Season 3 Episode 15

Love, Actually, Possibly, Maybe, Or Not

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Feb 22, 2010 on ABC Family
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Love, Actually, Possibly, Maybe, Or Not
It's Valentine's Day! Casey and Cappie compete over who can come up with the most romantic gift. Also, Casey sets Katherine up with Rusty in an attempt to reconcile with her. Ashleigh is worried that new boyfriend Pete will turn out to be another Fisher, especially after Natalie implies that she and Pete are in a relationship. Evan attempts to bring out Rebecca's obscure romantic side with a special gift. Meanwhile, Calvin is worried that he and Grant are losing their spark, mainly after observing Grant's new beauty ritual.moreless

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    My first exposure to Greek and I must say, it's pretty weak. (Yes, horrible rhyme intended). This just seemed like a show I could easily get in to but most of the scenes were boring as sin, and it didn't matter if I genuinely cared for these characters. Most of the characters were mostly two dimmensional and we almost got every cliche in the book here.

    The only amusing scene was when the girl was literally shot with an arrow but that's about it. The romantic scenes failed miserably and every character came up pretty flat and uninteresting especially the main characters, who are the siblings. Nothing remotely interesting happened here, and it really just wasn't enough to get me in to the show.

    I'm honestly surprised this show has made it to it's 3rd season, maybe I just picked the wrong first episode to watch. I wanted more from this episode.moreless
Yani Gellman

Yani Gellman


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Adria Tennor

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Irene Choi


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    • Katherine: We need to discuss this Rusty incident. How could you possibly imagine that we'd have anything in common?
      Casey: I just thought...
      Katherine: Why did you think we'd get along?
      Casey: I'm so sorry...
      Katherine: Because we did. He's so suave.
      Casey: Really?
      Katherine: Yes, and handsome.
      Casey: Really? You don't have to be polite.

    • Rebecca: Let's go upstairs.
      Beaver: What's upstairs?
      Rebecca: Your room?
      Beaver: But why do you wanna... (Rebecca starts pulling him) Oh my god!

    • Cappie: (reads note) "Look up".
      (looks up, then sees Casey wearing lingerie)
      Cappie: Just what I always wanted.
      Casey: (giggles) You were so right. It's really hard to buy a gift and I totally cracked under the pressure. You are off the hook from this day forward.
      Cappie: Well that's good because I don't think I could top it this year.
      Casey: Bring me to the quickie mart?
      Cappie: It's not just any quickie mart. You and I came here once freshman year for snacks.
      Casey: Oh, I thought it looked familiar.
      Cappie: You were buying all this food and I was wondering if you got high when I wasn't looking, and then I asked you about it you said, "Um..I want to stock the fridge in your room" because you knew that I was lazy about going to the cafeteria and you didn't want me to go hungry,
      Casey: Um...Do you want food?
      Cappie: You were at the register paying and you tucked your hair behind your ear, you looked back at me, you just smiled. Case, this is where I first realized that I love you, and I've loved you everyday since.
      Casey: Oh Cap, oh my god.
      Cappie: That's my gift
      Casey: Oh my god, it's perfect
      (they kiss)

    • Rusty: You know I have to admit I didn't think you'd wanna go to a KT party. It didn't seem like you. No offense.
      Katherine: None taken. I have to admit I didn't think I'd find a Gary Wyatt grant winner in KT either. It was a little intimidating.
      Rusty: Really? Is that why you kept giving me all the one word answers at Dobbler's?
      Katherine: Well, it's the quickest way to get to know someone. You just let them do all the talking. And I liked what I heard.

    • Rusty: Hi! You don't know me, but I'm Rusty.
      Tabitha: Hi, Rusty. Tabitha.
      Rusty: Nice to meet you Tabitha. Um, I hope I'm not being too forward, but my fraternity is having this date party on Saturday.
      Tabitha: You're asking me on a first day on Valentine's Day?
      Rusty: Well, I saw you, I thought you were pretty, and this is for you.
      (gives her a conversation heart)
      Tabitha: Lick my... Oh my God! (throws heart at him) Perv!
      (she walks away, Rusty looks at heart)
      Rusty: My mom must have bought me the x-rated brand.
      Calvin: Or the box was meant for your dad. Traumatic either way.

    • Ashleigh: Katherine and Rusty are both Greeks. They are both smart and awkward. Maybe their shared oddness can cancel each other out.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Music:
      "Keep Your Love" by Loveninjas
      "Mod Val" by The Martial Arts
      "Tomorrow Is Coming" by Ocha La Rocha
      "Looking On The Bright Side" by Emelo
      "New Skin" by Another Cynthia
      "Darkest Street" by Fitz and The Tantrums
      "Love In Your Head" by The Black Box Revelation
      "Spinning" by Jack's Mannequin
      "One Night In The City" by Nick Howard
      "Colors" by Arizona


    • Casey's line "It was the worst pairing since Drew Barrymore and directing" is a reference to her 2009 film Whip It.

    • Rusty: Celibate good times, come on!

      Rusty is referring to the 1980 song "Celebrate" by Kool & the Gang from their album Celebrate!. It contains the lyric "Celebrate good times, come on!"

    • The title is a reference to Love Actually, a 2003 ensemble film that featured ten vignettes about love.