Stalker storyline was a little dull and this episode could've done better without it, but i didn'd mind it. Everything else was hilarious especially the sorority house scenes and how everyone was afraid to go anywhere near Rebecca, the actress did well and did extremely well during the seance scene.moreless
  • great episode!

    i loved this episode!! there was so much going episode of the season! i loved the virginia horton bit and evan & calvin searching for the mouse telling stories. even though im a fan of the casey cappie chemistry(and they werent even in contact in this one darn!) this episode was still exciting. i thought calvin & evan were hilarious the entire time. but i thought that rusty was maybe a little too scared of patty. like right away he was freaked out by her. i don't know just my opinion. i love it how at the end we find out that casey might've had something to do with the whole ghost thing.i love this episode. the end!moreless
AnnaLynne McCord

AnnaLynne McCord


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Tom Higgenson



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Dave Tirio



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Jessica Rose

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Aaron Hill

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • The people in the chain Destiny makes when she cuts the paper with the scissors is impossible. The chain would have to all be wearing dresses or pants. They would all be cut the same and couldn't alternate like they do in the scene.

    • The Plain White T's guest starred again, singing their songs Friends Don't Let Friends Dial Drunk and Making a Memory.

    • The Kappa Tau members have a pet snake called Timmy.

    • The note in Destiny's bag says:

      Kappa Tau Gamma
      129 Chancellor St.
      Cyprus, Ohio

      This is the address of the Kappa Tau Gamma House.

  • QUOTES (23)

    • Rusty: (about girl who just hit on Cappie) What about her?
      Cappie: We call her Saran Wrap. Too clingy.

    • (During the séance)
      Ashleigh: Virginia Horton the sisters of Zeta Beta Zeta invite you to commute with us.
      Casey: Maybe she has her cell phone turned off.

    • Casey: This is ridiculous!
      Ashleigh: Trust me, I had a Goth phase in middle school, this séance will work!

    • (Talking about the crank generator)
      Heath: So do you know how to work this thingy? I was kinda wondering when the cell service will be back.
      (Rusty cranks it and it comes on)
      Heath: Cool! It's like magic!
      Rusty: Actually it's a simple crank generator that turns friction into electricity.
      Heath: Or magic!

    • Ashleigh: Doblers is closed! Can you freakin' believe it?
      Casey: Perhaps, because of the tornado watch.
      Ashleigh: So! It's karaoke Friday!

    • Rusty: Her name isn't Destiny, it's Patty.
      Cappie: Patty, from camp? The only Patty there was Patty the Fatty… Oh my God, she's Patty the Fatty!

    • Rusty: (Trying to get Cappie away from Destiny) It's Beaver, he's drunk and he's peeing in your closet.
      Cappie: Not again!

    • Cappie: I love your smile! I just want to put it in my pocket!
      Destiny: I love your eyes, I want to gouge them out and wear them on a chain around my neck.

    • Casey: How's the head wound?
      Jen K: I'm not showing any signs of a concussion so I should be ok.
      Casey: Are you pre-med?
      Jen K: No, just clumsy.

    • Rusty: Beaver, the bathroom is that way!

      (points down the hall, away from Cappie's room)

      Beaver:Man, why do they keep moving it?!

    • Beaver: So are you a student?
      Destiny: You ask a lot of questions, do I need to have my lawyer present?
      (Beaver looks stunned)
      Destiny: Kidding! You learn to ask that in prison… Kidding!

    • Rebecca: Spirit! Tell us who you are!
      (The Ouija board spells out virgin)
      Casey: Virgin, I stand corrected, it's not Rebecca.

    • Casey: (Talking about the trust exercise) This is about trusting that your sisters will always be there for you. That they will catch you when you fall, and trusting that they won't be skanky sluts who sleep with your boyfriend.

    • Jen K: Best Friday night ever, right! Way better than reruns of Ghost Whisperer, I can't believe we've been pledge sisters for six weeks but we've barely even spoken.
      Rebecca: It boggles the mind.

    • Cappie: I'm in a funk Spitter.
      Rusty: Come on! Look at all the hot mamas here!

    • Rusty: (To Cappie) Hey, why the long face? This party's got your three favorite things. Beer, girls, and severe weather warnings!

    • Rebecca: We missed an away game to spend the night in the living room?

    • Rusty: (to Destiny) I wasn't always this cool frat guy you see before you.

    • Destiny: My Harley popped a flat in the road. Can I come in?
      Cappie: God, yes!

    • Rebecca: (to Ouija board) Is anyone there?
      Casey: Looks like nobody's home.
      Rebecca: That's cause they might be at the football game.

    • Rusty: Listen Patty...
      Destiny: Destiny!

    • Destiny (after Cappie kisses her): That's it?
      Cappie: Excuse me?
      Destiny: I lost 80 pounds for that?
      Cappie: I've never had any complaints before... Let me just try a better angle!
      Destiny: Yeah, that's ok! Listen, it's been fun, but I really need a donut!

    • Cappie (to Destiny): You're a little bit twisted. Refreshing...

  • NOTES (1)

    • Music:
      Friends Don't Let Friends Dial Drunk by Plain White T's
      Meet You At The Mouth by Army Of Me
      Making A Memory by Plain White T's
      Radio by Lodger
      6 Ft. Under by The Woods

  • ALLUSIONS (17)

    • (After the power goes out)
      Evan and Calvin: Ohhhhhhhh! (Laughing)
      Evan: Ah, man, she was just about to blow it out the airlock!

      This is a another reference to the movie Alien, where Sigourney Weaver gets rid of the alien that was attacking her by blowing it out through the air lock.

    • The scene in which Calvin and Evan compare scars is a reference to a famous scene from the movie Jaws. In the movie, Quint, Hooper and Brodie are aboard Quint's boat, the 'Orca', hunting the shark. As they get drunk, Quint and Hooper proceed to compare battle scars.

    • Calvin: I just hope it doesn't bleed acid!

      Another Alien movie reference - the alien creature has acid for blood.

    • Ashleigh: Calm down, Jamie Lee!

      Given the spooky theme of this episode, this is obviously a reference to the first Halloween movie which starred Jamie Lee Curtis.

    • Cappie: Now, I can explore my other interests like beer and Days of Our Lives.

      Days of Our Lives is a soap opera that's aired on NBC since 1965.

    • Jen K: Best Friday night ever! Way better than reruns of Ghost Whisperer!

      Ghost Whisperer is a popular television series, about a young women with the unique ability to communicate with sprits. Premiered in 2005, Starring Jennifer Love Hewitt.

    • The title of episode is a reference to the book, Friday Night Lights. It was later adapted into a 2004 movie starring Billy Bob Thornton and a NBC television series.

    • Calvin: Yeah, like Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker.

      He is referring to Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) and Detective Carter (Chris Tucker) of the Rush Hour films.

    • Casey: No, the chandelier is older than Madonna.

      Madonna is a singer who's known for her over the top music videos and stage performances.

    • Cappie: What is it Lassie?

      Lassie is a dog who's been in television, radio, movies, and books since 1934.

    • Ashleigh: Oh my god, she's wearing a Rachel.

      She is referring to the haircut of Rachel Green (played by Jennifer Aniston) from the TV show, Friends. It was very popular in 1994.

    • Calvin: My parents would only let me watch PBS.

      PBS stands for Public Broadcasting Service. It's a network which tends to focus on programs dealing with fine arts, drama, science, history, and public affairs.

    • Calvin: Alien is a classic like Jaws.

      Jaws is a 1975 thriller directed by Steven Spielberg. It was so popular it spawned 3 sequels.

    • Evan: Okay, Alien vs. Aliens, discuss.

      Alien is a 1979 sci-fi movie starring Sigourney Weaver. Aliens is its 1986 sequel.

    • Ashleigh: I was gonna do a reggae version of Lady Marmalade.

      Lady Marmalade is a 1974 single recorded by Patty LaBelle. It was later covered by Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya, and Pink in 2001.

    • Casey: I can't believe you're the cellphone Scorcese!

      She is referring to Martin Scorcese, a director, writer, and producer. He won his first Oscar for The Departed in 2007.

    • Rusty (to Destiny): Who are you? Sidney Bristow?

      Sidney Bristow is the main character from the TV Show "Alias".