Season 4 Episode 10


Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 07, 2011 on ABC Family



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    • Professor Morreti: For your final, I just have one question: why?
      Cappie: Because you're lazy? No, I'm just joking. Well, the first thing you asked us at the beginning of the semester was why are we here. Well, I thought about that a lot. We all have a purpose, and our purpose is to figure out our purpose. That's what college is. So, why college? Why CRU? The truth is I chose CRU because a friend of mine from camp was going here, then I chose to rush a fraternity and I made new friends, and college has been everything I ever could've imagined it to be. So I kept thinking, why would I ever want to leave this place? But then I realized that there's so much left to learn and experience and look forward to, and now I'm graduating...hopefully, and heading out into the real world with the love of my life, who was my purpose. So, today I'm here to graduate, and tomorrow? Well, it's hard to say because I have no idea where I'll be.

    • Cappie: You are my legacy, Spitter.

    • Rusty: Nostalgia can be a very powerful thing.

    • Rebecca: Remember that terrible Matthew McConaughey film?
      Dale: Sahara? Ed TV? The Wedding Planner? Failure to Launch? How To Lose a Guy in Ten Days? Fool's Gold?
      Rebecca: No, Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.

    • Rusty: I see a lot of frowny faces.
      Cappie: Spitter, we're standing in Greek ruins. Literally.

    • Cappie: Adios, KT. It was good knowing you.

    • Rusty: What are you going to do about law school now?
      Casey: I have no idea. But I did the right thing. That's from you, Jiminy Cricket.

    • Evan: Hey Crappie!
      Cappie: The name's Cappie

    • Rusty: So you're moving out. Couldn't live on the futon forever, huh?
      Ashleigh: Yeah. Well, I have a rule that I don't date roommates. It's kind of a new rule, since I've only ever lived with girls. Mostly your sister, and this really big rat in New York, neither of whom I wanted to date,
      Rusty: You want to date me?
      (Finally open with their feelings, they kiss)

  • Notes

    • Evan injuring his arm was not originally planned. Jake McDorman who plays Evan, broke his arm when a friend accidently slammed it into a car door. Because of this, his injury was written into the script.

    • According to creator Patrick Sean Smith, one of the rejected names for Cappie was John Smith. He worried that it was too close to his name, and would look arrogant as if he was "putting [himself] in the show." He also thought it "was too ordinary for [Cappie's] spirit."

    • Music:
      Forever Young by Youth Group
      My Oldest Friend by Andrew Belle
      Afterall by William Fitzsimmons
      The Weepies by Living in Twilight
      Take Over the World by The Courteeners
      Spinning by Jack's Mannequin

  • Allusions

    • Rusty: (gives Ashleigh the name plate) It's for your office, so everybody knows your name.
      This is a reference to the theme song for the TV show Cheers.