Season 3 Episode 2

Our Fathers

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Sep 07, 2009 on ABC Family

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  • The fun of Father's weekend

    "Our Fathers" was such a great episode, and this season is shaping up to be the best so far.

    I thought it was about time Fischer got dumped and it was also a great portrayal of how it gets when parents show up at college (especially dads). Some particularly funny things were Rebecca's dad and all his hypnotist/psycho analyst gibberish, and Rusty taking out Jordy's dad during the football game.

    Also glad to hear the song "Telling Lies" by Great Northern in the last episode, which played near the end when Casey gets all the dad's to reconcile. Such a fitting song for the episode. There's a video clip of that scene posted at :
  • Casey finds out about Rebbeca and Fischer, but decides not to tell Ashley to protect her. Cappie and Dale look for heavenly help to solve their issues.

    Good and fun episode, it was nice to see the lack of intmacy between Casey and her father.
    Rebbeca father is also fun, Thomas Calabro was very good at his part.

    I was expecting that Rebbeca/Fisher situation to last more episodes and finally bring some conflict to the season. It is clear that Aslhey is not over Fisher (and that he is suffering), so I think that this story will be developing during the course of this season.

    Dale and Cappie hanging out together was good, both pursuiting the same girl for totally oposite reasons. Cappie looking to get over Casey and Dale interested in penitence to clear his conciense after breaking his puity vows.

    Rusty trys very hard to impress Jordan´s father but ends up hurting him on a touch footbal game.

    No Evan on this episode.