Season 1 Episode 16

Move On. Cartwrights

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Apr 28, 2008 on ABC Family
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Move On. Cartwrights
When the ZBZ girls express their desire to reunite with the Omega Chi's, Casey is put in a position of having to face her past relationship with Evan head on, causing her to come to grips with her feelings about him. Meanwhile, Rusty has a new crush and oddly enough it is Dale who helps him get a date with the girl. However, since Rusty has only had one relationship in the past, his eagerness to find someone new just might backfire.moreless

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  • Season 1, Episode 16

    Another Fantastic episode with hilarious parts and some great dramtic parts. The ZBZ girls want to mix with Omega Chi's again but that means that Casey would have to interact with Evan. So, she tells them they will have a game night. People start calling her Lizzie. So, Casey goes to Omega Chi house and talks to Evan and he doesn't want to do the mixer but didn't talk to the social planner. So she tells the girls they rejected them. Calvin tells Ashleigh that Omega Chi's really want to mix with the Zeta Beta Zeta's. So, Calvin tells Omega Chi's to mix with ZBZ's. Evan still doesn't want to but has to because it isn't his decision. Casey decides to be ZBZ Party Patrol so she doesn't have to see Evan all night. Evan shows up and he is Party Patrol for Omega Chi's. So, they are stuck next to each other and bicker. Rusty has a crush that goes wayyy too far and Dale also has a crush, but the girl goes wayy too far. Funny episode.moreless
  • The Zeta Betas want to mix with the Omega Chis again but Casey and Evan both have issues with mixing and each other. Rusty and Dale go on a double date, and Rusty comes on too strong alienating the girl, but he may have sparked another's interest.moreless

    So we knew this was coming especially after last week's flashback, Evan and Casey talking again. Ok so I always thought Evan was the President of Omega Chi, but I guess it is really this Deano character from last week's fame. It doesn't really matter, the point was Evan was acting as proxy for the entire brotherhood and only expressign his interest in not wanting to see Casey, whom he still has feelings for and who still has feelings for him, and Cappie. I have to say that their heated arguement was very entertaining, and when they were both the i.d. checkers and arguing about certain people's age, Casey's response to knowing someone for two years was great and well needed. Their story ended this week with a revelation from Evan, he now sees the error of his ways and wants her back, but she comes to tell him that she is ready to move on.

    What I found to be the more charming storyline was Rusty and his exploits into dating (a girl that looked like Rudy Huxtable all grown up). So he meets a girl in class and Dale asks her to date Rusty but only if on a double date. Tina (guest star Lisa Wilhoit, also of My So-Called Life fame) was set up with Dale and the two hit it off well with their anti-Greek rhetoric. Rusty feels the need to defend the Greek system, alienating Emma. Rusty comes on a bit too strong with Emma, in his efforts he comes to know Tina better, as she immerses herself in USAG she alienates Dale. So who else sees a Rusty/Tina thing, I think it would be interesting to see them maintain a relationship despite their different view on the Greek system.

    So Cappie got sick, I figured at first that this was just an excuse for him not to appear in tonight's episode, as the show often makes odd reasons as to why a character may nto fit into the episode's storyline. Cappie did appear but never got out of bed, even after Rebecca sent Helga in, it just figures a guy like Cappie is a big baby when he gets sick. I enjoyed how none of the other Kappa Tau's would even attempt to enter his room if they knew he was sick.

    All in all, it was a good episode, the ending was a bit of a twist, almost expected.moreless
Lisa Wilhoit

Lisa Wilhoit


Guest Star

Tiya Sircar

Tiya Sircar


Guest Star

Lisa K. Wyatt

Lisa K. Wyatt

Helga Von Lempke

Guest Star

Zack Lively

Zack Lively


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Danny Pudi

Danny Pudi


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Dave Franco

Dave Franco


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    • Rebecca: I will pay anyone $200 to take this tray up to Cappie's room and watch Reba with him. We're up to season 5!

      Reba is a WB, later the CW, sitcom starring Reba McEntire that was canceled after six seasons.

    • Casey: What, did they just announce a new season of America's Next Top Model?

      America's Next Top Model is the CW reality show hosted by Tyra Banks.

    • Rebecca: (to Casey) You could be the next Mother Theresa or Rosie O'Donnell.

      Rosie O'Donnell is a talk show host best known for The Rosie O'Donnell Show and a brief stint on The View.

    • Ashleigh: Before Paris Hilton?

      Paris Hilton is the heiress who's best known for her reality show The Simple Life and various legal battles.