Season 3 Episode 4

High and Dry

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 21, 2009 on ABC Family



  • Trivia

    • Goof: When Casey goes to Katherine to ask her to change her patrol partner, we see Kathrine holding a clipboard against her chest with both arms. In the next scene, we see her resting her chin on her right hand which is holding a pen, but in the next scene we see her holding the same clipboard against her chest with both arms again.
      Also, from scene to scene, Kathrine's hair goes from being in a ponytail behind her head to in a ponytail worn on her left shoulder.

  • Quotes

    • Smart Girl: You're David Wong?
      Cappie: Yes. Yes I am. I was adopted by two gay dudes. From China.

    • Rebecca: We're leaving? Things just started getting good.
      Calvin: Come on. (drags her away)
      Rebecca: That's the problem with our relationship. We never do anything fun!
      Calvin: That's why I don't date girls.

    • Casey: Did you ever notice how many cats are in this house?
      Evan: No no no. I hate cats. They freak me out.
      Casey: They're everywhere, on the walls, the bookshelves, the throw pillows.
      Evan: Oh. Fake cats! (Laughs)
      Casey: Do you think cats put us on their pillows?

    • Rusty: That's weird. My nana usually sends me money for my birthday.
      Beaver: (pause) Times are tough.
      Wade: She must not love you anymore.

    • Ashleigh: I'm pretty sure Casey can handle putting chips into a bowl.
      Fisher: That'd be quite an accomplishment, since she's high as a kite.
      Ashleigh: What? That's impossible. Casey doesn't get high.
      Fisher: Ashleigh, her and Evan spent ten minutes sitting under that table pretending they were shoes.

    • Dr. Larsen: "The Anchor", now that's an odd moniker.
      Rusty: I come from a long line of seamen. Uh, that came out wrong.

    • Rusty: Does this mean we're a team?
      Dr. Hastings: I'm already starting to regret it. Go.

    • Cappie: Where do smart people hang out?
      Wade: Computer stores?
      Cappie: Ethnic restaurants?
      Beaver: The moon?

    • Catherine: Where's Casey Cartwright?
      Ashleigh: The ZBZ Casey Cartwright?
      Casey: (coming down the stairs) I'm right here.
      Evan: (to Casey) Totally got this.
      Casey: Hi!
      (Evan bursts out laughing)
      Casey: Dude, be cool. Be cool.

    • Calvin: I'm gay! And I have inappropriate feelings for my straight roommate and this gift is proof of that.
      (Rebecca slurps her drink loudly as Whitney stares at her)
      Rebecca You're what?! (slaps Calvin) No wonder you never kiss me with tongue! How long have you been gay?!

    • Cappie: And this is Rusty Cartwright.
      Dr. Larson: Ahh, the seaman.
      Cappie: Among other things.

    • Casey: I love music! I wish I had some maracas. That's a fun word. Ma-ra-cas!

    • Casey: Well live long and prospect!
      (Casey incorrectly does the Vulcan sign)
      Jason: That's disrespectful.

    • Calvin: You're staying here?
      Whitney: Yeah, but don't worry. We won't do anything naughty... until you're asleep!

    • Rebecca: Oooh, fancing wrapping paper! What's it for?
      Calvin: It's for my roommate's birthday.
      Rebecca: Oh, is he a girl?

    • Whitney: (to Calvin and Grant) Hey guys, I hope you don't mind, I put some stuff up in your closet. It's huge. You can fit like a person in there.

    • Casey: (to Ashleigh) Gee Ash, if you vibe that guy any harder you might get pregnant!

    • Ashleigh: (about Fisher) He smells like alcohol and man.

    • Evan: (to Catherine) Hey wait a minute. Wait a minute! Um, look, we may have been sidetracked tonight, sure. But Casey is a great addition to Pan-Hellenic. First of all, she loves it. Right?
      Casey: Oh yeah, the binders, the meetings, the giant coffee machines that make those cool little... pamphlets. How could you not love it?
      Evan: Right. We may not have made it to all the houses, but this is the only dry weekend that hasn't totally sucked. And that's all because of Casey. You're lucky to have her.
      Casey: Thanks, Evan!
      Evan: And she may be afraid of trees but when push comes to shove she doesn't let you drink the shampoo, no matter how good it smells.
      Catherine: Are they stoned?
      Ashleigh, Evan, and Casey: (hesitately) Yeah...

  • Notes

    • Music:
      "Quiet Little Voices" by We Were Promised Jetpacks
      "Perfect Games" by The Broken West
      "To Be With You" originally by Mr. Big
      "I Don't Want You Now" by The Moog
      "Round & Round" originally by Ratt
      "Red Lights Flashing" by Lights On

  • Allusions

    • Dr. Larson: That kind of determination is what got me on Charlie Rose.

      Charlie Rose is a talk show in which journalist Charlie Rose interviews famous writers, politicians, athletes, entertainers, businessmen, leaders, scientists, and other newsmakers.

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