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  • Clichéd, poorly acted, and totally un-original.

    A truly awful and cliché show, that's exactly what Greek is .

    Reasons why Greek is so incredibly awful .

    1. It's totally cliché .
    2. The acting is absolutely atrocious .
    3. The plot line's are totally un-original .
    4. It's predictable .
    5. The script's are absolutely terrible. Some of the worst, ever.

    I watched this show because I usually like bad shows, but this show was too bad, even for me. Please, stay away from this piece of crap at all cost. It's by far, the worst show on TV, as of now, and probably one of the worst shows to ever on TV, EVER.
  • The pilot episode is centered on a young college freshman named Rusty that has an odd roommate and a sister that sees him as a social liability. He decides that joining a fraternity will be the answer to all the college fun he wants to be experience.

    This show is horribly unrealistic to Greek college life. Some scenes included huge parties that don't get busted, bar fights that bouncers don't break up, everyone living in mansions with security guards, and students arresting other students. Then the stereotypes surfaced. Sororities filled with snobby, rich, and shallow girls. And of course there has to be the rival fraternities. One filled with upper class, self-centered guys that look like they walked out of a GQ magazine shoot. The other fraternity is the party house filled with the guys who just want to get wasted. This plot is sooooo overdone.
  • how did ABC family put out a show like this? they basically ripped off "undeclared" and put it in a greek setting with some kind value system that is bizarre beyond measure. no reason to care about anyone on this show.

    this was pointless. appaerntly the only way to have fun in college is to join the greek system? while there were funny (very) low key hints to bulimia, drugs, and other disorders, there simply weren't enough of them. all archetypes are here! stupid slacker with a heart of gold that was dumped by the "hot" ambitious sorority girl who is dating the rich semi-douche. don't forget the nerdy brother trying to fit in with a different crowd. it's pathetic. the only redeeming characters were the "hick" friend and the gay black friend. not funny and completely pointless. DO NOT WATCH.
  • A very good show, good theme, great support cast, but the main character that plays Rusty really drags the show to the bottom of the sea.

    Greek, basically shows a guy straigh from "Freaks and Geeks" trying to get into a fraternity, the story is mildy interesting, but the character and actor that portrays it, is just awful.

    The guy is something of a judgmental self-righteous fool, who spends the entire time looking retarded and making us wonder why would anyone wanna spend time with him, much less invite him to your fraternity.

    The support cast is pretty good actually, the stories are somewhat 'forced' but good, however the writing and dialogues are filled with cliches.

    I doubt I'll watch it again, It has potential but definitely needs some fine-tuning and definitely a recast.
  • I didn’t expect much from this show and it lived up to my expectation.

    It wasn’t horrible but I’ve seen this kind of stuff too many times before. It’s mostly boring. I suppose it shows a small amount of potential but not enough to keep me watching. I don’t know what the actual charter for ABC Family is but this show really doesn’t belong on a network that seems to want to promote shows for the whole family. It doesn’t make sense to me that Casey never mentioned having a brother to her sorority sisters during the previous year when Rusty wasn’t there. I’m not sure if it makes sense that Casey ever was with Cappy. I suppose they sat together in a class that was alphabetized by first name. I wonder if Calvin will meet another “Ca”. You could have over 200 characters without having to duplicate the first 2 letters of names. :)
  • Casey tries to get a job in office in washiongton while Rusty works on his magical wire. Finding out that dale is the new hasher for ZBZ and Cappie might declare a major!

    i love greek! but at some point they are repeating the same things. Even though i don't want greek to be discontinued it might be in there best interest to stop, thank god it's there last season. They people who have written greek, replay everything collage drama only goes so far. I think that line started last semester! sorry, but Rusty's character has been getting to complex, with his science and truthfully no one understands it. In this episode you are missing at lease my favorite characters who you wanted to learn more about from last week like.. Calvin, love him! and truthfully i love the Cappie and Even drama, it's cute. this episode just didn't have a very good hook. except i love the part when dale say's "i'm not going to be your boy toy" :) very cute. I watch every episode so i'm not behind for next week. But this weeks was kinda upset :( but it was still okay.
  • Only just started....

    I'm not completely sure about this show yet, it was funny in some places and in others it was completely boring.

    Rusty is funny but a bit weird, and has really big bags under his eyes...not trying to be mean or anything but they just stood out. He's a funny sort of weird though, like I don't think I could handle being around him all the time but sometimes. And as for his freako room mate Dale, wow he is a freak, I could not handle him or his damn flag. That would have to go.

    His sister (can't member her name) is stuck up and all that but it was funny when she got payback on her cheating boyfriend Evan and he was like what? What do you mean we're even? Haha so funny! But that guy she slept with...Cappa is it? He's funny too, when he gave Rusty that drink and he knew it would go right in Evan's face.

    So yeah I'm not too sure about this show yet but I will give it another go!!
  • A once-nerdy guy decides that he wants to pledge a fraternity, despite his disapproving sister's wishes. The show chronicles his misadventures, as well as his relationships with the people around him.

    GREEK has the potential to be a great show, but as of right now it is mediocre at best. However, the potential it has is what keeps me tuned in, hoping to see it break out and realize itself.

    One of the show’s major assets is the cast, especially the main character Rusty. A lovable and charming nerd, he pledges Kappa Tau in order to “have a real college experience.” Rusty is a warm and lovable character; his charm is irresistible and keeps viewers wanting more of him. His awkwardness and willingness to break out of his shell is something most people can relate to. Rusty’s interactions with the people in his life are also very entertaining, especially with Kappa Tau president Cappie, his sister Casey, and his roommate Dale.

    However, the show is bogged down tremendously by its writing. It practically uses every cliché about the Greek system, and that’s only after two episodes. It also uses every negative stereotype about the Greek system, like fraternity men are all meatheads and sorority women are all cunning and trampish. For a show that professes to show the true side of Greek life, GREEK sure uses a lot of sweeping generalizations. And admittedly, some are true. Most of them, however, are false.

    Another area where the area is lacking is in realism. The show presents many inconsistencies between itself and the real world. Even going into the show accepting that there would be some exaggerations and inconsistencies, I still could not get over it. There seems to be more inaccuracies than truths.

    Though the writing truly drags the show down, it is saved somewhat because the show’s heart is in the right place. The themes about brotherhood, juggling fraternity obligations with other school obligations, and strained relationships are all very real, and all very relatable. It’s what keeps me watching; that and the fact that the show could potentially break out of its cliché-fest and truly become an accurate portrayal about Greek life in college.
  • It's okay, nothing great, not bad

    The show is okay. I was a little skeptical before it came out. I thought, great, another show about snobby, shallow, and stupid people who do nothing but party and get drunk. It's alright now. Rusty is likeable. I can relate to him being shy and nerdy. His roommate is okay because he is a decent person who practices abstinance. I don't detest the other characters, but I don't feel for them either. Example, I don't care that Casey's boyfriend cheated on her. I probably would if she weren't so snobby or shallow, or if she didn't "forget" to mention she had a younger brother. Don't care if Calvin is gay Cappie still cares for Casey, or if that Ashley person misses her boyfriend. Some of the topics do irk me, like crazy parties, drinking, and sex as a casual activity. I do like how it portrays Greek life in college, though. It's entertaining, and I watch it if nothing else is on.
  • Greek

    I dont know many college shows that are this popular, thats what makes this show different. I got the feeling that college is just like high-school by watching this. But the kind of problems and issues discussed in this show are just same-old. I can see how this show can get addictive, it does suck you, which I consider a plus for this show. I think its popular because the idea of Kelsy Grammer's daughter staring in the show makes is pretty attractive. And who doesnt like Fraiser , right? I will give the acting some credit, it isnt too bad. The show is almost all about having fun, which can be a good and bad thing. It depends on how you look at it.
  • A nice insight to today's college life.

    The show is generally good and funny. I like how it focuses on college because honestly a lot of teen shows are all about high school. The fratenrity/ sorority idea was pretty good and I also liek how diverse the charcters are. From perfect Casey to rich Rebecca to gay Calvin to conservative Christian Dale and even nerdy Rusty and party boy Cappie. The only thing I don't like is how they constantly dangle Cappi and Casey infront of everyone and then pull them away. Its so lame and make sthe show less entertaining. I'm also sure that Rusty has already has 5,000,000 plots on his grades, and I don't like how Evan tries to "discover" himself either. You think he would have done that before he was a senior in college. But overall, a good show.
  • Uneven usually well written college fantasy.

    Too many corny moments and cliché characters to be considered GOOD, but it is fun.
    It feels too much like a cross between "The OC" and "Freaks and Geeks" to be original. Its trying to have it both ways. Maybe you don't know what I mean...
    Also the floor hockey episode, this Friday night, (Monday 7/30, too) was disrupted by a ridiculous, awkward, badly integrated promo for that new movie "Hot Rod". Real bad. Anyway, its hard for me to get TOO excited about this show – too many slick, over produced shows are beating out better, cruder, braver, creative stuff. The Gay angle is pretty effective and well handled. And a surprise. Its got alot of potential, but needs a little more fire, heart, balls, teeth, honesty.
  • The fun and entertaining answer for young viewers (who got addicted to HS shows too much and saw them all go downhill).

    'Greek' did what almost every single high school show failed hard to accomplish… make college work. When your favorite characters go off to different colleges, there's a hard story to tell there, and even when you succeed on keeping the quality up, you still have that curse that might kill you. This show starts off with college and barely even mentions high school. HS is over and your teens are coming to an end, then suddenly, you find yourself with an double digit age that starts with a 2 and responsibilities for the future. But that's not even the key to what makes Greek so entertaining, it's the accessibility. When you're on a cable network that has 'family' in the name, and you're trying to make a show about college, you obviously can't follow the movies and have girls stripping in every scene, that's why this show has a mix of storylines. On one side you have the girls, bickering over what are going to be the colors of the next homecoming, and on the other side you have the guys, wondering what games to play next that involve beer, a slide and a wooden chair. This way, you can keep both genders equally interested and don't even have to wonder about crossing any lines. Greek is one of the few shows that is for everyone, and you can't help but fall for all the wonderful written characters. I have yet to see a guest-character I didn't like, and the main ones, well, those are just so familiar (the popular rich guy, the crazy fun guy, the geek, the pretty social girl) and yet so modern (they too have grown up with Grey's and The Hills and modern references are thrown around like it's 'Friends' again), they are bound to serve you for many seasons to come. Though the ratings could always be better, this show has gotten it right, without too much drama, they had almost everyone in the cast hook up with each other, but at the same time, have all the relations clear for newcomers to see. And the mix of weekly-storylines and overlapping drama works perfect, the show isn't fast-paced, and it shouldn't be. It's four years of a young adults life, there's not going to be a death every week, and it's college, there are more fun situations then there are times to cry together. It's a lively, fun show that has hilarious returning characters, and light-hearted but recognizable drama. The characters feel real, and though the situations sometimes may seem too absurd to actually happen to people who are right in their mind, it makes you love this show and keeps you coming back every season just to see what crazy stuff happens next at Cyprus Rhodes.
    After the second season finale, it's safe to say that Greek's major weakness are the finales, they are as the show itself - light hearted, not very major drama and more likely to happen, but hardly ever keep you wondering what's going to happen next. But on the other hand, the show is addicting and fun enough to make you check your calendar for its return date, because every day could be your last day, and if you want to make it a fun one, you might as well tune into Greek.
  • Who'd think that a show like this can grow on me from "abysmal" to "give me more!"...?

    Okay, I admit that I was TOTALLY wrong about "Greek". I thought it was just another teen-lovesexalkohol-drama not worth any minute of my precious time, but I gotta take it back. Absolutely. I not only changed my mind, but also made friends with most of the characters. Even the ones you need to hate at the beginning, somehow thanks to all the strange things that happen make you like them at least a bit, and then you just start treating them like your actual mates, friends or... whatever.
    Watching "Greek" makes me want to join a sorority (or a fraternity, even more, haha), but unfortunately there's no such thing where I am to study...
    I think that the plot was believable which is important for me. Just a tasty bit of a campus life which I'd gladly love to try myself. Looking forward to S2!
    Oh, by the way, Rebecca is one of the greatest jades on tv like... ever! :)
  • It's got all the cliches that I loathe...and yet it remains very entertaining.

    I guess I started watching Greek because I had just gotten out of college. When I look back, this show makes me regret not going to fraternity and sorority parties more. Hell, I wouldve joined a sorority for sure if it was more like how it was on the show. Yeah I know the show is fiction!

    The characters and their situations are cliched but it's quite enjoyable. I think it's because you have Rusty diving straight into an experience that is completly foreign to him (the frat kind) and we as an audience get to follow along with him as he exploring many things for the first time. I dont care much for all the romantic/rivarly stuff going on with his sister but I still follow along anyway.

    Despite all the cliche characters (Calvin is the least cliche of all the characters) and storylines, the show will often treat us with unexpected plot twists or "screw you" moments where you think one thing is obviously gonna happen but the completly opposite/unexpected occurs. These twists were very present in the floor hockey episode.
  • The little engine that could. This is becoming quite a hit and I think Rusty is the next Seth Cohen.

    I was thinking "Not another OC, we already had one" But Greek is an interesting show. It is funny, dramatic, and intelligent. You gotta have some nerds that are funny. Rusty steals the show and in my opnion is the next Seth Cohen. His sister is kinda a **** but she'll support Rusty like a big sister should. The fraternities there are nicer than most of them but that's because they believe in brotherhood. I like to see that. And ok yeah the beer pong is really funny. I think Greek is gonna be a big hit, is it Emmy worth yet, I'm not sure. I hope the show grows and finds that cult audiance The OC had and people love it. Stay tuned, this will get interesting.
  • Pretty Good.

    I liked this show mainly because of the main character. His name is Rusty. And, he's real sweet, and likeable. This show is very appealing to the younger crowd. Personally, if you get to show the relationship a bit more of the brother and sister, than this will be a hit. I'll sure be tuning in to watch the next episode. I just hope the sister finally dumps her boyfriend, and realizes that after she graduates from college. It won't matter if you ran your soreity house. It just won't matter. But who knows. I guess I'll just have to tune in and see.
  • As a teacher of college Freshman at an Indiana University and a college alum myself, this show is dead on in a lot of its characterizations. If you want to see a good look inside what rush is really like at a college university, watch this show!

    As I said, I have taught college Freshman for about 10 years now and am an alum of the college at which I teach. This show is so dead on with the characters. You have the techy smart kind of geeky main character, Rusty who is not as smart when it comes to how life works who has the ultra popular sorority girl sister who goes to the same school (ironically I can really identify with Rusty! I was kinda nerdy in college and my younger sister went to the same school I did and was the ultra popular sorority girl :) ) and doesn't acknowledge his existence. Also, there is Rusty's mega religious roomate which is also a very true characterization! The best part of this show is how it characterizes life inside and outside the fraternities and sororities: how the fraternities try to hide the rush parties from the school's administration especially the underage drinking, the way the fraternity brothers celebrate whenever one of them gets a girl to stay overnight and even how fraternity guys explore homosexuality is looked at in this show in a funny and irreverant way. On the sorority side, we see how political the girls are and how the different sororities compete for certain rushees (I'm sure the fraternity side of this will be looked at as well). The absolute funniest line of this episode was when the sorority president says to Rusty's sister, Casey, and the other girls of the sorority "Ok girls let's go to the old folks home and spread some sorority cheer to the elderly" followed by "HAHAHA yeah right, are you kidding! Let's party!" This was funny because fraternities and sororities always like to downplay their party aspect and up the reputation that they are civic minded and helpful (not saying they're not because I know my sister's sorority, Sigma Kappa, did a lot for the community but it was a hilarious line!) Of course there is a soap opera aspect to this show as well with the president of the fraternity Rusty ultimately comes a part of having a previous relationship with his sister Casey, Rusty catching Casey's current boyfriend cheating on her with the very girl Casey has been assigned as a "get" for the sorority but these aspects will help to keep the show interesting from week to week. The show is a good mix of comedy and drama and I look forward to it following the freshman year or Rusty and everyone around him. I think if you were a fan of Felicity and how it followed the college lives of many eclectic characters, you will like this show a lot!
  • The highs and lows of the college Fraternity and Sorority lifestyle.

    Despite the fact that this show is on ABC Family, I am still a big fan of the show. With a unique cast of characters and fun storytelling makes this a show that I have to tune into every week. I suppose I may relate to Rusty a little bit, and so that doesn't hurt my interest in the show. There are a lot of adaptations of the fraternity and sorority lifestyle, but this appears to be one of the better ones. The show has really come into its own late into the first season and has transcended past the ABC Family tag.
  • This show is surprisingly good. I'll be watching the new season, will you?

    I really wasn't expecting much from a show about the Greak system. I thought that the characters would be walking cliches, the plot lines tired, and the diologue horrific. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I watched the first episode. Though sometimes the characters are really predictable, they seem more dimensional than I expected. Anyone else expect to hate every sorority girl? I was surprised to find myself rooting for Casey, though maybe it was because she was in opposition to a much more dislikeable character. I also found Cappie to be especially hilarious. He's like Van Wilder, but without the tired sequels. Some of his one liners have seriously made the episodes.
    In the end, I have to say that this is a great show. Not one to take really seriously, but a good, light, funny show.
  • Greek the name says it all or does it? The story of Rusty a geek who adds the "R" to be Greek by pledging to a fraternity called Kappa Tau. Pledging changes Rusty's life in a way that he would never have imagined. There are more than academics to learn.

    This show is a must for everyone. Spencer Grammer and Jacob Zachar who play sister and brother Casey and Rusty Cartwright bring a believable chemistry to their roles that define sibling rivalry. Like all good brothers and sisters blood is thicker than water and Casey and Rusty have their quality moments of support and love. The supporting cast of Scott Foster (Cappie), Jake McDorman (Evan), Amber Stevens (Ashleigh), and many others, will have you cheering for the underdogs. My Beer Pong trophy is still on the mantle, so don't miss out on this 3rd season of Greek. You still have time to cram.
  • Pretty darn good.

    "Greek" is a comedy that airs on ABC Family. It just started it's 2nd season on March 24, 2008. It is about a boy who goes to college. It is very funny. I like it and I have EVERY episode on my iPod. I love watching it. It puts me in a good mood. This show show never ever end. Everyone I know watches and likes it. I started watching it after the first season was over and I watched every episode in 2 days. It drives me nuts sometimes with the Plain White Tees song that plays all the time but its still awsome
  • With a colorful cast of characters, a surprisingly accurate and amusing portrayal of college life, and storylines with loads of potential, Greek may very well become the hit show of the summer.

    ABC Family continues to show off its edginess with an addicting new dramedy portraying life on a college campus. The show follows the story of Rusty Cartwright (Jacob Zachar), a geeky freshman entering college on an engineering scholarship, in search of the “real college experience.” Much to the dismay of his perky, socialite of a sister, Casey Cartwright (Spencer Grammer), Rusty attends rush with the goal of joining a fraternity and making his own mark. Casey, on the other hand, tries to maintain her own social status as a sorority president hopeful, while at the same time juggling her cheating jock of a boyfriend and her good-hearted, but overly geeky brother. Trust me, the show is really far more entertaining than it sounds. Think Friday Night Lights meets Gilmore Girls with just a touch of Freaks and Geeks … but significantly funnier and more charming. A great mix of comedy and storytelling makes this easily the best original series that ABC Family has to offer, with no offense to Kyle XY.
  • Looks like a hopeful new addiction.

    I settled in with nothing else to do but flip through the television shows. As I landed on Greek, I thought, "maybe", and continued on my way. With nothing better on, I ended up watching it. Surprisingly, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It gave a twist of serious drama (teen drama) mixed with intelligent humor. I definitely look forward to the much anticapated success this new show has the potential of having. I predict Jacob Zachar, who plays a nerdy Rusty, will end up with loads of fans in love with him, inspite of his dorky ways. Also joining the cast as Rusty's sister Casey, is Spencer Grammer, daughter of actor Kelsey Grammer. Though there was slight promotion of underage drinking, oddly risky for ABC Family, they handled it beautifully at the end with a "Please Drink Responsibly" frame. I look forward to seeing more.
  • Good.

    Greek is a really good show.
    It has really good story lines.
    For instance, Rebecca and Casey, they hate each other, but its soo funny. They have good plots.
    Casey and Evan are really cute together but then again I like Cappie and Casey too. Cappie is such a funny character! Probably one of the best :)
    Plus, can't forget about Rustie. I luv that guy. He is so cute. I love when he was at Beer-Pong and he doesn't like Alcohol and spits it all out. Its hilarious. "Spitter" hehe.
    Also, him and Jen. K are soo cute together. I loved it when they actually got together.
    Ashleigh is also a cute character.
    I hate Frannie. To me it just seems there is no point in her being there. I also hate Rebacca but there is a purpose in her being there.
    This is a great show and I will continue to enjoy watching it :)
  • This show is about college life and living in the greek system. It shows the bonds of sisterhood and brotherhood and all the drama and backstabbing that goes on.

    This show is really entertaining. Rusty and Casey are complete opposites, yet their brother sister relationship is really loving and sweet at times. It really has gotten stronger over the course of the show which is very realistic. Also the backstabbing and drama and cattiness involved in Greek is very realistic. Many may think that it is far fetched, but it happens. Also Cappie is extremely funny. He is wise in his own way and always is entertaining. The characters really progress and grow in Greek which is realistic as the age and learn from their mistakes. Also this isn't the typical show about college life. It has a really realistic feel. Greek is really well written and the viewer can feel like they are close with the characters.
  • Greek!!!!!! read this review

    Greek is not the best show that you will ever watch some of the story lines can be quite predictable but overall it is quite enjoyable and easy to watch show, with some great characters like CAPPIE!!! woo. If you are wondering if it is worth watching it is definitely is.

    I would say it is more of a clean American Pie, more realistic, though it does base its self on a few stereotypes but it is still realistic. There is a great chemistry between the actors which really help the show do well and hopefully it will not be cancelled by ABC.
  • It was really great the first season but...

    I did enjoy the first season of greek, but I think that maybe that should've been the end. With a different ending of course but ABC Family has a way of beating a dead horse into the ground, and I think before long that will be the case with Greek. I didn't enjoy the first few eppisodes of the second season and now I haven't been watching it at all now. It just lost everything it had, for me. I think it would be better if they had just had it as a cute summer show that we could all enjoy, instead of trying to keep it on for the views and making it go out on a bad note. But that's just my opinion of course.
  • So many shows have been made about Sorority and Fraternity life so why does "Greek" work so well? The characters, storylines and relationships all make "Greek" a great comedy and enjoyable to watch.

    I've been a devoted fan of the show since episode 1, and I am proud to say I have not missed an episode. Even though my own sorority meetings were held at the same time as Greek every Monday night, I still found ways of keeping up with Casey, Rusty and the rest of the Cypress Roads croud. I think the show does a good job of exposing Greek Life, but does go a bit further into the sterotype than some might like or want to see. "Greek" is the perfect teen comedy that you might expect to find on the CW, or WB if it still existed. Everyone I have exposed to this show finds in fun to watch, including my Mom who usually does not watch many of my "teen" shows. Overall, I find this show funny amd endearing and the characters are so likeable you keep coming back for more! I cannot wait for next season to see what happens as the rest of their year comes to an end!
  • A great episode ;)

    So cute! I loved the whole carnival thing. I hate the Cappie & Rebecca relationship though because she's such a *^%$@ and he's such a cutie pie! I really think that him and Casey should get back together because I would love to see his cute little face smile, I mean really smile. Evan is just... ugh. I don't like him very much. Rusty is adorable and I honestly don't think that he should hang onto a person like Jen because he could probably do better than a lying tattle-tale. I also really like Calvin and Ashley's friendship. I have a gay friend and he rocks me socks :D
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