Season 1 Episode 5

Liquid Courage

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Aug 06, 2007 on ABC Family
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Liquid Courage
Cappie turns to Rusty for his brain power when the volcano for Kappa Tau's legendary Mt. Vesuvius party fails to erupt. Meanwhile, Casey and Evan are back on track as he introduces her to his powerful parents over dinner. But an unexpected appearance by Rebecca, a Senator's daughter, instantly bonds her to Evan's parents, leaving Casey to feel like an outsider with this blue-blood clan.moreless

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  • Season 1, Episode 5

    One of my favorite episodes so far. Casey meets Evan's parents. Rusty gets a crush basket and meets ZBZ pledge Jen K. It's the time for the annual Mt. Vesuvius Party at the Kappa Tau house and thats where Rusty will meet his secret admirer. Casey plans on going to a dinner for Evan's father, but Evan tells Casey that he needs her ticket for someone else because it has an influence on his father. Casey then learns the ticket went to Rebecca Logan. Calvin gets more serious in his relationship. Casey and Ashleigh then go and spy at Evan's father's dinner and get caught. Rusty realizes that he never had a secret admirer but Jen K. likes him and they kiss. Evan then leaves his father's dinner early to see Casey. Fantastic Episode.moreless
  • Hands down, one of my favorite episodes of Greek.

    Rusty meets Jen K., who plays a big part in the series as Rusty's first girlfriend. This is really one of my favorite episodes, because, Jen K. is one of my favorite characters.

    It's time for the annual Mt. Vesuvius party at Kappa Tau, and there are also Crush Baskets from sorority girls. Crush Baskets appropriately mean that a sorority girl has a crush on you. And Rusty meets one of the ZBZ girls, Jen K., while receiving his own Crush Basket, from a secret admirer. Rusty hunts for his admirer, only to discover that Jen lied to him and gave him Beaver's basket. But, Jen reveals that she has a big crush on Rusty.

    Evan's parents are visiting, and Casey is really nervous about meeting them. She meets them for tea at the ZBZ house, but unfortunately, they also meet Rebecca. And, they want to give Casey's ticket for dinner to Rebecca, and Evan lies to Casey about it. Casey and Ashley sneak into the dinner, and accidentally cause some trouble.

    Calvin is scared when his booty-call, Heath, wants to go out on a date, and secretly go out.moreless
  • Rusty manages to find a girl who likes him with the help of Vesuvius

    This was an excellent episode.

    The 'revelation' that Jen liked Rusty wasn't really a reveleation but it was great for Rusty to find a girl who likes him. The stealing of the weather device and convincing Dale to crash the party by suggesting he could convert people were hilarious, some great lines too.

    Evan behaved like a jerk this episode, until the very end, when he made up for it. He's really started to grow on me and might not be such an obnoxious guy after all. It must be difficult for him, especially now that we've seen the environment he comes from.

    Excellent episode with a great story and lots of funny moments.moreless
  • great

    this was a great episode of Greek. But I didn't really like how Evan was acting. It made me mad.

    The Kappa Taus are hosting a party, and the Mount Vesuvuis is the volcano they will blow up at the party. Sadly, it doesn't work, so Rusty says that he can help. Rusty gets Dale to help him get the volcano to blow up. At the party the volcano rocks, and it spews beer everywhere. Everyone was cheering for Rusty. Rusty ends up getting hooked up with a girl named Jenny in the Zeta Beta Zetas sorioty. I think that they were a cute couple. Casey meets Evan's parents to have lunch. Rebecca runs into them purposely and you can tell that Evan's parents are more interested and maybe like Rebecca more than Casey. At first Casey makes a good impression. Then when Casey was supposed to go the Chamber's dinner event, Evan has to uninvite her so he can invite Rebecca for his parents. Evan's parents want Rebecca to come so they can get to know Rebecca's family for business. Evan stays away from Rebecca the whole time. Ashleigh and Casey sneak to the dinner but they get caught on accident because Casey's phone starts to ring. Evan's mom is a total brat to Casey. Evan was kind of nice to Casey, because his mom was being mean to Casey, and he kind of backed Casey up. They make up in the end, and it's cute.moreless
  • Rusty volunteers to repair the Kappa Tau model of Mt. Vesuvius in order to ensure a party goes on where he will meet his secret admirer. Casey tries hard ot impress Evan's parents. Calvin secret relationship hits a speed bump.moreless

    Egyptian Joe one of the great Kappa Tau's was responsible for the volcano at the annual Vesuvius party, which is now broken, but due to his absence Rusty volunteers to fix it after learning that a Sorority girl has a crush on him and will reveal herself at the Vesuvius Party, in order to allow her to reveal herself. Now here is where Dale comes in, protesting the decommissioning of a D.O.D. weather changing machine, which through one of Egyptian Joe's haiku's about Triscuits reveals that the machine wll fix Vesuvius. It leads to Rusty, Jen, and Dale stealing the weather thing and then Dale singing "Jesus Take the Wheel" and then working to convert the party goers. The volcano still will not work, and Rusty soon learns his secret admirer was actually pursuing Beaver but that Jen changed the name on the crush basket because she felt bad for Rusty, after she reveals this the two return to the party to learn that the machine just needed to soak up moisture (the beer at the party) and then the eruption happened and it rained down beer, and Rusty made out with Jen in the beer rain.

    As Casey worked hard to impress Evan's parents by watching PBS and dressing like a news anchor, while Rebecca did it just by being herself. This leads to Casey getting uninvited to the big dinner honoring Evan's dad and gettign drunk and then crashing the party.

    Now here is the two siblings meet as Casey is down in the gutter, Rusty is skipping home after walking Jen back to the house. As she spills the details of her embarassing night, Rusty tells her that Evan is not the right guy for her, just as Evan approaches, but I think he redeemed himself.

    As for Calvin he is tough guy to figure, he seems like a typical frat guy just into other frat guys. I thought this was very funny one, especially with Cappie's cougar hunt for a noise permit.moreless
Kevin Kirkpatrick

Kevin Kirkpatrick

The Campus Cop

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Petrea Burchard

Petrea Burchard


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Jamie Chung

Jamie Chung


Guest Star

Jessica Rose

Jessica Rose

Jen K

Recurring Role

Aaron Hill

Aaron Hill

The Beaver

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Zack Lively

Zack Lively


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  • QUOTES (28)

    • Gladys: That's a very jazzy jacket. No one wears madras anymore.
      Cappie: More's the pity! And might I say the same about your lovely sweater, why did they stop putting sequins on wool?

    • Officer Huck: I need your noise permit for the Vesuvius party.
      Cappie: Are you yankin' me? Since when does that rule get enforced?
      Officer Huck: Since I was hired.
      Cappie: Oh, okay. I get it. So, uh, Officer Huck. You look like you could use a little break. You wanna come in we'll set you up with a nice cold beer? That's what Officer Bob always did. Where is Good Old Bob anyway?
      Officer Huck: Rehab.
      Cappie: Oh.

    • Jen K: I'm Jen K. There are three other Jens in the ZBZ house. Jen R, Jen B, and Jen Y. Funny, huh? Jen Y? Like, Gen Y.

    • Rusty: This has been hands down the best night of my life. Even better than the time they announced Pluto wasn't a planet. I hated Pluto, it was obviously such a dwarf planet!
      Casey: Wow! You're weird!

    • Ben: So David got stoned with the Philistines, cool!
      Dale: No! No, ok, David smote the Philistine with a stone. Not smoked with the Philistine and got stoned, ok! It's totally different! You go to college?!

    • Ashleigh: Are you still moping over dumb head Evan? Just stop! Stop thinking about it. Stop thinking about Rebecca and her designer dress, with her boobs busting out, throwing herself all over Evan as they dance or whatever, and his parents start writing their wedding vows. Just Stop!
      Casey: I wasn't thinking about that!
      Ashleigh: Oh…
      Casey: But now I am!

    • Dale: You said we were going somewhere safe. The Kappa Tau house is not safe, it's a filth palace!

    • Dale: (After stealing the module) Rusty, I can't go to jail! I have serious food allergies!

    • Dale: (Talking to the module) Hey there pretty girl. I hate the way they got you all cooped up in this dirty crate.

    • Evan: (Talking about giving Casey's ticket to Rebecca.) I should have told you, you're right. You're right, It's just I didn't think I could convince you that it's not a big deal. It's not a big deal! But now your making it a big deal, so I guess it is a big deal. Even though it's not a big deal!
      Casey: Are you trying to confuse me?

    • (After Rusty asked if Jen knew who his secret admirer was.)
      Jen: Why would you want to know anyway? I'd rather have the secret, then I could imagine it's anybody I wanted and not probably the weird guy in my English class who blew on my neck that one time.

    • Casey: Like Derek, my high school boyfriend. His mom said I was the daughter she never had, and she had a daughter. It was so awkward.

    • Rusty: Give me the manual. I'll fix the volcano.
      Cappie: You sure pledge? Because if you do this, this party is in your hands. Your small, delicate, kinda girlish hands.

    • Cappie: (About the volcano) Last year this baby violated several local fir ordinances and one law of physics.

    • Cappie: You just have to avoid doing something embarrassing for 48 hours.
      Rusty: I can do that.
      Cappie: Your fly's open.

    • Rusty: Now I have to figure out who she is so I don't do something stupid in front of her without actually knowing it.

    • Rusty: I might actually get a girlfriend without having to do all the things I'm terrible at… Like talking to girls.

    • Cappie: (Holding up a condom from Rusty's basket.) The basket isn't from your sister I hope.

    • Calvin: Listen, I wanted to apologize for the whole Ashley thing. And I wanted to...

      (people walk through and interupt with party stuff)

      Calvin: Um, look, um, I thought this was just a fling. You know, so when you wanted more, it sorta freaked me out.

      Heath: I just asked for one date.

      Calvin: No, yeah, no, I know.

      (people walk through with party stuff and interupt again.)

      Calvin: Um, okay, what I'm trying to say is, ah, that it freaked me out when you wanted to date, but what freaked me out more was you blowing me off. And I realized that I really like you. And I don't know what that means, but, ah, I would like to find out.

    • Cappie: So, officer Huck, you look like you could use a little break. You wanna come in and we'll set up with a nice, cold beer? That's what officer Bob always did. Where is good ole Bob anyway?
      Officer Huck: Rehab!
      Cappie: Oh.

    • Rusty: I made it rain beer!

    • Casey: I'm Casey Cartwright. Parents tend to love me.

    • Cappie: Hey Wade, get the camera! Our little Rusty got his first crush basket!
      (crowd cheers)

    • Rusty: Casey, I'll always believe that you deserve better than Evan Chambers.
      Evan: Well Rusty, we agree on one thing.

    • Cappie: So many Tri-Pis, so little shame.

    • (Casey sees Rusty skipping past her on the street)
      Casey: You seriously skipped just now?

    • Cappie: It's raining beer!

    • Rusty: One word answers. Is my sister here?
      Jen K.: No
      Rusty: Did she take her car?
      Jen K.: I think so. Oops, three words. Sorry.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Music for the episode was:
      "This Town's Disaster" -Blackpool Lights
      "Cut Up Music" -Fredalba Piller Records
      "Black Out (Remix)" -Music Library
      "To The Top" -Aceyalone Decon
      "Leaders Of Wasteland" -Fredalba Piller Records
      "Won't Change A Thing" -Brenda Weiler Music Library


    • Rusty: (after the Vesuvius Party, talking to Casey) This has been hands down the best night of my life. Even better than the time they announced Pluto wasn't a planet.

      Rusty alludes to the web-based video series lonelygirl15. In episode 14 of season 1, "Poor Pluto", Bree (Jessica Rose) in fact announces that Pluto is no longer considered a planet.

      Jessica Rose currently plays Rusty's girlfriend Jen K. in Greek.

    • Ashleigh: This place needs DJ AM asap.

      DJ AM is a club disc jockey, known for his on and off relationship with Nicole Richie.

    • Cappie mentions a Real World: Hawaii marathon.

      The Real World: Hawaii is the eighth season of MTV's reality television series, The Real World. It premiered in 1999.

    • Casey: I'm going for an Angelina Jolie thing.

      Angelina Jolie is an actress known for her charity work and romancing Brad Pitt.

    • Casey: Is it Katie Couric or Meredith Viera?

      Katie Couric is the anchorwoman for the CBS Evening News. Meredith Viera previously co-hosted ABC's The View and is currently co-hosting NBC's Today.

    • Cappie says he needs his Cougar Kit, a Cougar is an older woman looking to seduce a younger man, made popular by How I Met Your Mother.