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  • A show that covers the Greek system at a small college and the characters that are involved in all aspects of the process of joining the Greek system.

    This series seems like its going to be a good one! Rusty is a character that many of us can relate to since he is striving to maximize his college experience and to basically have fun. He is also stuck with a weird roommate, which many of us have experienced as well. Casey is kind of a mean sister but shows her heart throughout all of the situations that they have to go through. This series exemplifies the Greek life almost to an exact match and I am sure that many college students will enjoy this series whether they are associated with Greek or not.
  • you will be suprised...

    As I downloaded the pilot episode of "Greek" from itunes, I had low expectations. This type of show has come and gone more times then I can count in recent years. But as I watched this new show, It kept suprising me. I kept on seeing puns being built up and I attempted to predict their outcomes to be unoriginal, but was constantly proved wrong. The funny pick up lines and stupid jokes never crossed my path, but I completly expected them. On the contrary, every minute I was suprised with what I saw, it was good, it kept me interested, kept me watching! So if this show takes off, great, because people would be missing something if they wouldnt watch it. If not though, it will not be because of the predictable plot lines or unoriginal jokes, because there are none! If this show does not take off, it will be because of the lack of first appeal. When people first see the commercials, they will probably thing what I first thought: not another one, this is totally predictable. But give it a chance, you will be suprised. In fact, this show has done a wonderful first step by offering a free pilot episode on itunes, so good job!
  • plesently suprised.... can't wait for the next episode something different from the same old teen dramas

    When only viewing the commercials of Greek I wasn't sure what to expect or if I was even interesed in watching another collage show disaster but I was plesently suprised. The show was different and not too predictable. The jokes were original and the actors weren't too bad on the contrary they were pretty good. If futher episodes are as good as this one I cannot see this show being cancled. All the guys in the show excluding Rusty (the main character) and his dorky room mate the guys are hot and the girls are gorgeous its every collage freshman's dream roled into a show without being too unrealistc. Overall I can't wait for the second episode.
  • I didn’t expect much from this show and it lived up to my expectation.

    It wasn’t horrible but I’ve seen this kind of stuff too many times before. It’s mostly boring. I suppose it shows a small amount of potential but not enough to keep me watching. I don’t know what the actual charter for ABC Family is but this show really doesn’t belong on a network that seems to want to promote shows for the whole family. It doesn’t make sense to me that Casey never mentioned having a brother to her sorority sisters during the previous year when Rusty wasn’t there. I’m not sure if it makes sense that Casey ever was with Cappy. I suppose they sat together in a class that was alphabetized by first name. I wonder if Calvin will meet another “Ca”. You could have over 200 characters without having to duplicate the first 2 letters of names. :)
  • Greek has a fresh new take on Frat/Sorority life. Out of all of the shows characters. Scott M. Foster's "Cappie" out shines them all. He may be the campus slacker. But Cappie is adorable, funny & handsome. With a heart, and great fashion sense all his own

    The pilot for Greek has set the stage for the show to go many directions. The top main character's are strong. And the take on this right of passage theme. Is not like the kaotic craziness portrayed in the past. You get a deeper view of the each house and the people who pledged them and became "Brother's & sister's for life. It isn't bold and in your face vulgarity. This series tells the story with some class and thought. It's drama and comedy in one. People need to watch it before they make a judgement call.
  • Looks like a hopeful new addiction.

    I settled in with nothing else to do but flip through the television shows. As I landed on Greek, I thought, "maybe", and continued on my way. With nothing better on, I ended up watching it. Surprisingly, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It gave a twist of serious drama (teen drama) mixed with intelligent humor. I definitely look forward to the much anticapated success this new show has the potential of having. I predict Jacob Zachar, who plays a nerdy Rusty, will end up with loads of fans in love with him, inspite of his dorky ways. Also joining the cast as Rusty's sister Casey, is Spencer Grammer, daughter of actor Kelsey Grammer. Though there was slight promotion of underage drinking, oddly risky for ABC Family, they handled it beautifully at the end with a "Please Drink Responsibly" frame. I look forward to seeing more.
  • The pilot episode is centered on a young college freshman named Rusty that has an odd roommate and a sister that sees him as a social liability. He decides that joining a fraternity will be the answer to all the college fun he wants to be experience.

    This show is horribly unrealistic to Greek college life. Some scenes included huge parties that don't get busted, bar fights that bouncers don't break up, everyone living in mansions with security guards, and students arresting other students. Then the stereotypes surfaced. Sororities filled with snobby, rich, and shallow girls. And of course there has to be the rival fraternities. One filled with upper class, self-centered guys that look like they walked out of a GQ magazine shoot. The other fraternity is the party house filled with the guys who just want to get wasted. This plot is sooooo overdone.
  • Loved it!

    Ever since I first saw the commercials for this forever ago, I've been dying to see it. When I finally did watch it, I was laughing so hard! The show is so funny and totally worth watching, if it's your style, of course. However, a new show "The Best Years" aired just a week or two ago on the-n, and it has almost the same premise. Group of kids in college. Wow. Not saying that it's bad, either, it's just that I can tell that this is going to be one of those overused setting/premise things, just like the overused "Group of people working in a hospital" premise. But anyway, I can't wait for the next episode!!
  • I think it may be a good summer series.

    So far I like it, It's funny, and smart, and cute. Of course I already have my favorite characters and the not like characters, I like Rusty, I do not like Evan. I kinda like the sister but I don't know about her for sure yet. Theres not much more to say I guess. I don't really understand about the girl who slept with Evan, I don't get why Casey has got to be nice to her, I love Cappie, and I like the Frat house that Rusty picked. but yea that's just about it, I guess. . . .
  • how did ABC family put out a show like this? they basically ripped off "undeclared" and put it in a greek setting with some kind value system that is bizarre beyond measure. no reason to care about anyone on this show.

    this was pointless. appaerntly the only way to have fun in college is to join the greek system? while there were funny (very) low key hints to bulimia, drugs, and other disorders, there simply weren't enough of them. all archetypes are here! stupid slacker with a heart of gold that was dumped by the "hot" ambitious sorority girl who is dating the rich semi-douche. don't forget the nerdy brother trying to fit in with a different crowd. it's pathetic. the only redeeming characters were the "hick" friend and the gay black friend. not funny and completely pointless. DO NOT WATCH.

    Greek is going to be a very poupler show because it mixes up comdey and drama on a college campes and how a knowbody becomes poupler at a party. Greek is going to be a classic show in the future I'm going to follow the show until the last episode.
  • Pretty Good.

    I liked this show mainly because of the main character. His name is Rusty. And, he's real sweet, and likeable. This show is very appealing to the younger crowd. Personally, if you get to show the relationship a bit more of the brother and sister, than this will be a hit. I'll sure be tuning in to watch the next episode. I just hope the sister finally dumps her boyfriend, and realizes that after she graduates from college. It won't matter if you ran your soreity house. It just won't matter. But who knows. I guess I'll just have to tune in and see.
  • A naive college freshman finds himself waist deep in social building as he joins a fraternity.

    I thought It seemed like another teenage soap opera at first glance, an O.C. rip-off or the like, but just by watching the characters interact, I fell in love with the show. The plot may not be filled with mind boggling twists, but that way, it's easier to get to know the cast better. The acting is well-executed and clean, with a fast and witty script. The moral of the story is simple, but well delivered. The main character, Rusty, may be a social novice, but his view on the world is therefore untainted by social hierarchy and nonsensical traditions. Watch the show, if for anything, the characters.
  • A very good show, good theme, great support cast, but the main character that plays Rusty really drags the show to the bottom of the sea.

    Greek, basically shows a guy straigh from "Freaks and Geeks" trying to get into a fraternity, the story is mildy interesting, but the character and actor that portrays it, is just awful.

    The guy is something of a judgmental self-righteous fool, who spends the entire time looking retarded and making us wonder why would anyone wanna spend time with him, much less invite him to your fraternity.

    The support cast is pretty good actually, the stories are somewhat 'forced' but good, however the writing and dialogues are filled with cliches.

    I doubt I'll watch it again, It has potential but definitely needs some fine-tuning and definitely a recast.
  • As a teacher of college Freshman at an Indiana University and a college alum myself, this show is dead on in a lot of its characterizations. If you want to see a good look inside what rush is really like at a college university, watch this show!

    As I said, I have taught college Freshman for about 10 years now and am an alum of the college at which I teach. This show is so dead on with the characters. You have the techy smart kind of geeky main character, Rusty who is not as smart when it comes to how life works who has the ultra popular sorority girl sister who goes to the same school (ironically I can really identify with Rusty! I was kinda nerdy in college and my younger sister went to the same school I did and was the ultra popular sorority girl :) ) and doesn't acknowledge his existence. Also, there is Rusty's mega religious roomate which is also a very true characterization! The best part of this show is how it characterizes life inside and outside the fraternities and sororities: how the fraternities try to hide the rush parties from the school's administration especially the underage drinking, the way the fraternity brothers celebrate whenever one of them gets a girl to stay overnight and even how fraternity guys explore homosexuality is looked at in this show in a funny and irreverant way. On the sorority side, we see how political the girls are and how the different sororities compete for certain rushees (I'm sure the fraternity side of this will be looked at as well). The absolute funniest line of this episode was when the sorority president says to Rusty's sister, Casey, and the other girls of the sorority "Ok girls let's go to the old folks home and spread some sorority cheer to the elderly" followed by "HAHAHA yeah right, are you kidding! Let's party!" This was funny because fraternities and sororities always like to downplay their party aspect and up the reputation that they are civic minded and helpful (not saying they're not because I know my sister's sorority, Sigma Kappa, did a lot for the community but it was a hilarious line!) Of course there is a soap opera aspect to this show as well with the president of the fraternity Rusty ultimately comes a part of having a previous relationship with his sister Casey, Rusty catching Casey's current boyfriend cheating on her with the very girl Casey has been assigned as a "get" for the sorority but these aspects will help to keep the show interesting from week to week. The show is a good mix of comedy and drama and I look forward to it following the freshman year or Rusty and everyone around him. I think if you were a fan of Felicity and how it followed the college lives of many eclectic characters, you will like this show a lot!
  • rusty is a cute freshman who is faced with college everyday problems

    i thought that it was an amazing show. Rusty is a role model but at the same time a nerd. i loved loved loved lovedloved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved loved this show
  • a very good about a younger brother and a older sister in college going through the greek system the brother is a pledge while his sister is a junior in a sority

    A very good written show. Its shows how a alot of kids go thourgh the greek system in college. Its also shows the peer pressure on the students and how sororities put pledges through initiation. The other important part of this show is the relationship between Rusty and his sister Casey. Casey who is the oldest does not want really want to hang out with her younger brother Rusty but when Rusty sees and tells Casey's boyfriend cheating on her she sees an different side of her brother and decides to get closer to her brother. A very good show. Plus it has a very hot Spencer Grammer on it whay else do you need
  • This show makes me wish my college had Sororities and Fraternities.

    I really like the fact that this show presents a brother and a sister dealing with college life. It's entertaining, funny, the story line seems good. It's not only drama and school related stuff, but also how the relationship between these 2 siblings is slowly starting to grow. My brother and I can easily relate to the show, only that I'm the anti-social one and he's the social butterfly.
  • The little engine that could. This is becoming quite a hit and I think Rusty is the next Seth Cohen.

    I was thinking "Not another OC, we already had one" But Greek is an interesting show. It is funny, dramatic, and intelligent. You gotta have some nerds that are funny. Rusty steals the show and in my opnion is the next Seth Cohen. His sister is kinda a **** but she'll support Rusty like a big sister should. The fraternities there are nicer than most of them but that's because they believe in brotherhood. I like to see that. And ok yeah the beer pong is really funny. I think Greek is gonna be a big hit, is it Emmy worth yet, I'm not sure. I hope the show grows and finds that cult audiance The OC had and people love it. Stay tuned, this will get interesting.
  • This show is hilarious

    I adore this new series from abcfamily. It's so fun to watch this show and get in a few good laughs. Cappie is definately the eye candy on this show and i can't wait to get more backstory about his relationship with casey . Calvin's storyline is very interesting and i was surpirsed to find out that he may be gay dale is something else but it is very funny to watch, he's not annoying at all, same thing with rebecca logan, who i love to hate, this is a great show that i look forward to watching every week!
  • This show makes college life interesting!

    This show is about a super social sister and her anti-social brother who are both dealing with living the Greek life in college. The series focuses on a group of college students in and out of the fraternity and sorority system at a campus. Set at the fictitious Cyprus-Rhodes University, which focuses on the social minefield that is the Greek system. We will see the characters through this treacherous terrain as they try to find their place at this University or one of the Greek houses such as "Slacker" Cappie's house or "It Girl" Casey's house.

    I adore this new series from abcfamily. It's so fun to watch this show and get in a few good laughs. Cappie is definately the eye candy on this show and i can't wait to get more backstory about his relationship with casey . Calvin's storyline is very interesting and i was surpirsed to find out that he may be gay dale is something else but it is very funny to watch, he's not annoying at all, same thing with rebecca logan, who i love to hate, this is a great show that i look forward to watching every week!
  • A once-nerdy guy decides that he wants to pledge a fraternity, despite his disapproving sister's wishes. The show chronicles his misadventures, as well as his relationships with the people around him.

    GREEK has the potential to be a great show, but as of right now it is mediocre at best. However, the potential it has is what keeps me tuned in, hoping to see it break out and realize itself.

    One of the show’s major assets is the cast, especially the main character Rusty. A lovable and charming nerd, he pledges Kappa Tau in order to “have a real college experience.” Rusty is a warm and lovable character; his charm is irresistible and keeps viewers wanting more of him. His awkwardness and willingness to break out of his shell is something most people can relate to. Rusty’s interactions with the people in his life are also very entertaining, especially with Kappa Tau president Cappie, his sister Casey, and his roommate Dale.

    However, the show is bogged down tremendously by its writing. It practically uses every cliché about the Greek system, and that’s only after two episodes. It also uses every negative stereotype about the Greek system, like fraternity men are all meatheads and sorority women are all cunning and trampish. For a show that professes to show the true side of Greek life, GREEK sure uses a lot of sweeping generalizations. And admittedly, some are true. Most of them, however, are false.

    Another area where the area is lacking is in realism. The show presents many inconsistencies between itself and the real world. Even going into the show accepting that there would be some exaggerations and inconsistencies, I still could not get over it. There seems to be more inaccuracies than truths.

    Though the writing truly drags the show down, it is saved somewhat because the show’s heart is in the right place. The themes about brotherhood, juggling fraternity obligations with other school obligations, and strained relationships are all very real, and all very relatable. It’s what keeps me watching; that and the fact that the show could potentially break out of its cliché-fest and truly become an accurate portrayal about Greek life in college.
  • Rusty goes to college hoping to have a new start.His sister caseys goes to the same collage and is having boy promblems since the senators daughter has joined her sorority.Rusty happens to be a pledge in caseys ex boyfriend fraternity.Colloge. Its a Rush.

    Greek has become my new addiction.The show makes me laugh non stop, yet it manages to draw me in with the drama. Rusty is so adorable. Like someone already said hes gonna be the next seth cohen but more nerdier. And I cant wait to see if cappie and casey get back together. I think they are so cute.The shows mix of comedy and drama will most likely draw you in. ABC family has got a future favorite in their hands.I definatley recomend it. Oh and if you miss an episode you can watch it on abc on fridays. Great Show.
  • An experience you have been waiting eighteen years to experience. That's how Freshman Rusty feels about his coledge life. He starts off his colege life hanging with the dorks on campuse but in no time at all he got himself exactly what he was looking for.

    As a high school student the one thing I am looking forward to is coledge, and this show is giving me and exciting look at what i'm going to experience. Rusty was a kid like me who knew what coledge was suppose to be like. the characters in this show are believable, they're not your average TV personalties, there relationsion ships are change but in the sametime grow stronger with each experience. When i watch this show i can get lost in it because this show is so real. I love how this show captures the true essence of what every person thinks of coledge. I would never miss an episode, and I've already gotten three people to watch this show and they agree with how i feel.
  • With a colorful cast of characters, a surprisingly accurate and amusing portrayal of college life, and storylines with loads of potential, Greek may very well become the hit show of the summer.

    ABC Family continues to show off its edginess with an addicting new dramedy portraying life on a college campus. The show follows the story of Rusty Cartwright (Jacob Zachar), a geeky freshman entering college on an engineering scholarship, in search of the “real college experience.” Much to the dismay of his perky, socialite of a sister, Casey Cartwright (Spencer Grammer), Rusty attends rush with the goal of joining a fraternity and making his own mark. Casey, on the other hand, tries to maintain her own social status as a sorority president hopeful, while at the same time juggling her cheating jock of a boyfriend and her good-hearted, but overly geeky brother. Trust me, the show is really far more entertaining than it sounds. Think Friday Night Lights meets Gilmore Girls with just a touch of Freaks and Geeks … but significantly funnier and more charming. A great mix of comedy and storytelling makes this easily the best original series that ABC Family has to offer, with no offense to Kyle XY.
  • A SWEET show about college greek life focusing on a sister and her adorable younger brother.

    I saw the previews for this show on abc fam and thought it was pretty cool, kinda because the song [our time now -plain white Ts] is one of my favorite songs. Then I actually watched the show and it was fabulous! Rusty, a naive freshman, is simply trying to juggle fraternity life and his classes. His sister, Casey has her own problems in her sorority and ex-boyfriend and such. Thtoughout the episodes, Casey and Rusty become closer as siblings and friends and its soo cute. The show has good storylines and the unique characters make it incredibly funny. LOVE LOVE LOVE.
  • Greek follows the anti-social college freshman, Rusty, through his transition into college life and its lifestyle of hardcore partying and his knowledge gained through his experiences.

    This is one of the better shows to come out recently. One of the things that this show seems to do better than others is it acknowledges social concerns of today's world. Very few shows do that. Some of the immediate response to this show has been very negative because it shows Greek Life negatively, but if you look beyond the surface level, there is a level that addresses things such as alcoholism, homosexuality, sex and virginity. Because this show addresses these issues when society is still apprehensive to speak of such issues, this show is obviously ahead of its time.
  • A show about life in fraternities.

    I finally got the chance to watch two episodes of Greek that I had recorded on DVR, and I have to say that after watching it, I absolutely love it! Greek is such a good show, and I think that it's extremely funny. I think that all of the characters are very interesting, well written and funny. At the moment my two favorite characters on the show are Cappy and Calvin. They are really, really funny, and the actors who play them play the parts so well. All in all, I think that Greek is a really great show. I'm so glad that Greek has been renewed for a second season. I will definitely keep watching it, and I hope that they release the first season of Greek on DVD so I catch up on the episodes that I missed.
  • It's okay, nothing great, not bad

    The show is okay. I was a little skeptical before it came out. I thought, great, another show about snobby, shallow, and stupid people who do nothing but party and get drunk. It's alright now. Rusty is likeable. I can relate to him being shy and nerdy. His roommate is okay because he is a decent person who practices abstinance. I don't detest the other characters, but I don't feel for them either. Example, I don't care that Casey's boyfriend cheated on her. I probably would if she weren't so snobby or shallow, or if she didn't "forget" to mention she had a younger brother. Don't care if Calvin is gay Cappie still cares for Casey, or if that Ashley person misses her boyfriend. Some of the topics do irk me, like crazy parties, drinking, and sex as a casual activity. I do like how it portrays Greek life in college, though. It's entertaining, and I watch it if nothing else is on.
  • this show is soooooo awesome!!!

    at first when i heard about it i wasnt interested. but when i saw the episode with the plain white t's i was totally hooked. i luvvvvv this show. and rusty is soooooooo funny!!! i dont really like evan because he cheated on casey and that wasnt really nice. i also think casey should be with cappie. cappie is like soooooooo nice while evan is a cheater. this show is funny and full of surprizes. every week i cant wait for a new episode. more people should watch it and give it a chance just like i did. this show is truley my new best friend for a summer show.
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