Season 1 Episode 13

Highway to Discomfort Zone

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 07, 2008 on ABC Family
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Highway to Discomfort Zone
Omega Chi becomes the victim of Kappa Tau's pranks when Cappie seeks to get even with Evan for blowing the whistle on their recent underground festivities. Meanwhile, Casey's rivalry with Rebecca intensifies when she learns about Rebecca's new relationship.

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  • Rusty's fellow pledges are excluding him from activities. Dale tries to convert Calvin to hetrosexuality. Casey and Rebecca spend time together for Zeta Beta Sister bonding and Kappie comes clean about dating Rebecca.moreless

    There was a Joey the Fat One reference in this episode. Needless to say I was in love. That combined with the cute Animal Welfare league volunteer made this episode for me. I also liked how the Kappa Tau pledges were treating Rusty. It felt more realistic to me than how they'd been acting in the past. Dale makes me laugh so hard. Aversion therapy using rotten banana peels and male underwear catalogs. And Calvin getting one back on Dale using Leviticus... it was awesome.

    Ashleigh is so cute. I love how happy and perky she is. I'm not a huge fan of Lizzie but she is super cute sometimes :Pmoreless
  • Season 1, Episode 13

    A good episode. Dale tries to turn Calvin straight. Rusty must make a pledge project, but realizes that he must use teamwork instead of him making the project all alone. It's big sis little sis week at the ZBZ house, and Casey and Rebecca try not to be enemies, even when Casey learns Cappie and Rebecca are dating. The ZBZ house helps out at an animal shelter and have a date dash. Rebecca brings Cappie and Casey brings the animal shelter worker. Casey ends up sleeping and finds out that hes only 16. Casey realizes that she needs to let Cappie go since shes been using him as a safety net.moreless
  • Cappie and Rebecca go public!

    This episode is pretty good, because, Casey is jealous of Rebecca, Cappie's knew girlfriend. Cappie/Casey shippers, unite!

    Cappie and Rebecca decide to go public and out on a date, in public, at Dobler's.

    The Zeta Beta Zetas are behind on philanthropy hours, and go to an animal shelter to help out. While there, Casey meets a guy, and goes out with him to Rebecca and Cappie's date at Dobler's. Then, she goes back to his place and has sex with him, only to find out in the end that he is only sixteen years old.

    Rusty and the Kappa Tau pledges have to do a pledge project. And, Rusty realizes that he is not very involved with his Kappa Tau pledge class.moreless
  • Several great arcs to choose from here.

    This one is my favorite episode of the young season thus far with many great moments ranging from the obviously hilarious Dale/Calvin moments which culminated with Dale thinking that he might be gay and Calvin making mention that they were going to have a talk about Dale's flag. Those were just good times in general. It's interesting to see a show on a Family channel deal with the issue of homosexuality, and, while a bit under the radar and off character as Dale's reactions were, it didn't do as bad as it could have.

    Cappie's relationship with Rebbecca is still a bit suspect, making me think that Rebbecca is working an angle, after all. Casey's speech basically set that up to happen, so I'll be waiting with non-bated breath to see that one transpire at some point in the season (probably the finale). One thing that I really, really liked about this episode: no Evan. I get tired of that guy under normal circumstances, but this season, he's been properly villainized, and he makes me yearn for Cappie laying down a good thumping -- which, admittedly, is a possibility after their confrontation in the last episode. Last season, the dude did come off as a bit sympathetic at times, and his disposition toward Cappie was understandable. This season, though, he's become what most thought of him beforehand: a douchebag.

    Also on highlight, Casey's ineptitude to deal with Cappie and Rebbecca's could-be disastrous relationship. Plans for a rendition of their fling? Could be.

    Overall, though, the episode picked up several ongoing arcs and took them a bit further, which is what the series really needs to do instead of running in place with the entire Greek punishment ordeal. Calvin and Dale make a great pairing of characters with endless potential for them as friends, and Rusty's newfound acceptance by his pledge brothers is sure to come crashing down soon.

    Plus, lest I forget to mention it, Egyptian Joe! That guy sounds like an infomercial host on heroine. Good times, indeed.moreless
  • The Kappa Tau pledges must bond for a pledge project, with help from a KT alumnus. At the ZBZ house it is big little sis week and tension between Casey and Rebecca over Cappie. Dale tries to convert Calvin.moreless

    Finally the appearance of Kappa Tau legend Egyptian Joe. All in all a great episode with a lot of funny moments and a lot of revealing juicy ones as well.

    So to start with the Calvin/Dale story line, I thought this was interesting, Dale trying to convert Calvin to the straight and narrow. It was great to see their relationship develop especially since Calvin and Rusty are on the outs. Calvin's revelation that Dale might be gay just to get him off his back was hilarious, when he threw out his Tim McGraw cd because his pants are too tight.

    It was clearly obvious that Rusty was on the outs with his fellow pledges, and this week proved that he needed to bond with them. I never noticed before that it does seem that in Cappie's eyes Rusty can do no wrong, good for Ben for pointing that out, cause it never really crossed my mind that his fellow pledges would be jealous of their relationship. We finally got to meet Egyptian Joe, after the vesuvius episode I had posted about him in the forum, wondering if he would ever grace us with his presence, especially after meeting Teagan in the first season finale. I liked the idea the pledges finally came up with, it was exactly what they needed to do, I was a little disappointed by the other guys lack of enthusiasm, but I was glad they all pulled through and that ending scene was hilarious, maybe one of the top of the series thus far, Rusty cat-calling his sister.

    The Casey/Cappie/Rebecca triangle was finally established tonight, after weeks of waiting it happened, and boy could Casey not handle it at all, case in point sleeping with the 16 year old animal shelter worker, and spraying Rebecca with the hose. I think that Cappie eluded to a lot when he said that Rebecca liked him for him, so we all knew that Casey dumped Cappie because she felt she needed more and that he was not the right image for her, she would have had to change him.

    Now Cappie revealed something to Rusty tonight that ties in to this past we are still so haz on, he told him that Egyptian Joe welcomed him into Kappa Tau when he was questioning things, could this mean that Cappie like Rusty was offered a bid at the two rival fraternities, Kappa Tau and Omega Chi, but unlike Rusty whose choice was made easy by Evan's infidelity with Rebecca. So my thought that when Cappie chose Kappa Tau, he left behind some people, hence where Egyptian Joe in his infinite wisdom chose to take Cappie under his wing, to give us the Cappie we know and love.

    A lot to ponder on tonight's episode, also I must give credit to Ashleigh, she was hilarious with her fanny pack crush. next week looks like it will be good, a little break with some fun pranks.moreless
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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • Goof: When Calvin enters Dale and Rusty's room looking for Rusty, he folds his left arm across his chest and puts his left hand under his right armpit while talking to Dale. In the next scene, we see him with his left hand inside his pocket, but it is folded under his armpit for the next scene again.

    • We finally get to meet Egyptian Joe, Cappie's "big brother".

  • QUOTES (15)

    • Calvin: What is she doing with him? She must like guys with personality.
      Dale: I don't know. He doesn't look that hideous to me.
      Calvin: Oh! So you find him attractive?
      Dale: Well, his got good bone structure.
      Calvin: Wait! It all makes sense!
      Dale: What?
      Calvin: Oh, Dale. Have you ever thought that the reason you're trying to turn me straight is because, deep down inside, you might be gay?
      Dale: That's ridiculous...
      Calvin: Just look at the evidence: you don't have sex with women, you like to knit, you appreciate the male form... and I've seen you run, it's a little bit squishy.
      Dale: I don't like what you're implying!

    • Dale: Rusty, I'm not Satan's joystick.

    • Rebecca: Aren't those the same clothes you were wearing last night?
      Lizzi: Casey? I'm concerned.
      Casey: Me too. About the environment. That's why I wear all my outfits twice before washing them. Water is the earth's most precious gift!

    • Cappie: Speaking of kittens, I saw this video on YouTube with this kitten that wouldn't stop sucking this guy's nipple.

    • Casey: (about Ashleigh's date) So is he French?
      Ashleigh: He sure kisses that way.

    • Dale: (to Rusty) Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the Lord today.

    • Dale: (to Calvin) Hey, how you feelin'? Any less gay today?

    • Rebecca: (about Casey) She was nice... to me.
      Cappie: (sarcastically) Un-freakin' believable.

    • Cappie: (to pledges): It's your turn to write a chapter in the Kappa Tau pledge book. Preferably one with lots of pictures, for those of us who doesn't care for reading the text.

    • (Girl runs past Rusty and the other pledges)
      Rusty: Hey, nice taillights!
      Casey: (Casey turns around and sees Rusty) Rusty?
      Rusty: Oh my God, that's my sister.

    • Cappie: Seeing me with someone else is driving you insane?
      Casey: No seeing you with her [Rebecca] is.

    • Casey: You're not in college?
      Jonah: No, but I'm in AP Calculus.

    • Jonah: (as Casey is leaving) Can I call you?
      Casey: In five years.

    • Casey: I need a date.
      Ashleigh: I thought your weren't dating.
      Casey It's not dating, its a defensive maneuver.

    • Casey: (to Rusty when he comes to her for help) Okay, have a seat on your thrown, Drama Queen.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Dale: You know, sooner or later, I'm going to end up with my own Bravo show.

      Bravo is the cable network that is known for its gay-themed programs.

    • Cappie: It's like Extreme Makeover: Fraternity Edition.

      Extreme Makeover is a reality show on ABC that deals with plastic surgery. It has a spin-off called Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

    • Upon hearing from Cappie that he and Rebecca are dating, Casey says she has to go to watch To Catch A Predator, a popular series of the television newsmagazine Dateline airing on NBC.

    • Episode title: Highway to the Discomfort Zone

      The title is an allusion to the song "(Highway to the) Danger Zone" by Kenny Loggins, off the soundtrack to the movie Top Gun. Ashleigh and Casey reference the movie several times in the teaser, including Casey calling herself the Goose to Ashleigh's Maverick.

    • Casey: I think she regenerates like the Terminator.

      She is referring to the terminator from The Terminator franchise starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    • Cappie: I have not been this impressed since Jennifer Hudson in Dreamgirls.

      He is referring to Jennifer Hudson's success as Effie White in Dreamgirls. This role landed her many awards and an Oscar win for Best Supporting Actress.

    • At Dobbler's Casey agrees to be the Goose to Ashleigh's Maverick, these are two of the main characters from the movie Top Gun, Pete "Maverick" Mitchell and Nick "Goose" Bradshaw.

    • Calvin: In fact, last night, I had a very vivid dream about Anderson Cooper.

      Anderson Cooper is the anchor of the CNN news show, Anderson Cooper 360.

    • Casey: It's pronounced Fatone.

      She is referring to Joey Fatone of 'N SYNC. He was the "fat one" in the group.