Season 4 Episode 6


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 07, 2011 on ABC Family

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  • At last...!

    So we finally get what we've been waiting for this season! A renewal of Casey and Cappie's relationship. As Cappie mentioned (in a very meta way) it's what everyone wanted! And thankfully both of them are emotionally ready to give each other what they need.

    The other story-line in this ep was re-tracing Rusty's night, like so many have done before. And it have been so much betterr if hadn't have seen the previews and spotted who Rusty was actually kissing.

    Great moments from Katherine and Dale rounded this episode out to be one of the series bests. Not long to go now till I complete my DVD set!
  • Fumble - Great episode

    Rusty wakes up not knowing how he spent his night, or who he spent it with. Calvin and Rusty team up to find out what Rusty was doing all night, and who is the girl that kissed him and left lipstick all over his face. Ashleigh and Casey are still arguing so Ashleigh turns to Becks for some advise. Dale teases Laura about her still wanting him, while they watch factuality children for philanthropy points. Casey and Cappie deal with a pregnancy scare. Casey learns from Rusty that Cappie has picked a major and has been going to class regularly. Catherine and beaver continue their love affair. Calvin and his frat brothers are getting a long.