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Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 09, 2007 on ABC Family
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Rusty begins his freshman year at Cyprus-Rhodes University determined to change his life and rush a fraternity. However, his sister Casey, who is already ensconced as a sorority siren, is not too keen on having her younger brother invade her world. From the start, Rusty and Casey's family bond is tested as Rusty heads into rush week and after meeting both her current and ex-boyfriends, he discovers that no one even knew Casey had a brother. Along the way, he also witnesses something that could hurt his sister but could also jeopardize his bid to the most prestigious fraternity.moreless

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  • My sister got me to watch the Pilot of Greek with her. I'm going to start my studies at the University in October, so I thought I might find some clues of what NOT TO DO in my student life.moreless

    Well, I was right. I never liked shows like this (unlike my sister). I consider myself more of a CSI Miami girl than fan of teen-shows. Pilot was a great suggestion that it's all about falling in love, sex, drugs and alcohol which is the last thing I want to watch about. If I decide to keep on watching it's gonna be only due to the promise I made to my sis which says that as long as she watches S6 of CSI Miami with me, I gotta accompany her with Greek. Forgive me, but I need to make her watch something that isn't senseless. Sorry to all the lovers, but this is not my idea of "funny".moreless
  • Rusty, new to college, wants to pledge Greek. His sister who has never mentioned Rusty to anyone, has some boy troubles.

    This is the first episode I've seen (which is probably obvious since it's the first episode of the season) but I thought it was a great start to the show. It lay the groundwork for the difficult relationship between Rusty and Casey. Casey is great as the girl we love to hate. So far, I don't find too many redeemable qualities in her, but there's only too much you can squash into the first episode. I think the most surprising part of the episode was just how convincing as a girl Rusty made... I can't wait to see the next episodes.moreless
  • Series Premiere

    I've been meaning to watch this show, but I never got the chance to. I mean I've seen bits and pieces of it like I know what the show is about and stuff like that but never saw a full episode. So I finally caught the first episode and let me start by saying the acting was good for a pilot episode. It could use some improvment, but the pilot episode always has the worst acting of the whole show because the actors don't have chemistry yet. The writing was good. But the first part of the episode was, a snooze fest. Yeah it was interesting but come on it was just plain boring. But by the end of the show, it got kind of interesting, so this show has potential. well i mean it obviously made it to a third season, but it has potential to be one of my favorite shows. I'll continue watching.moreless
  • The first epsode.

    One's a Greek. One's a geek. And they're siblings. Chaos occurs.

    Rusty was the nerd for his whole life, now that he's in college, he wants to kick back, relax, and have fun. So, he decides to rush. Meanwhile, Casey, Rusty's sister, is at the top of the social ladder in the Greek system, and is trying to climb higher. She's reaching for the presidency of Zeta Beta Zeta. She has to land the senator's daughter, Rebecca Logan. Casey gives her a bid, and after a bribe, she accepts.

    Rusty has two bids, Omega Chi Delta, or Kappa Tau Gamma. He goes to accept Omega Chi president(and Casey's boyfriend, Evan)'s bid, when he sees him having sex with Rebecca Logan. When rush buddy Calvin is against him telling his sister, it takes his Confederate Christian hick roommate, Dale, to convince him to tell her.

    Casey has no idea what to do at first, she is in denial. Then, she's just upset. Frannie, the current ZBZ president says that she just has to do what she needs to do to get over it, without breaking up with all-star Evan. So, Casey seduces Cappie, Kappa Tau president, and ex-boyfriend.

    Casey was not the only one in the Kappa Tau house having sex over night, though. She was the only GIRL in the house though. Calvin was having sex with active, Heath, and is sneaking out. There is no evidence that the fling will end. The only excuse is "Not gay just drunk."

    Rusty goes to Omega Chi Bid Night at Dobler's Bar to tell Evan he's declining the bid. But, it turns into a fierce bar fight that ends with Rusty whacking Evan in the face with his Pledge Paddle. Evan then gets the police to the scene.

    Casey has to get Rusty out of campus jail, and they have a real heart-to-heart moment, when they realize maybe being at the same college won't be so bad after all.

    But, Rusty still has to pledge at Kappa Tau. But he missed their Bid Night. The only reason that Cappie lets him in is because he got in a bar fight with his arch-enemy, Evan.

    So much took place in this episode, my favorite pilot of any show.moreless
  • Welcome to the Greek side of life!

    Rusty, a freshman, enters college ready to start a new life for himself. He meets his conservative roommate Dale, and befriends fellow freshman Calvin during Rush. Despite warning from his popular sister Casey, who distances herself from Rusty, he is encouraged to join both Omega Chi Delta from Evan, its President and Kappa Tau Gamma by its President, Cappie. Meanwhile, Casey and her fellow sisters at Zeta Beta Zeta are eager to bid Rebecca Logan, the senator's daughter. During rush, Rusty catches Evan, who is also Casey's boyfriend, cheating on her with Rebecca. After discovering this, Casey has a drunken one-night stand with Cappie, her ex. Calvin also has a one-night stand with a brother of Kappa Tau. After wrestling with his emotions, Rusty confronts Evan about Casey in a barfight and spends a night in jail. In the end, Rusty decides to join Kappa Tau, Calvin goes to Omega Chi, Rebecca joins Zeta Beta Zeta, and Casey wrestles whether or not to forgive Evan.moreless
Joanna Flores

Joanna Flores


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Reid Collums

Reid Collums

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Chaz Griffin

Rho Chi

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Jessica Rose

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Aaron Hill

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (33)

    • Cappie: (While playing pool) Last ball, don't scratch.
      (Casey scratches)
      Cappie: Did you do that on purpose?
      Casey: (Casey nods) No.

    • Casey: (to Rusty) What the hell were you thinking? A bar fight with Evan? You're the size of, like, one of his arms.

    • Cappie: So, where's Numbnuts?
      Casey: Evan's at Bid Night.
      Cappie: I was talking about Rusty. Now... how would Evan feel knowing you think his nuts are numb?

    • Cappie: Hey Beav, didn't you take some pictures last night? That could jog our memories...
      Beaver: All the pictures I took were of girls flashing their racks.
      Cappie: Hmmm... I'm gonna need to see those...

    • Evan: You're Casey's little brother.
      Rusty: How'd you know?
      Evan: I'm her boyfriend. I'm Evan.
      Rusty: I didn't know she had a boyfriend.
      Evan: I didn't know she had a brother.

    • Evan: Haven't they taught you Kappa Tau boys how to dress yourselves yet?
      Cappie: Well, Evan, we Kappa Tau boys spend so much time with our clothes off, we just figured, why bother?

    • Casey: Have you no self-respect?
      Cappie: In my book, you gotta respect yourself a lot to walk around showing off a package this early before Christmas.

    • Casey: Now, what can you tell me about Ashleigh just from her appearance? Anyone? There are four things that I see right away. One, the stain on the right side of her Theory shirt. Means she's sloppy. Two, her Marc Jacobs skirt looks brand new, but is last season, so I'm guessing clearance rack raid. Three, her Prada shoes, while quite nice, are too big for her feet. Probably on loan from a friend with better taste and more money. Four...
      Libby: The bags under her eyes. She's a party girl who's probably still drunk from last night.
      Ashleigh: That's all true!

    • Casey: (about Cappie) What the hell is that idiot doing?
      Ashleigh: Good thing you won't ever date him. Oh wait, you did!

    • Casey: Speaking of, when talking to rushes, do not discuss drinking, drugs, or sex.
      Ashleigh: What if they ask about it?
      Casey: We have a reputation to uphold. Lie.

    • Casey: You sure are eating a lot of chips Ash, Rush starts tomorrow.
      Ashleigh: I gotta go to the bathroom.

    • Casey: Last night was a one time thing.
      Cappie: Well it wasn't just one time last night.

    • Rusty: (Talking about Casey) How do you know her?
      Cappie: Uh, in the biblical sense.
      Rusty: Oh, from Church.
      Cappie: Yea you could say I've been in her church.

    • Rusty: I'm Rusty Cartwright, from Illinois.
      Cappie: Really? Do you know a Casey Cartwright?
      Rusty: Yea, she's my sister.
      Cappie: I didn't know she had a brother.
      Rusty: Did she not tell anyone about me?

    • Rusty: I've gotta go.
      Cappie: Oh, no, it's ok, the bad man can't hurt you now.

    • Casey: You and I, we've always stayed in our respected worlds. I never crashed one of your gay camp sleepovers.
      Rusty: Wilderness Excursions!
      Casey: Whatever!

    • Rusty: I've decided that I want to rush a fraternity.
      Casey: No.

    • Casey: Ok, I knew we'd have to figure out this new situation at some point, I accept that you go here now, it's uh...
      Rusty: A given?
      Casey: I'd like to say unavoidable but that sounds too harsh.

    • Dale: A Yankee, and a heathen, I'm gonna pray for you Rusty.

    • Dale: Are you going to the big Department orientation party tonight?
      Rusty: Party? College Party? Yea, sounds great!
      (Raises hand to high five)
      Dale: Germs...

    • Libby: Hi! It's so great to meet you, I'm Libby. So, what's your major?
      Ashleigh: What's my major? That's how you're going to get me to join your sorority? You might want to try a little harder than that.
      Libby: I really like your skirt.
      Ashleigh: Oh, so this is the kind of sorority that cares about what you wear?

    • Dale: You know it seems kinda weird putting us all in here together, considering how competitive the program can get, I mean you don't gotta worry, I'm not into that stuff, I'm real confident when it comes to my grades, graduated with a 3.7, got a 2110 on my SAT's
      Rusty: Cool.
      Dale: Yea, how bout' you? How'd you do?
      Rusty: Um, 3.9 something, then a 2280.

    • Dale: I didn't mean anything by it, I mean you've got to be pretty smart to get in the honors engineering program.
      Rusty: How'd you know that?
      Dale: This is the honors engineering floor.

    • Evan: Hey Crappie!
      Cappie: The name's Cappie.
      Evan: And for that I truly am sorry...

    • Casey: Your mission is to make every girl who walks through that door wanna kill to be your best friend.

    • Cappie: Would you excuse us, pledge.
      Rusty: Is that a part of the whole hazing thing? Calling him pledge?
      Cappie: No... Can't remember his name...

    • Cappie: (to Casey) Aw, we're not gonna cuddle?

    • Libby: (taking a shirt off Rusty's head) You really don't want that on your head, dude.

    • Rusty: (to the person in charge) Rusty Cartwright. I'm a freshman. College... Pretty exciting, huh?

    • Cappie: What brings you out here tonight? You do remember that I introduced you to this place.
      Casey: Just taking a night off from greek life.
      Cappie: A night off at my secret place?
      Casey: Secret place? You sound like a twelve year old girl.

    • Cappie: Ok, now it's real easy. It's salt, shot, lime.
      Rusty: SSL.
      Cappie: Yeah, whatever you need, little man.

    • Cappie: It's no fun playing when there ain't something on the line.

    • Casey: You misinterpreted.
      Rusty: No, I didn't.
      Casey: Then you're lying.
      Rusty: Casey, have I ever lied to you?

  • NOTES (2)

    • Music:
      "In Transit" by Albert Hammond Jr.
      "Jesus" by Scott Krippayne
      "Untouched and Intact" by The Honorary Title
      "Gimme More" by Fredalba
      "Song Beneath The Song" by Maria Taylor
      "Feels Good" by Ming+FS & Northern League
      "Paralyzer" by Finger Eleven
      "Pretty Little Thing" by Fink
      "Revenge" by The Waking Hours
      "No Sleep Tonight" by The Faders

    • The trailer for this episode featured music from The Plain White T's, with their song "Our Time Now".


    • Ashleigh: Laguna Beach is so freakin real!

      Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County (often referred to as Laguna Beach) was an MTV "reality" show documenting the lives of several teenagers living in Laguna Beach, a seaside community located in Orange County, California.

    • Rusty says that at the engineering party they were discussing The Matrix.

      The Matrix is a popular sci-fi film.