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  • you will be suprised...

    As I downloaded the pilot episode of "Greek" from itunes, I had low expectations. This type of show has come and gone more times then I can count in recent years. But as I watched this new show, It kept suprising me. I kept on seeing puns being built up and I attempted to predict their outcomes to be unoriginal, but was constantly proved wrong. The funny pick up lines and stupid jokes never crossed my path, but I completly expected them. On the contrary, every minute I was suprised with what I saw, it was good, it kept me interested, kept me watching! So if this show takes off, great, because people would be missing something if they wouldnt watch it. If not though, it will not be because of the predictable plot lines or unoriginal jokes, because there are none! If this show does not take off, it will be because of the lack of first appeal. When people first see the commercials, they will probably thing what I first thought: not another one, this is totally predictable. But give it a chance, you will be suprised. In fact, this show has done a wonderful first step by offering a free pilot episode on itunes, so good job!
  • College. It's a rush.

    Rusty Cartwright has been a nerd for his entire life. He decides it's time to have fun when he starts college. So, he rushes, and finds Kappa Tau Gamma. Meanwhile, Casey Cartwright is at the top of the social ladder, and is trying to climb even higher and get the Zeta Beta Zeta presidency. After her boyfriend, Evan Chambers, has sex with the legacy, senator's daughter, Rebecca Logan, she gets back at him by having sex with Kappa Tau president and ex-boyfriend, Cappie. A love triangle forms. From here, the series follows Rusty, Casey, Cappie, Evan, Rebecca, and more. But there are any more surprises. I just described the start.
  • Greek is about greek life in college. College students living their lives to the fullest, trying to surpass the stress and drama.

    This is a wonderful television program that is shown on abc family. It's funny, yet I also find it helpful. It teaches teenagers about college life and experiences. It also gives an understanding of how to keep your life in control when you're overwhelmed and stessed out. I love this show, and I highly suggest anyone and everyone to watch it. It's the only show that I always make sure that I make time for during my week. When I first started watching this show I was very impressed by the actors. They were all people I had never seen in other tv programs. They do a great job at making the show eventful and interesting.
  • Greek is a show all about college students in fraturnities. Very interesting, and extremely eye catching.

    Greek is one of the most awesome shows I've ever watched. Everytime it's on, I am right there making sure I don't miss a minute of it. It keeps me interested with it's characters, and how well they act. In my opinion, this show is good for people at the age of 15-25, because it really relates to their everyday lives. Greek is a show about kids in fraturnities, which makes them able to drink and do whatever they want; that keeps viewers interested. There is a lot of mischief and kaniving on Greek, and that is personally why I like it; so I figure it's probably why other people enjoy it as well.
  • A show to end all shows!

    This show is simply amazing!!! It's creative, witty & and all around fun watch. I have literally become addicted to it. It makes me wish that I had rushed a sorority, or actually gone to a university that had a real greek system. I would DEFINITELY recommend Greek to my friends! The only downfall is that it's on ABC family which not everyone has access to, but fear not, CTV & Much Music have recently started to air episodes from season one so Canada can now enjoy all the glory that is Greek...KAPPA TAU GAMMA!!!!! I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do..:-)
  • A great show that has everything a teen/collage based ahow should with an excellent sense of comedy and drama. It also gives you a great insight into the ways and means of the Greek system. A must see for everyone.

    Over a short space of time Greek has steadily become one of my favourite shows of the present day. It just has everything that I look for in any show that I watch, mostly a good balance of comedy and drama that really help boost the atmosphere and realism of the show.

    I live the UK, and have only had Greek on for a short while but, straight after watching the pilot, I found myself wanting to know what happens next. So I watched episode 2 online and after that just couldn't stop. And after a short space of time I found myself being hooked and now I wait anxiously week in week out for the next episode.

    One of the main reason for me getting hooked was the characters, there was just such a diverse group that you easily relate to them all in different ways but, still some more than others. After just a short while, I fell in love with the character of Cappie not, because I see myself being just like him because I'm more like a mix between Rusty and Calvin. But because, you could see that there was two sides to him the one who loves to party and do the conventional collage stuff but, there was also the more sensitive side. I also, love Casey, Spencer Grammer is just great I loved her on 'As The World Turns' and it's just great to see her in a very different role. The whole aspect of the Greek System really attracted me as well because, of the way that it was incorporated in the show. Because, by the way that it's been made the sole focus of the show it really helped you get an understanding of what it was all about. And , also you were able to feel as though you were joining one of the houses when watching it. Personally, I like to see myself as one of the KT and ZBZ's.

    In my opinion Greek is just a really great show, that has something to offer everyone. Whether, you like comedy shows or teen centred drama's Greek has it. It's a must see and I'd definitely recommend it to all.
  • Greek is an Awesome Show. It is basically college drama, where Casey, tries to lead a sorority and maintain a relationship, which never works out well, and her brother, Rusty, tries to fit in a fraternaty and to make friends.

    Greek is about Casey Cartwright, who is the sorority: Zeta Beta Zeta house and is trying to do the best she can so she can be leader of the house.
    She has a brother who is younger and starting in Cypruss Rhodes University. Her brother, Rusty, is a nerd who wants to join a frat house so he can fit in and make friends. He meets Dale, his roommate who is a Christian Addict and who is completely against fraternaties and sororities.
    On the hunt to find a fraternity, Rusty meets Calvin, who turns out to be gay Calvin's best friend is Rusty and Ashleigh, who is also Casey's best Friend.
    Rusty ends up joining the Kappa Tau Gamma house, which is the most trouble prone house on campus, and lead by Casey's ex boyfriend, and Calvin goes to Omega Chi Delta, which is lead by Evan, Casey's current Boyfrind in the pilot and is Cappie's enemy. The Omega Chi house and the Kappa Tau house are the main enemy's in the show, except Casey and Rebecca, the new senator's daughter who Casey bribed to go into ZBZ.
    Watch as everything falls apart each episode.

    Diffenetely recommend you watch it.
  • Greek is absolutely great! Cyprus isn't in Rhodes, Rhodes an island in Greece and Cyprus is a different country. The love triangle between Casey Evan and Cappie fading away, Rusty growing, Dale geek, Calvin popular, Evan not a jerk, Ashley shopaholic....

    Greek is absolutely great! I'm from Cyprus, the country, which is not in Rhodes (which is an island in Greece, Cyprus is a different country). Anw enough about this. I love this show. I think it's the simplicity of the story that makes it good, but the spins and turns of the story that make it absolutely great.
    I love how we watched Casey's history with Evan and Cappie, which is the love triangle and that it didn't become tiring and boring, they kept it interesting by slowly making it fade away. Rusty the brainiac know-it-all, who discovers himself through the fraternity and grows with the help of his brothers, Casey, Calvin and Dale. I love Dale's character, he is the geek u can't get enough of, the guy with the extreme ideas and values. Calvin is the cute, cool guy who was the popular guy and now just wants to stand by the sidelines.
    I love how Evan is not a complete jerk, but has his good features, and we hated him in the beginning but now he is being the good guy. The same goes for Rebecca, she is not the big b**** but a survival b****. Ashley is great, I love her obsession with shopping and how innocent she is.
    And last but not least, Cappie ROCKS! I think he is the best, he is the one who stands out from the whole cast. Whatever he tries to pull off, he looks great!
  • This basically the story of a group of adults who are members of fraternities and their everyday challenges and struggles.

    The story basically starts with a young man Rusty who happens to be a geek and also wants to rush into a fraternity. The story revolves around the lives of nine students who attend Cyprus Rhodes University.They are Rusty the geek who wants to enter a fraternity,Casey,Rusty's sister who is the next in line to be the head of the ZBZ,Cappie the crazy guy who happens to be Casey's ex but is still in love with her ,Evan Casey's present boyfriend,Ashleigh,Casey's bestfriend,Frannie the leader of the ZBZ,Rebecca the rich Senator's daughter who later falls in love with Cappie and they and they actually date she also pledges the ZBZ,Calvin Rusty's friend who is gay and pledges for the Omega Chi's and Dale the born again who thinks the greek system leads to damnation in hell. Basically a great show the characters are well chosen for their parts and it contains a good storyline,Kudos to the cast and crew for a pleasureable show.Hi 5!
  • Greek the name says it all or does it? The story of Rusty a geek who adds the "R" to be Greek by pledging to a fraternity called Kappa Tau. Pledging changes Rusty's life in a way that he would never have imagined. There are more than academics to learn.

    This show is a must for everyone. Spencer Grammer and Jacob Zachar who play sister and brother Casey and Rusty Cartwright bring a believable chemistry to their roles that define sibling rivalry. Like all good brothers and sisters blood is thicker than water and Casey and Rusty have their quality moments of support and love. The supporting cast of Scott Foster (Cappie), Jake McDorman (Evan), Amber Stevens (Ashleigh), and many others, will have you cheering for the underdogs. My Beer Pong trophy is still on the mantle, so don't miss out on this 3rd season of Greek. You still have time to cram.
  • A nice insight to today's college life.

    The show is generally good and funny. I like how it focuses on college because honestly a lot of teen shows are all about high school. The fratenrity/ sorority idea was pretty good and I also liek how diverse the charcters are. From perfect Casey to rich Rebecca to gay Calvin to conservative Christian Dale and even nerdy Rusty and party boy Cappie. The only thing I don't like is how they constantly dangle Cappi and Casey infront of everyone and then pull them away. Its so lame and make sthe show less entertaining. I'm also sure that Rusty has already has 5,000,000 plots on his grades, and I don't like how Evan tries to "discover" himself either. You think he would have done that before he was a senior in college. But overall, a good show.
  • This show is about college students in fraternities and sororities. The show goes on about relationships, rivilaries, parties, and competitions. Its so good I can't even describe it.

    Omg.. I love this show. It's my all time favorite show on tv right now. I have been watching all the episodes from season one on The whole premise of the show is amazing. I love the characters. Both the guys and girls are hott. This whole show is a hit. I recommend this show to everyone. It's one of the best. It's so ugh..I lovee it ! Not to mention the fact all the breaking up and making up. I love the relationship between Cappie and Casey. Scott Michael Foster does a great job with his role. Plus he is super hott. But everyone does a great job. It's so great to see such great actors doing great work.
  • This show is everything the college movie genre can be. It has the popular girl sorority, the preppy fraternity, the party fraternity and a complex mix of characters in each part of college life. An interesting story with drama, comedy and even romance.

    Simplifying the concept, you have:

    First, you have the popular sorority group, led by the selfish marginally-evil sorority queen being eyed for a replacement. The science geek trying to fit in and get the full college experience. The party fraternity leader and the preppy fraternity leader battling for the same girl. The gay student trying to fit into the male-centric fraternity grid. These and many more characters dot the landscape of this program.

    The show itself is well written and take the best parts of nearly every college-genre film including fraternity shenanigans, sorority power plays, new member hazing, newfound romance, the clash between youth and adulthood and the eternal struggle to fit in and be respected and/or loved. None of it seems cheesy, fake or over-played and you find yourself endeared to each and every character as you experience their lives first hand.

    Very highly recommended!
  • Wonderfully entertaining! Can't wait for the the new season. The cast works fantastic together.

    From a 40 something Greek, I love this show. Everyone please remember it is a show. I don't take any offense. Yes, it is stereotyped to some degree, but it has alot of truth, too. Greek is a funny, warm, endearing show with a suburb young cast. Cappie is the boy you always wanted to date. He's a little undirected right now, but you know he'll get there & has a good heart. Casey is wanting it all & will have to pay the price, but I think in the end she'll do the right thing. Rusty is cute as a bug & you love to watch him make his way through freshman year. Dale is a roommate to like adding interesting elements from the overzealous religion convictions to a confederate flag on his wall. Ashley & Calvin are sweet & you just want him to be straight, but you respect the gay right. Evan is the handsome well off frat boy who goes from good to bad and back & forth. Jen K. is adorable & I hope she can make a comeback. Frannie was not necessary the girl I would root for Pure entertainment and I can't wait for 2008.
  • A show about life in fraternities.

    I finally got the chance to watch two episodes of Greek that I had recorded on DVR, and I have to say that after watching it, I absolutely love it! Greek is such a good show, and I think that it's extremely funny. I think that all of the characters are very interesting, well written and funny. At the moment my two favorite characters on the show are Cappy and Calvin. They are really, really funny, and the actors who play them play the parts so well. All in all, I think that Greek is a really great show. I'm so glad that Greek has been renewed for a second season. I will definitely keep watching it, and I hope that they release the first season of Greek on DVD so I catch up on the episodes that I missed.
  • One great show!

    this show is great one of the best on abc family it has great story line that keep you hoked to the show the cast is also really good all the actors fit the people that they are play this show should stick around for i long time. Its on it second season and the way it going it could last longer each season thats place at a diferent semester so with each season the show gets more drama more better it the type of show that is so good ou just can not stop watch like i said before this show should go on for a long time.
  • A show that covers the Greek system at a small college and the characters that are involved in all aspects of the process of joining the Greek system.

    This series seems like its going to be a good one! Rusty is a character that many of us can relate to since he is striving to maximize his college experience and to basically have fun. He is also stuck with a weird roommate, which many of us have experienced as well. Casey is kind of a mean sister but shows her heart throughout all of the situations that they have to go through. This series exemplifies the Greek life almost to an exact match and I am sure that many college students will enjoy this series whether they are associated with Greek or not.
  • This show is about college life and living in the greek system. It shows the bonds of sisterhood and brotherhood and all the drama and backstabbing that goes on.

    This show is really entertaining. Rusty and Casey are complete opposites, yet their brother sister relationship is really loving and sweet at times. It really has gotten stronger over the course of the show which is very realistic. Also the backstabbing and drama and cattiness involved in Greek is very realistic. Many may think that it is far fetched, but it happens. Also Cappie is extremely funny. He is wise in his own way and always is entertaining. The characters really progress and grow in Greek which is realistic as the age and learn from their mistakes. Also this isn't the typical show about college life. It has a really realistic feel. Greek is really well written and the viewer can feel like they are close with the characters.
  • With a colorful cast of characters, a surprisingly accurate and amusing portrayal of college life, and storylines with loads of potential, Greek may very well become the hit show of the summer.

    ABC Family continues to show off its edginess with an addicting new dramedy portraying life on a college campus. The show follows the story of Rusty Cartwright (Jacob Zachar), a geeky freshman entering college on an engineering scholarship, in search of the “real college experience.” Much to the dismay of his perky, socialite of a sister, Casey Cartwright (Spencer Grammer), Rusty attends rush with the goal of joining a fraternity and making his own mark. Casey, on the other hand, tries to maintain her own social status as a sorority president hopeful, while at the same time juggling her cheating jock of a boyfriend and her good-hearted, but overly geeky brother. Trust me, the show is really far more entertaining than it sounds. Think Friday Night Lights meets Gilmore Girls with just a touch of Freaks and Geeks … but significantly funnier and more charming. A great mix of comedy and storytelling makes this easily the best original series that ABC Family has to offer, with no offense to Kyle XY.
  • This show is about a super social sister and her anti-social brother who are both dealing with living the Greek life in college. The series focuses on a group of college students in and out of the fraternity and sorority system at a campus.

    When I saw the trailer, I became curious about the series so I started watching the episodes weekly. It was funny, had drama, and other life issues that came with being in a fraternity that might or might not be true in real life. Plus,I enjoy watching this series and I can't wait until the new season comes around because I am interested in see what happens next. To anyone who has not seen this series I suggest you see it if you think you might be curious about the show. The series airs on ABC Family Channel and can see some of the episodes on the network's website.
  • This show depicts the social side of college life. While this is very entertaining, and addicting, it leaves out most of the educational part of a college experience. This does not, however, detract from my opinion of it.

    This show is one of my personal favorites, after watching only four episodes. Being a Junior in High School, I don't know what college life is like, but I'm really hoping that it's something like what this show depicts, or at least that there is a person like Cappie in my dorm/fraternity. This show, in my opinion, is one of the best I've ever watched, and trust me, I watch a ton of TV. I think it's my high school sense of humor, but I find about everything that is said or done funny to the extreme. I don't think I could live without this show, and am wondering how I ever got along without it.
  • greek is one of the best shows ever, and i love it

    greek is one of the best shows ever and is the best in abc family and universal channel, for myself the v¿best shows are: friends, the oc, grekk, gossip girl, dirt, terminator and the big bang theory, and i hope greek will be still for a long time because is the best show of this year, its so exitng watch each chapter because is so funny and enterteinment and for that reason i hope greek have many seasons because is one of the best shows ever, and i love greek and i hope the chapter be very well how is now
  • Cristee loves Greek!

    this show is the best shoe around. people really need to stop hatin on this show. it is not unoriginal and it is not broing. it is a great show. it has the perfect mix of drama and humor. this is definelty one of my guilty pleasures. the characters are so funny and the plot is amazing. with the first episode you are immediatly hooked! this is by far one of my favorite shows. my favorite character would definetly have to be beaver. is so so funny! i love greek! im so happy the second season finally arrived! Yay greek! i look forward to watching it every monday night!
  • I love this show because people can connect to it...

    This show has many characters with real life problems... and college to deal with as well. To me, my favorite character is Evan. Everyone hates him, but i think that he deserves to be mean, especially to Cappie. People who have watched all the episodes would understand. At times I do feel sympathy for Casey because she is going through a rough patch, but mostly because it is her fault. Ashley and Calvin are my other favorite people, they just look sooo cute together, however it does suck that they can never actually be together. And Cappie... i dont really like him... all he does is get drunk and hit on Casey, I mean dude... she isnt yours anymore considering you are the one who drove her away! this show has potential...
  • Greek is a show intended for young audiences about the life in a fraternity, and how it affects the lives of those living by the greek system.

    Greek has all the elements a show needs to be succesful. It has a simple but entertaining plot, a young and good looking cast, and a serious story with sparkles of comedy.
    This show is without doubt directed to young audiences and it has that "perfectness" that seems to work for a lot of shows today, by "perfectness" I mean that the characters seem to have a perfect life, they attend to the perfect university, they're all apparently wealthy and beautiful, but they have their share of problems too and they have to deal with serious issues as well as they have their John Everyman issues such as conflict between brother and sister, time management etc.
    What I particularly like about Greek is that it has that wild side that not every show contains, by this I mean they're not afraid of showing taboos like obvious gay tendencies, but at the same time they don't portray it in a grotesque way, they just let you know.
    In general I recommend this series and I think it should last for a couple of seasons more at least.
  • I love GREEK! it is such a great show. It has everything Drama, comedy, and romance. I know lots of people that watch this show and love it. I wish that they would have played it on abc too. So then even more people can get hooked.

    Perfection!! i am so excited for season 2 to start next monday the 24. It will be an awesome day. I am have about 20 people over to watch the season 2 premiere. lol This show is so true to college life. I am a partyer but i am not in a frat house. I plan to in two years when i go to Kansas State. but even to Juco's it is still true. i would put GREEK in my top 5 favorite shows. 9.5 out of 10 stars. I hope that everyone enjoys watchin GREEK Ssn premiere. Perfect 10! :]
  • Cappie ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Cappie is one of the best characters on TV today. He makes me wish I was back in college. Well written I think because you can see he has some depth behind that outward persona. I can be sure that anytime he is on the screen I am going to laugh. There seems to be no question that he would be a far better mate than Evan.

    When it started last year my teenage daughter was skeptical of why I put this on the DVR. I only did because the commercials made me think of Animal House. Now it is the single most anticipated series return in our household.
  • A show on the ABC Family network. The show takes place at a fictional College Cyprus-Rhodes University. It is about the fraternity and sorority life there. It is an great show. One of my favorite.

    Rusty Cartwright is a freshman in college, attending Cyprus-Rhodes University alongside big sister Casey. Rusty wants to leave behind his reputation as a high school geek by joining a fraternity.Originally, no one even knew about Rusty until he arrived. Casey insisted that he remain low-profile, in hopes that he won't ruin her chances to be elected president of the Zeta Beta Zeta sorority. In an effort to make nice with the family, Casey's boyfriend, Evan, offers Rusty a spot in the Omega Chi Delta fraternity, which he declines after finding Evan cheating on Casey with Rebecca Logan, the Senator's daughter who was the sorority's main target during rush. In turn, Rusty accepts an offer from Cappie, Casey's ex-boyfriend and the current president of Kappa Tau Gamma, the black sheep of the Greek system.

    This show is very good. It is cool to watch if you didnt join a Soroity or Fraternity in college.
  • A great influence for teens!

    I have 3 teenage daughters and we absoultely love this show! I like them watching it because it balances the "fun" side of college with the "academic" side of college.

    It gives my girls a chance to see that they can make new friends, entertain new ideas, and still be cool, sassy, and smart! It keeps them watching and interested, in not only the show, but of attending college!

    Two thumbs way up!

    xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx xx
  • College life Feternitie and sorority what more could you ask for

    College life Feternities and sororities what more could you ask for.
    This show is serioulsy awesome when i saw the trailer i didnt know if i would watch it but now its like i cant stop talking about it. All the characters are like awesome and they have an very atractive cast and it make we want to join a serority. I serously cant stop watching it and it makes me sad that like its only on e for like 3 months as to other shows that are on forever. but i think its has to be one of the best summer series ever and if you dont watch it you should
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