Season 1 Episode 4

Picking Teams

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 30, 2007 on ABC Family
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Picking Teams
In the midst of the floor hockey tourney, Evan questions Casey's loyalty due to the fact that both her brother and ex-boyfriend are members of Kappa Tau. Meanwhile, athletically-challenged Rusty is desperate to play for the Kappa team so he enlists the help of Dale who suggests a scientific approach to the game.moreless

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  • Season 1, Episode 4

    A good episode not as good as the previous episode, but it was still great. I mean every show has those episodes that are good but aren't the best. I defintely loved when Casey told her sisters to pick out their sluttiest outfits and go over to the Kappa Tau house. haha. and Cappie goes we aren't going to deny you but were going to set a drinking limit. haha. sureee. I especially loved when Frannie(i think) said no one is allowed back in the house until they've been completely disinfected. haha. Calvin's father drops by and tells the Omega Chi brothers that Calvin is an all star hockey player. At the end of the episode Calvin tells Rusty he's gay Great Episode.moreless
  • One of my least favorite episodes.

    Well, I've never been a big fan of 'sports' episodes of shows, so do not judge me too harshly. This episode was humorous, I admit, but the plot wasn't strong enough for me, it couldn't really evolve into anything at all in the future. Except Omega Chi beating Kappa Tau.

    It's the Fraternity Floor Hockey Tournament, and, in the finals are: Kappa Tau and Omega Chi. Rusty, feeling confident after helping the house win beer pong, becomes overly confident. He's definitely not the best in the house at floor hockey. Can the KTs win?

    It is revealed that Casey had sex with Cappie during rush, and Evan and Rebecca will not let her forget about it. Frannie hardly approves of her choice in man. Saying Casey and Evan have hit a rough patch is an understatement.

    Calvin feels insecure when his father visits for the tournament.moreless
  • this episode was great!!!!

    this episode was really good!!! i luvvv the part near the end where rusty scores the goal to tie up the game. i was sooooooo happy for him. but it was funny that he scored for the other team in the other game. remember 78 that was funny when that one guy held up the sign for rusty to remember. then i finally found out that calvin was gay well i kind of guessed by his actions. but that was funny when casey came over to cappie dorm with all the girls and they got all the guys drunk. but they still maneged to make it on time to the game. over this was a good episode.moreless
  • As the Kappa's prepare to extend there win streak over Omega, Casey is still working on getting over Evan's Betrayal, and Rusty bonds with Dale over the science of sports.

    This is the first episode that I have watched of this show. When I saw the commercials I felt like this was just going to end up being another stupid ABC Family show that was not worth the time. With nothing else on I really enjoyed watching this episode and went and downloaded the others off of Itunes and have enjoyed them as well. In this episode Rusty shows his complete inability to play sports. It was fun to watch him try though. I enjoy his interaction with Dale, his room mate, they obviously have much different views of college but can come together when it comes to physics. I enjoyed Cappie whenever he is on the screen, he seems like a party animal but at the same time is able to show a softer side and seems to be genuine when it comes to Rusty. The scene with Cappie on the bench mixing drinks was priceless. The story line between Rebecca and Casey continued forward with Rebecca fighting back and squealing about Cappie to the president of the sorority. I am tiring of the storyline between Casey and Rebecca, it seems like that there is no chance of it ending anytime soon. I also don't think that Rebecca was established well enough in the early episodes so at times her actions seem utterly ridiculous. Finally I enjoyed the final scene with Calvin and Rusty. It was awkward just like it should have been but it shows that Rusty is a good person. I can't wait for more episodes.moreless
  • Rusty wants to play hockey against Evan's fraternity and Calvin comes out to Rusty.

    A fun-filled episode with some emotional moments too.

    The fun mostly focused on Rusty's attempts at playing hockey, failing miserably but, due to his sister's machinations, ultimately succeeding in playing only to be deprived victory by a technicality.

    Cappie is such a well-written character, he's got his bad points but, all in all, he's a great guy. Last week showed Evan wasn't that bad either, but in this episode he's back to his old self.

    I loved that Casey, in the end cheered Rusty on, even though her sorority wanted the other team to win.

    I'm glad Calvin came out to Rusty, it provides him with a friend with whom he can be true and honest and it shows Rusty that he is trusted. The emotional scenes between Calvin and his dad were great. well-written and well acted too.moreless
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Bobby Hosea

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Drew Roy

Omega Chi Pledge

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Aaron Hill

The Beaver

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • When Cappie is about to score the first goal for Kappa Tau, the scoreboard shows 'Kappa Tau 1 Omega Chi 2', even though just before the halftime it read 'Kappa Tau 0 Omega Chi 3'.

    • When Calvin is about to score the third goal in the match, the scoreboard reads 'Omega Chi 2 Kappa Tau 1'. But after the goal it shows 'Omega Chi 3 Kappa Tau 0'.

    • It is confirmed that Calvin is gay The only person he tells is Rusty.

  • QUOTES (27)

    • Casey: (to Rebecca) Where's Beaver?
      Rebecca: (to Casey) Where's Cappie?
      Ashleigh: (to bartender) Where's my drink?

    • (Heath tackles Calvin in floor hockey)
      Calvin: You can get off me now.
      Heath: Right. Sorry. Call me later?

    • Cappie: (blows a kiss at Casey and Evan during the game. Casey looks awkward. Cappie mouths to Casey) Not you, him.

    • Evan: You must be really tired of coming second to me.
      Cappie: You know what makes it easier? Knowing I'll always be her first.

    • Casey: Are you doubting me too?
      Evan: I'm gonna go get some popcorn.

    • Casey: You don't want me to get fat do you?
      Rebecca: Get?

    • Cappie: Ladies, I just wanna say thank you for the party favors last night. Mostly enjoyable!
      Ashleigh: Thank us? We sabotaged you! Can't believe I just said sabotage. Maybe I am learning French!

    • Cappie: Remember, it's not what your fraternity can do for you, but what you can't do for your fraternity, and you just cannot play floor hockey.
      Rusty: It's what you can do for your fraternity, it's affirmative.
      Cappie: That's the spirit.

    • Rebecca: (to Casey) But I'm here now, because of you. Ironic, isn't it?

    • Cappie: You may not be feeling well, some of you are still drunk, but I see before me a team of Kappa Tau's. Playing in defiance of Tierney. You've come to fight as free men, and free men you are! Will you fight? Aye, fight and you may die, Run, and you may live, at least a while.
      The Beaver: It hurts real bad Cap.
      Cappie: Drunk people don't feel pain!
      Neither do Scotsmen!

    • Cappie: Spitter, do you know the most important part to any athletic organization?
      Rusty: Morale?
      Cappie: Hydration.
      Rusty: You want me to be the water boy?!
      Cappie: Team hydration facilitator.

    • Rusty: I was thinking maybe I could be more useful on defense.
      Cappie: It's a big game Spitter, it's bigger than all of us. It's a classic battle between good and Evan.

    • Casey: I've got a plan that guarantees the Omega Chis win the game. But it's not going to be easy. It's going to require that you wear the sexiest, sluttiest, sweetest outfits you own.
      Ashleigh: Oh my god, I'm totally in!

    • (Rebecca intentionally drops Casey's cell phone into a bucket of paint)
      Rebecca: Oops! I'm not leaving, big sis, and I'm not afraid to play dirty!

    • Cappie: I'm sorry I was so blinded by my desire to win, I completely forgot what being a Kappa Tau was all about.
      Rusty: Brotherhood?
      Cappie: Drinking and hot chicks!

    • (Talking to the referee about The Beaver)
      Cappie: If he's dead, do we win automatically?

    • Casey: (Talking about the Kappa Tau guys) How are we doing in here.
      Ashleigh: They're on their sixth round of cement mixers.
      Casey: Just to be clear, we're trying to slow them down, not kill them.
      Ashleigh: Fine.

    • Rusty: Einstein probably sucked at floor hockey too.

    • (Talking about the Left Behind Party):
      Rusty: I'll catch the next one.
      Dale: Well the next one may be in heaven, so, make sure you're on that list.
      (Dale walks away)
      Rusty: I've got to live at the Kappa Tau house next semester.

    • (Talking about Rustys idea of using Physics to learn sports.)
      Dale: You know this just might work. Rusty, Me, you, we could change the very nature of sports. We could take back the playgrounds and the fields and the courts and the rinks, from the physically gifted. The future could be ours!

    • Evan: Kappa Taus win. On a technicality. Shocker.
      Cappie: Don't worry, we'll beat you gals fair and square.
      Evan: Oh, like you've ever beaten us at anything.
      Cappie: One word: Beer pong.
      Evan: You are a joke, do you know that?
      The Beaver: And you're a jerkoff.
      Cappie: No, it's all right Beaver. I mean, if Spitter can take him down with a paddle, I think I can take care of myself.
      Evan: Yeah, well, it's just too bad you couldn't take care of Casey.
      Cappie: Now why would you have to go and bring that ...
      The Beaver: He took care of her. All night long during rush.
      Cappie: Down, Beav.
      Evan: I'll see you on the court.

    • (At the hockey game):
      Cappie: Can you see those huge guys out there with the sticks?
      Rusty: Yea.
      Cappie: Good, cause I can't, which might be a sign of a concussion.

    • Casey: (To Rebecca) Um, I think I wanted iced coffee.
      Cappie: Might I recommend a Cappie-cino?

    • (Talking figuratively):
      Cappie: Nothing starts the day off right like that first cup of Joe, After all your first is always the best, don't you agree? The one that's the most special.
      Casey: The one you can never avoid.
      Cappie: The one you can never forget.
      The Beaver: You guys are way into your coffee.

    • (Rusty aims for the hockey net and hits a bicycle instead.):
      Calvin: You might want to aim away from the goal next time.

    • Cappie: Playing is in here. (points at Rusty's chest)
      Rusty: Upper body strength?
      Cappie: No! In the heart.

    • Casey: (to Rebecca) Beware of the limelight, little sis, there's a couple skeletons in your closet. (holds up the phone)

  • NOTES (1)

    • Music:
      "California Blur" - Echo Jet.
      "Facing East" - Music Library.
      "Shine" - Fredalba.
      "I Know You" - Lindsay Price.
      "Summer Stay" - All Smiles.
      "Messin Around" - The Woods.
      "Don't Play Nice" - Verbilicious.
      "The Dirty Girls" - Shapes Of Race Cars.
      "The Happy Dreamer" - Music Library.
      "I Know" - The Explosion.
      "Tiny Spark" - Brendan Benson.


    • The scene in which Casey and Cappie are in the closet at the party is very similar to a scene in the movie Star Wars, Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. In the movie, Han Solo and Princess Leia are repairing the Millennium Falcon and wind up kissing. In this episode, instead of kissing Casey, Cappie falls out of the closet, drunk.

    • Cappie's saying "it's not what your fraternity can do for you; but what you can't do for your fraternity" erroneously echoes John F. Kennedy's inaugural adddress, which includes the line: "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country".

    • Cappie: Beware of Greeks wearing hot outfits.

      A reference to the phrase, 'Beware of Greeks bearing gifts.'

    • Rebecca refers to Cappie looking like Rob Thomas. Rob Thomas is the lead singer for Matchbox Twenty.

    • Casey: You get major girlfriend points for seeing a movie called Hot Rod?

      Hot Rod is a 2007 comedy starring Adam Samberg and Isla Fisher.

    • The speech that Cappie gives to his hockey team is from the 1995 movie, Braveheart, starring Mel Gibson.