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Season 3 Episode 10

Friend or Foe

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Nov 02, 2009 on ABC Family
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Episode Summary

Will Cappie's and Casey finally get back together? And if so, what does this mean for Cappie and Evan's friendship. Will Ashley be supportive? As one of the biggest blue ribbon competitions Songfest is approaching, the ZBZs are determined to win it all. But Panhellenic president Katherine offers Casey the VP position forcing Casey to choose between Panhellenic or ZBZs. Then, Katherine throws a second curveball to the ZBZs by disqualifying their dance the night before the competition but ZBZ pledge Abby will try to save the day with an all new choreography. Will they make it work and win the competition? The rivalry between the Omega Chi and Kappa Tau heats up when the OXs fill the KT house with crickets. Then, Cappie and Evan try to unite both houses but will it work or just push the houses further apart? Meanwhile, Rusty and Dale are fighting over their science projects and decide that the best way to settle the score is an old fashioned battle bots competition.moreless

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  • Cappie and Casey's new relationship leaves Evan ousted, and he schemes to get back into Omega Chi's good graces, leading to the expulsion of some KT brothers. Rusty and Dale continue their competition. The ZBZ's vow to keep a secret for one of their own.moreless

    As far as finales go this was a great one for Greek, there were new hookups, sad goodbyes, a fire, and robots. The ramifications of this episode will be felt for the rest of the show or at least the school year. Most importantly many relationships were changed and not for the better, Cappie and Evan, Calvin and Grant, Rusty and Dale, Ashleigh and Fisher, and the ZBZs and the CRU Greek system.

    So the long awaited Cappie-Casey relationship is finally here, I think that we all knew it was coming, I just never thought it would happen until graduation, assuming that Cappie actually graduates. As news of their new romance spreads across campus everyone but Evan is excited that it finally happened, Evan believing this will be just like freshman year and he'll become the ousted third wheel. This leads to the idea of the common enemy of Officer Huck, Casey feels that she can get the two to bond over their hatred of CRU's own Paul Blart. Unfortunately for Wade, Jeremy, and Ferret, Evan is no longer the golden boy in Omega Chi and the pressure from his brothers to try to screw over KT is just too great to overcome. This also effect Calvin and roomie/crush Grant who are still not sure where they stand with each other, since sensible Calvin does not think the same as the house and more specifically Grant. I think their relationship won't make it to Spring Break.

    Rusty and Dale still in competition over the engineering grant, come to blows when Dale admits that his life has been all about science since arriving at CRU whereas Rusty has split his time with girls and KT. I think Dale is forgetting his time spent leading USAG. While the grant is not yet ready for awarding, the air is still ripe with competition. Still the two are ready to erupt in this episode and the help of Dr. Hastings and Dr. Larsen make things even worse, until the only solution presents itself robots. The two of them build their own battling robots and then have a cage match and in the end Rusty realizes that without science he still has a life on campus and secretly throws the competition, leaving Dale victorious and the hero of the engineers. What made this scene great was Calvin's fish out water looks while the robots battled to death.

    It was also yet another Greek Blue Ribbon competition event and well the ZBZ's were once again not first as they lost to the Gamma Psi sorority. Seeing how their dance was awesome and one of their sisters was in High School Musical, Casey and Ash felt that the votes were tampered and so did the crowd. Well maybe not Fisher as we was getting pretty chummy with some girl much to Ashleigh's displeasure, not sure what is going on there, but I don't think Ashleigh has completely forgiven him. To prove that the votes were tampered with the ZBZ sister's investigate the Gamma Psi house and leave a candle lit, a few hours later the Gamma Psi house is on fire, and Rebecca maybe to blame. Well this is definitely a new side to bad Rebecca.

    So Evan and Cappie's rekindled friendship is finally over, I guess good things don't always last. Dale and Rusty may never be the same. Calvin and Grant will probably never be a couple. Ashleigh still doesn't trust Fisher. Rebecca is not so squeaky clean, that's a shocker. Cappie and Casey are in it for the long haul. ZBZ sister Beth is still a few crayons short of a full box.

    The last and most important new gossip, the hookup we never saw coming although I think we always did, Evan and Rebecca. The two both tripping on major guilt trips decided to once again hook up.

    A lot of secrets in this finale I really liked the use of crickets as a symbol for our conscience and guilt. Maybe Cappie and Casey won't last afterall, could Cappie date a pyro?moreless
  • One of the best season finales thus far (although only for the mid-season.)

    I just finished watching this episode, and I really wanted to review it while it was still in my head, fresh, although I will watch it again for sure :) I'm very happy Cappie and Casey are back together, although this more or less happened in "The Wish Pretzel." First, I'm not very happy the Dale is being such a jerk to Rusty that he didn't care that Rusty challenged him for the grant until he thought he might actually lose it to Rusty. The Battle of the Bots was briefly entertaining and it was nice to see that Calvin got through to Rusty to be the bigger man and do the right thing. I find myself, or at least I try really hard to sympathize and/or empathize with Evan, as he really has lost everything in his life. His house isn't behind him, and while the prank to destroy officer Huck's car was pretty kick-ass, and it was nice of him to try and give Cappie an out, he should have warned him all in advance I think. Evan has lost his trust fund (which HE did give up) and his family seems to have turned his back on him, but he does have a connection with Rebecca, as indicated in the end of the episode. It sucks he and Cappie aren't friends anymore, which probably means the same for Evan and Casey...at least Cappie did feel bad about what happened too. The ZBZ dance song competition skit was smoking hot, and that may be an understatement...I'm really interested to see how the burning down of the Gamma Si house goes down, because I bet we haven't heard the last of that. Going back to Evan...I do feel bad for the guy, I think he needs some control and stability in his life, but it does make for an interesting twist. He says all he has is his house, and he might not even be right about that. I'm looking forward to the rest of this season!moreless
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    • Music:
      "Gamma Psi Tonight" (to the tune of "Get Down Tonight" by KC And The Sunshine Band)
      "ZBZ Girls Go Band" (to the tune of "Good Girls Go Bad" by Cobra Starship)
      "You're The Best" by Joe Esposito


    • The battlebots scene between Rusty and Dale, featuring the song "You're the Best" by Joe Esposito, pays homage to a similar scene in Karate Kid.

    • Rebecca: They look like those creepy little kids from Village of the Damned. Village of the Damned is the 1960 science fiction film and later 1995 remake about a village overran with highly-intelligent, blonde, murderous children.

    • Beaver: I hate crickets ever since Pinnochio.

      Pinnochio is the wooden puppet who yearns to be a real boy in Carlo Collodi's The Adventures of Pinnochio and the 1940 Disney cartoon of the same name. His conscience comes in the form of Jiminy Cricket.

    • Cappie: Like Harry Potter...and those other two.

      Harry Potter is a series of seven books, and eight movie adaptations, written by J.K Rowling about the adventures of teen wizard Harry Potter and his friends Hermoine Granger and Ron Weasley during their stay in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

    • Abby: I choreographed three of my high school musicals. The last one was our senior year.

      Abby, played by Olesya Rulin, starred in High School Musical 1, 2 and 3 as Kelsi Nielsen. Her character choreographed the dance routines for the musicals. Casey further references the franchise by saying "We're all in this together," a song from the series.