Season 2 Episode 10

Hell Week

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Oct 28, 2008 on ABC Family
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Hell Week
Casey faces a hard decision when she learns that Max is planning to go to Cal Tech for grad school and she is offered an internship. She turns to Lauren Conrad (who appears in a dream sequence) for advice. Also, the pledges are put through Hell Week and Rusty is driven to face the challenge no matter what he is forced to do.moreless

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  • The lamest cliffhanger ending of all time leaves us wonder who will a tertiary character like Rebecca choose ZBZ or the unholy new sorority that Frannie has conjured up. Seriously, what kind of fall finale was that?moreless

    Casey faces a hard decision when she learns that Max is planning to go to Cal Tech for grad school and she is offered an internship at Washington. She turns to Lauren Conrad (who appears in a dream sequence) for advice. More importantly, she turns to Cappie for advice, and he tells her to leave Max and go after her career. She decides that she has to base her decisions on her self for once and not who she's dating, and ends things with Max.

    Also, the pledges are put through Hell Week and Rusty is driven to face the challenge no matter what he is forced to do. Rusty decides to break into the Chi's house and steal back his paddle (the one with which he kicked Evan's ass), only to be caught which incites an all out brawl between the OC's and the KT's. In the end all is well, and Rusty is initiated into the frat, but Calvin is not too pleased that Evan hit Rusty with a paddle during the brawl.

    Finally, at ZBZ, Casey fails to be a good sis to Rebecca (a new nickname Becks?) and is swayed to the dark side when Frannie decides to start her own sorority next year.

    The Good: I hope Max stays at CRU, just because I think he's awesome, perhaps Casey should be allowed to have it all for once.

    - Beave's love of Wikipedia is continued

    - Amazing chemistry with Cappie and Casey in the pool hall, I would totally be swooning if I was a shipper.

    - If 'Becks' (ugh) joins Frannie, in the end it only serves to punish Ashleigh most, and she's been nothing but delightful to Rebecca.

    - Calvin's reaction to the major toolage oozing out of Evan.

    - Heath: 'Calvin's hand cramps' (dirty…hehe)

    - The Dale/Rusty scene was sweet.

    The Bad: Do we care enough about Rebecca to have been given a season finale with her as the central point to a cliffhanger?

    The Ugly: Becks? I don't know if this new nickname started this episode, but it was grating on my nerves the minute I heard it. She's no wear near as awesome as Beckham (or as hot) to pull it off either.

    Bottom line: I don't know about the 'big' cliffhanger that left me wanting something else to ponder rather than something as small as whether Rebecca will leave and colonize with Frannie or not. However, everything else was just awesome

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  • Perfect episode

    I am a bit sad this season was so small. Only 10 episodes? Come on, it is isnt the start. But no matter what, it was a perfect finale.

    What I love about Greek, it is they always show a good part of being a human, and I love that.

    It makes me sad Casey didnt give the attention Rebecca needed, I guess she is the way it is, because she hardly has someone she can trust and trust her.

    I love her character and I truly hope she doesnt go to the other side, it would be too bad.

    But good way to end thingsmoreless
  • As the year comes to an end, the pledges go through the last stages of pledging. Casey must face a tough decision on how to spend her summer and gets help from an idol who faced a similar situation once. Frannie begins recruiting.moreless

    So the school year is over, well it probably is, but you never know on Greek.

    If you look at each of the pledges individually they each had their own issues to overcome. Rusty was reminded that Kappa Tau Gamma was not his first choice, and that he joined late, by a day, but still. After he ate the goldfish he was supposed to keep safe, the brothers asked that Rusty prove his loyalty, which he took too far and broke into the Omega Chi house and stole the pledge paddle he nailed Evan with and then started a Frat Row brawl between the rival houses.

    Calvin was treated with extra special treatment, thanks to his big brother and newly elected Omega Chi President Evan. He was given the assignment of cleaning the trophy room, which was already pretty clean for a frat house. I was proud of Calvin who at the start of the year came off a bit lazy, when he decided he wanted to suffer just as much as his fellow pledge brothers, his punishment was holding the rule book for three hours. In the end he was made a brother.

    For Rebecca, she faced a little disappointment after she finally understood the bond of sisterhood, too bad her big sister did not want to reciprocate. The big question is whether she will be the only new sister in ZBZ or will she join Frannie in her new sorority?

    Speaking of Frannie, I do not know if she can actually just start a new sorority, I mean the pledges who were not made sisters have the freedom to leave, but those who are actually ZBZ sisters might be violating Pan Hellenic rules. I guess we will have to wait and see on this one.

    Onto special guest star Lauren Conrad, she once faced a similar situation to Casey, having to choose between a guy and a career opportunity. Lauren did not tell Casey which too choose but just what she learned from the situation. Casey chose to go to Washington, so I guess we have seen the end of Max. I think with this decision she has opened the door for a Cappie/Casey romance, and we could possibly throw Evan back into that mix, I feel like I remember promos where he was still in love with Casey despite his attachment to Frannie. Plus how good would that be another go at the Cappie/Casey/Evan triangle.

    I thought this was a great finale, offering a little closure and a new storyline to contemplate. Also it answered the question on how Casey, Ashleigh, Evan, Cappie, and Frannie can stick after their Senior year that will probably last another two or three seasons, Cyprus Rhodes has a graduate school.moreless
  • Magnificent episode!

    This was an excellent episode, in many different aspects. The writing was done well, and all the characters seemed to be really into everything. The acting is usually good, but everyone seemed to be giving a little extra. I believe this is the best episode of Season 2 so far. Anyway, it's Hell Week for Rusty and Calvin at Kappa Tau and Omega Chi, respectively, and both sides are being put through ridiculous tasks, except for Calvin. Evan explains that being Calvin's big brother, and the President, that he is going to exempt Calvin from real Hell Week, until Calvin intervenes. Rusty is stuggling with trying to find a way to prove that he is truly Kappa Tau material, and thanks to a tip from Calvin, and sneaks into the Omega Chi house and goes to steal the Pledge Paddle he walloped Evan with earlier in the Season. Meanwhile, he is discovered by Evan, and runs for life down to the Kappa Tau house, where the two Fraternities have an all out street fight. Evan gets even with Rusty by slapping his face with the pledge paddle, and the fight comes to an end. Rusty and Calvin, along with all the other pledges are initiated into their respective houses. Meanwhile, Casey and Max are making summer plans, but Max has been accepted to Cal Tech for Grad School and will only be 2229.3 miles away. If that isn't bad enough, Casey accepts an intership from the Senator who was a ZBZ representative at the convention she attended a few episodes back. Max and Casey decide to break up, because she needs to stay where she is and isn't willing to commit to a long term relationship. However, we do see Max call a professor at Cal Tech. We don't know what transpires, but I'm guessing he's giving Cal Tech up, or delaying his entry to stay with Casey. However, there may be more trouble on the love scene with Casey as she and Cappie had a couple of touching near-tender moments. Playing pool Cappie finds Casey and he tries to advise her as what to do with her dilemma, and subtly hints for love that "If it's meant to be, then someday it will be." They also shared a nice gaze at the Kappa Tau house after Rusty was initiated. As for Casey and Zeta Beta Zeta, just as the new pledges are about to be initiated, Frannie storms in and resigns her active status. Apparently, she bought her own empty house, and is starting her own Sorority. She takes most of the pledges, and some of the members, but Rebecca is left standing there. Ashleigh and Casey are calling her, as well as Frannie, and that's the end. I really hope Rebecca does the right thing, as I find myself really liking her character as this Season progressed.moreless
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