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  • Definitely one of the best.

    For starters, I'm not into the whole high school / college experiences as TV shows.

    While browsing the site, I saw it and decided to watch it.

    The first 2-3 episodes were OK, not amazingly catchy, but somehow I wanted to see more. The episodes that followed were really good and I got hooked.

    I was so surprised of the content and the actors, both absolutely great. Writers and actors are going great job.

    I managed to both hate and love Even, Jen K, Cappie. (I am a total Even/Casey shipper, btw, even though Casey/Cappie is extremely cute)

    I can't wait for the next season! If for some reason the decide to cut the show, I'll....grrr I don't even know what I'll do! :)
  • Greek!!!!!! read this review

    Greek is not the best show that you will ever watch some of the story lines can be quite predictable but overall it is quite enjoyable and easy to watch show, with some great characters like CAPPIE!!! woo. If you are wondering if it is worth watching it is definitely is.

    I would say it is more of a clean American Pie, more realistic, though it does base its self on a few stereotypes but it is still realistic. There is a great chemistry between the actors which really help the show do well and hopefully it will not be cancelled by ABC.
  • when does the next season start hahaha

    when does the next season start,i kno that this one has just finished but i want the other one to start,does anyone kno?

    when does the next season start,i kno that this one has just finished but i want the other one to start,does anyone kno?

    when does the next season start,i kno that this one has just finished but i want the other one to start,does anyone kno?

    when does the next season start,i kno that this one has just finished but i want the other one to start,does anyone kno?

    when does the next season start,i kno that this one has just finished but i want the other one to start,does anyone kno?
  • This show depicts the social side of college life. While this is very entertaining, and addicting, it leaves out most of the educational part of a college experience. This does not, however, detract from my opinion of it.

    This show is one of my personal favorites, after watching only four episodes. Being a Junior in High School, I don't know what college life is like, but I'm really hoping that it's something like what this show depicts, or at least that there is a person like Cappie in my dorm/fraternity. This show, in my opinion, is one of the best I've ever watched, and trust me, I watch a ton of TV. I think it's my high school sense of humor, but I find about everything that is said or done funny to the extreme. I don't think I could live without this show, and am wondering how I ever got along without it.
  • greek is one of the best shows ever, and i love it

    greek is one of the best shows ever and is the best in abc family and universal channel, for myself the v¿best shows are: friends, the oc, grekk, gossip girl, dirt, terminator and the big bang theory, and i hope greek will be still for a long time because is the best show of this year, its so exitng watch each chapter because is so funny and enterteinment and for that reason i hope greek have many seasons because is one of the best shows ever, and i love greek and i hope the chapter be very well how is now
  • Cristee loves Greek!

    this show is the best shoe around. people really need to stop hatin on this show. it is not unoriginal and it is not broing. it is a great show. it has the perfect mix of drama and humor. this is definelty one of my guilty pleasures. the characters are so funny and the plot is amazing. with the first episode you are immediatly hooked! this is by far one of my favorite shows. my favorite character would definetly have to be beaver. is so so funny! i love greek! im so happy the second season finally arrived! Yay greek! i look forward to watching it every monday night!
  • Only just started....

    I'm not completely sure about this show yet, it was funny in some places and in others it was completely boring.

    Rusty is funny but a bit weird, and has really big bags under his eyes...not trying to be mean or anything but they just stood out. He's a funny sort of weird though, like I don't think I could handle being around him all the time but sometimes. And as for his freako room mate Dale, wow he is a freak, I could not handle him or his damn flag. That would have to go.

    His sister (can't member her name) is stuck up and all that but it was funny when she got payback on her cheating boyfriend Evan and he was like what? What do you mean we're even? Haha so funny! But that guy she slept with...Cappa is it? He's funny too, when he gave Rusty that drink and he knew it would go right in Evan's face.

    So yeah I'm not too sure about this show yet but I will give it another go!!
  • I love this show because people can connect to it...

    This show has many characters with real life problems... and college to deal with as well. To me, my favorite character is Evan. Everyone hates him, but i think that he deserves to be mean, especially to Cappie. People who have watched all the episodes would understand. At times I do feel sympathy for Casey because she is going through a rough patch, but mostly because it is her fault. Ashley and Calvin are my other favorite people, they just look sooo cute together, however it does suck that they can never actually be together. And Cappie... i dont really like him... all he does is get drunk and hit on Casey, I mean dude... she isnt yours anymore considering you are the one who drove her away! this show has potential...

    One of the greatest shows for all ages...well anyone 13+...The characters have true depth; the latest episode "Freshman Daze" provided great backstory and meaning to an unresolved plot, giving the actors a lot to work with. GO WRITERS! I would like to be a screen writer myself one day, and this show along with Grey's Anatomy and Eli Stone are my inspirations! Greek in general is great from its unique characters, storylines, cast, and style of filming. The diversity of storylines - sexuality, sex, confusion, school, brotherhood, sisterhood, friendship, loyalty, infidelity, soul-searching, self-discovery, and more - give something that no other show on television today can give you. Keep the episodes coming!
  • Pretty darn good.

    "Greek" is a comedy that airs on ABC Family. It just started it's 2nd season on March 24, 2008. It is about a boy who goes to college. It is very funny. I like it and I have EVERY episode on my iPod. I love watching it. It puts me in a good mood. This show show never ever end. Everyone I know watches and likes it. I started watching it after the first season was over and I watched every episode in 2 days. It drives me nuts sometimes with the Plain White Tees song that plays all the time but its still awsome
  • One great show!

    this show is great one of the best on abc family it has great story line that keep you hoked to the show the cast is also really good all the actors fit the people that they are play this show should stick around for i long time. Its on it second season and the way it going it could last longer each season thats place at a diferent semester so with each season the show gets more drama more better it the type of show that is so good ou just can not stop watch like i said before this show should go on for a long time.
  • Greek is a show intended for young audiences about the life in a fraternity, and how it affects the lives of those living by the greek system.

    Greek has all the elements a show needs to be succesful. It has a simple but entertaining plot, a young and good looking cast, and a serious story with sparkles of comedy.
    This show is without doubt directed to young audiences and it has that "perfectness" that seems to work for a lot of shows today, by "perfectness" I mean that the characters seem to have a perfect life, they attend to the perfect university, they're all apparently wealthy and beautiful, but they have their share of problems too and they have to deal with serious issues as well as they have their John Everyman issues such as conflict between brother and sister, time management etc.
    What I particularly like about Greek is that it has that wild side that not every show contains, by this I mean they're not afraid of showing taboos like obvious gay tendencies, but at the same time they don't portray it in a grotesque way, they just let you know.
    In general I recommend this series and I think it should last for a couple of seasons more at least.
  • A great episode ;)

    So cute! I loved the whole carnival thing. I hate the Cappie & Rebecca relationship though because she's such a *^%$@ and he's such a cutie pie! I really think that him and Casey should get back together because I would love to see his cute little face smile, I mean really smile. Evan is just... ugh. I don't like him very much. Rusty is adorable and I honestly don't think that he should hang onto a person like Jen because he could probably do better than a lying tattle-tale. I also really like Calvin and Ashley's friendship. I have a gay friend and he rocks me socks :D
  • I love GREEK! it is such a great show. It has everything Drama, comedy, and romance. I know lots of people that watch this show and love it. I wish that they would have played it on abc too. So then even more people can get hooked.

    Perfection!! i am so excited for season 2 to start next monday the 24. It will be an awesome day. I am have about 20 people over to watch the season 2 premiere. lol This show is so true to college life. I am a partyer but i am not in a frat house. I plan to in two years when i go to Kansas State. but even to Juco's it is still true. i would put GREEK in my top 5 favorite shows. 9.5 out of 10 stars. I hope that everyone enjoys watchin GREEK Ssn premiere. Perfect 10! :]
  • This show is everything the college movie genre can be. It has the popular girl sorority, the preppy fraternity, the party fraternity and a complex mix of characters in each part of college life. An interesting story with drama, comedy and even romance.

    Simplifying the concept, you have:

    First, you have the popular sorority group, led by the selfish marginally-evil sorority queen being eyed for a replacement. The science geek trying to fit in and get the full college experience. The party fraternity leader and the preppy fraternity leader battling for the same girl. The gay student trying to fit into the male-centric fraternity grid. These and many more characters dot the landscape of this program.

    The show itself is well written and take the best parts of nearly every college-genre film including fraternity shenanigans, sorority power plays, new member hazing, newfound romance, the clash between youth and adulthood and the eternal struggle to fit in and be respected and/or loved. None of it seems cheesy, fake or over-played and you find yourself endeared to each and every character as you experience their lives first hand.

    Very highly recommended!
  • Cappie ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cappie is one of the best characters on TV today. He makes me wish I was back in college. Well written I think because you can see he has some depth behind that outward persona. I can be sure that anytime he is on the screen I am going to laugh. There seems to be no question that he would be a far better mate than Evan.

    When it started last year my teenage daughter was skeptical of why I put this on the DVR. I only did because the commercials made me think of Animal House. Now it is the single most anticipated series return in our household.
  • A show on the ABC Family network. The show takes place at a fictional College Cyprus-Rhodes University. It is about the fraternity and sorority life there. It is an great show. One of my favorite.

    Rusty Cartwright is a freshman in college, attending Cyprus-Rhodes University alongside big sister Casey. Rusty wants to leave behind his reputation as a high school geek by joining a fraternity.Originally, no one even knew about Rusty until he arrived. Casey insisted that he remain low-profile, in hopes that he won't ruin her chances to be elected president of the Zeta Beta Zeta sorority. In an effort to make nice with the family, Casey's boyfriend, Evan, offers Rusty a spot in the Omega Chi Delta fraternity, which he declines after finding Evan cheating on Casey with Rebecca Logan, the Senator's daughter who was the sorority's main target during rush. In turn, Rusty accepts an offer from Cappie, Casey's ex-boyfriend and the current president of Kappa Tau Gamma, the black sheep of the Greek system.

    This show is very good. It is cool to watch if you didnt join a Soroity or Fraternity in college.
  • A great influence for teens!

    I have 3 teenage daughters and we absoultely love this show! I like them watching it because it balances the "fun" side of college with the "academic" side of college.

    It gives my girls a chance to see that they can make new friends, entertain new ideas, and still be cool, sassy, and smart! It keeps them watching and interested, in not only the show, but of attending college!

    Two thumbs way up!

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  • I watched this over the summer on the family channel, very cute and entertaining.

    I was actually impressed enough with the pilot to come back the following week, and it only got better in my opinion.
    I like the diverse characters, more so than on other teen dramas. I also love the comedy in this show, it is really cute. The show centers around a Sorority Junior and her genius freshmen brother who decides to rush a fraternity. The show follows the siblings and their respected Greek houses.
    The siblings help each other out on more than one occasion and by the end of the first season they have grown closer, and are willing to accept each other the way they are.
    I am looking forward to the return of this show in the spring on ABC Family.
  • College life Feternitie and sorority what more could you ask for

    College life Feternities and sororities what more could you ask for.
    This show is serioulsy awesome when i saw the trailer i didnt know if i would watch it but now its like i cant stop talking about it. All the characters are like awesome and they have an very atractive cast and it make we want to join a serority. I serously cant stop watching it and it makes me sad that like its only on e for like 3 months as to other shows that are on forever. but i think its has to be one of the best summer series ever and if you dont watch it you should
  • I must give my boyfriend credit for this one. I thought this show would be stupid.

    I must give my boyfriend credit for this one. I thought this show would be stupid. I didn't even want to watch it it till he saw a few episodes and he told me I needed to watch it too. Now I have caught up an all the episodes and I really can't wait till the next season. The characters are great. The story line is interesting and very original. It has so many different aspects of genre. This show is freaking hillarious but it isn't just stupid comedy, it's good comedy, it also has drama aspects too. I am surprised at how much I like this show.
  • Rusty Cartwright the main character is a freshman wishing to shed his nerdy image by pledging a fraternity. Casey Cartwright Rusty's older sister and current president of her sorority and also trying to keep away her litter brother from fraternity life .

    Rusty Cartwright (Jacob Zachar) is a freshman in college, attending Cyprus-Rhodes University alongside big sister Casey (Spencer Grammer). Originally, no one even knew about Rusty until he arrived. Casey insisted that he remain low-profile, in hopes that he won't ruin her chances to be elected president of the Zeta Beta Zeta sorority. In an effort to make nice with the family, Casey's boyfriend, Evan (Jake McDorman), offers Rusty a spot in the Omega Chi Delta fraternity, which he declines after finding Evan cheating on Casey with Rebecca Logan (Dilshad Vadsaria), the Senator's daughter who was the sorority's main target during rush. In turn, Rusty accepts an offer from Cappie (Scott Foster), Casey's ex-boyfriend and the current president of Kappa Tau Gamma, the black sheep of the Greek system. This show is the best did u just see what i wrote it u will pee in your pants when u see this show
  • How can you NOT love this show?

    This show is absolutely AMAZING. I find it's concept very original because there aren't many shows that concentrate "within" the Greek system. Well, at least none that I know of. The mix of the different personalities is what makes this show interesting. Because of their differences, so many hidden secrets and lies start spilling out of nowhere. It's hard to trust people, which is kind of ironic since they're part of fraternities and sororities. The emotion is kept at a balance, partly comedic and partly dramatic. It's quite annoying that we're going to have to wait a while for the next episode, and also the fact that this season was just 10 episodes sucked. The season finale was awesome though. It ended with everyone back to square one, which leaves their future VERY unpredictable.
  • I can't wait for the second season. does anyone know when the second season will come on? this is the first Tv show that I passionately and absolutely LOVE!!!

    I can't wait for the second season. It made me look forward to the evening every monday but I was so disspointed today. I think this show is not only entertaining for the college kids, but it's interesting for anyone who has been through college experience. there are very few shows that can make me feel like the GREEK does. the cast is absolutely beautiful and perfectly fit into their characters. I love all of them, Rusty, Casey, Evan, Cappie, Ashligh, and yes, Rebecca Logan. I love the way Casey plays things cool but she is such a drama queen at the same time. Cappie is hot!!! Evan, is a sexy loser! and Rusty is ADORABBBLEEEEE!!!
  • Greek is a wildly entertaining show full of awesome plot and a love triangle that would make anyone sit up and take notice. It is a wonderful show.

    I would have to say this is one of the best shows on ABC Family awesome plot line. The show revolves around Casey Cartwright and her younger brother nickname "Spitter". Casey has some choices to make especially when her boyfriend cheats on her. The show is great and keeps the twists and turns coming right up until the very end of the season finale. Greek was so well created that it seems like only yesterday it started and the writers and the actors create very wonderful and inspirational characters that anyone at any point in their lives can relate to. These characters are so believeable and humanized.
  • Wonderfully entertaining! Can't wait for the the new season. The cast works fantastic together.

    From a 40 something Greek, I love this show. Everyone please remember it is a show. I don't take any offense. Yes, it is stereotyped to some degree, but it has alot of truth, too. Greek is a funny, warm, endearing show with a suburb young cast. Cappie is the boy you always wanted to date. He's a little undirected right now, but you know he'll get there & has a good heart. Casey is wanting it all & will have to pay the price, but I think in the end she'll do the right thing. Rusty is cute as a bug & you love to watch him make his way through freshman year. Dale is a roommate to like adding interesting elements from the overzealous religion convictions to a confederate flag on his wall. Ashley & Calvin are sweet & you just want him to be straight, but you respect the gay right. Evan is the handsome well off frat boy who goes from good to bad and back & forth. Jen K. is adorable & I hope she can make a comeback. Frannie was not necessary the girl I would root for Pure entertainment and I can't wait for 2008.
  • College life at it's most dramatized, but most entertaining...

    The plot for Greek sounds kind of dumb - following an incoming freshman and his sister's lives as they try to get through a year of college (some more experienced than others) at Cyprus-Rhodes College as they juggle social lives, strange roommates, pressure to be the perfect candidate for sorority president, pressure to fit in at their fraternity, and grades. But it's not. Dumb, I mean.

    It's a great show, it's funny and definitely on the top of my favorite shows list. I won't even secretly peek at a different show during the time of the show. That's how much I obsess about it.
  • Love at first sight! Greek is classic college-age drama at it's finest, and it's impossible not to fall in love with the characters within the first episode.

    I found Greek by accident, and I'm so glad I did! This show is destined to be a classic, if only people give it a chance. I'm picky about what I watch on tv, and won't waste 5 seconds watching a show that bores me or insults my intelligence. Greek may be a young adult cliche as far as it's plotline so far, (episode 8,) but it's extremely entertaining and takes the whole college-age drama to a new level. The depth of the characters is what I like most, and what makes a good show for me. Not one of the main characters seems flat, all of them have been fun to get to know, and I can't wait to see how they grow and change as Greek progresses. Let's keep this one on the air for at least 5 or 6 seasons! I need to know how everyone grows up!
  • ABC Family's Newest Hit!!

    This show is an absolute must watch!! Who doesn't love college...the hotties, the partying, the professors, and Greek life? Greek has all the necessary components for a hit television show: drama, comedy, and romance. Each week, you fall more in love with the main characters: Casey, Rusty, Cappie, and each week you love to hate Rebecca, Evan, and Frannie even more. There are few shows on television that carter to teenagers and college students but this show is one of them. It covers all the issues that they would face in every day life, while entertaining them at the same time. Each week you will be left wanting more. ABC Family has a new hit that will be around for season's to come!!
  • A very entertaining series that keeps its audience well entertain with family values (ok... not that much ) friends and laughs

    I must admit i was very skeptical when this show first came out. Not another collge show with airheads but i was so wrong. I love how the show us the perpective of each type of college personality. I must say that this is a very addictive series that keeps me laughing.

    IT's basically about diferrent status in college from the most popular clique to the not so "out there" but each of them find the joy's and excitement of being in college, learning new passages in life and the same time geting more grown up and matured in learning to make their own path in life. Warning ... This is a very addictive show that will leave its viewers hoooked to see what is gonna happen next. I love the storyline between Casey's decision on who she really does love. Although u can still see the passion and chemistry between her and Cappie, we all know that deep down she's with Evan ( I hope).. It's always hard letting go of your first right... Having Rusty and his antics keep the show existing and funny. I love his scenes as its a combination of naive and geeky ness...
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