Season 2 Episode 20

Isn't It Bro-mantic

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jun 01, 2009 on ABC Family
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A lonely Casey meddles in Rusty's new romance with Jordan. Elsewhere, Calvin finally gets a new roommate, and then he discovers that the guy has a surprising secret; and Evan and Cappie reignite their rivalry, this time over a secret-society member.

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  • The one where the popular sister is lonely. Rusty, beginning his relationship with Jordan, wants things to be perfect, but his romantic efforts are thwarted by his and her big sis.moreless

    This episode has three main threads; Rusty v Casey, Calvin and his new gay roommate and Evan and Cappie's blossoming love affair; hence the title. Rusty is forced into being understanding of his selfish sister's constant need for companionship. By the end of the episode we are meant to feel sorry for the girl who has never known anything but being surrounded by people who love her and hang on her every word. It must be hard coping with no boyfriend for a full month! Evan deciding he wants to make things up with Calvin, organises a room change for him. His new roommate being the Omega Chi that just told him that he's not 'the only gay in the village'. The question is uninspiringly: will they or won't they?

    Lastly, we have more secret society scenes featuring Evan and Cappie doing, guess what: fighting over a girl. Hmm, original. This episode relies on the formula of the previous season where episodes always end with Casey and Rusty talking and figuring out 'the moral of the story' together. Usually it works, but unfortunately it is becoming ever more challenging to relate to the shallow and self-centred character that is Casey. It's no surprise that Rusty is the more popular of the siblings in the forums!moreless
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    • Dean Bowman: All of you are here because your merits and accomplishments set you apart at CRU.
      (Everyone looks at Cappie, confused)
      Cappie: Believe me, if I could shoot myself a quizzical look right now, I would.

    • Dean Bowman: Nothing teaches us more about who we are than seeing ourselves in the people we least expect.

    • Rusty: Do you realize how many nights in high school I sat alone watching 'Joan of Arcadia' with my mom, while Casey went out with all of her friends?
      Cappie: 'Joan of Arcadia' was the one with the navy lawyers, right?
      Rusty: No, that's 'JAG'.
      Cappie: 'JAG'...
      Rusty: Yeah I watched that afterward with my dad.
      Cappie: God, I missed a lot of great television by having friends. It's a shame.

    • Cappie: (to Evan) It's funny. We start talking again and we end up fighting over the first pet-killing lunatic we meet.

    • Alice: I guess I'll start with my childhood. I grew up on a farm in rural Pennsylvania. And we always had a ton of animals around because my mom thought that they would teach us about responsibility and my first pet was a gerbil I named Miffy. And I used to love to play this game where I would just spin her around...I called it "Swing the Gerbil." But one day, I lost control and…well I can, I can still hear the crunch. (collects herself)
      Alice: Sorry...I also had a pet mouse I named Elphaba who I took everywhere with me in my back pocket. But unfortunately, my mom also thought that having me do my own laundry, would teach me responsibility...and well, Alphaba couldn't really swim. And since, you know, I was just having such bad luck with smaller animals, my mom thought that she'd bring home something bigger. And that's when she brought home Toto.
      Cappie: God, I hope Toto was a horse.
      Alice: And I loved that cat.
      Evan: Oh no.
      Alice: He was just this big, sweet, warm ball of fur. And I would kiss him and hug him and squeeze him so tight, trying to show him how much I loved him. But, one day, I guess I loved him too much.

    • Ashleigh: So tell me about your night.
      Calvin: You know, nothing too exciting. Hung out at the house, studied a little bit and a brother secretly came out to me.
      Ashleigh: (gasps) Was it Marco? Oh my god, cause he's my pick in our "Next to come out at Omega Chi" pool...his nails are nicer than mine.

    • Grant: But you don't feel isolated?
      Calvin: Well, sometimes. But, uh, you know it's the cross I have to bare being the only gay at Omega Chi.
      Grant: Not necessarily...
      (both glance toward Marco)
      Calvin: Marco? Oh, I so knew that Men's Fitness subscription had nothing to do with his flabby calves.
      Grant: No, not Marco...
      Calvin: Pierre? I thought he was just really French...
      (Grant looks at Calvin)
      Calvin: You?
      Grant: There it is.

    • Calvin: The crucial first real date...always awkward. You know I usually take the band-aid approach. I just rip the damn thing off, let the scab heal, and move onto the next one.

    • Ashleigh: (to Calvin) Well, I guess it's just a matter of time before you get your man-hump on.

  • NOTES (1)


    • The title of the episode is a play on the popular song "Isn't it Romantic?", written by Rodgers and Hart. It has been featured in numerous films since it was written, and also famously sung by Ella Fitzgerald.

    • Cappie: Paging Danny Tanner.

      Cappie is referring to patriarch Danny Tanner of the ABC sitcom Full House played by Bob Saget.

    • Rusty: She just got out of a relationship with Andy, who dresses like a pop star.

      In real life, Jesse McCartney who plays Andy, is in fact a pop star.