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  • The fun and entertaining answer for young viewers (who got addicted to HS shows too much and saw them all go downhill).

    'Greek' did what almost every single high school show failed hard to accomplish… make college work. When your favorite characters go off to different colleges, there's a hard story to tell there, and even when you succeed on keeping the quality up, you still have that curse that might kill you. This show starts off with college and barely even mentions high school. HS is over and your teens are coming to an end, then suddenly, you find yourself with an double digit age that starts with a 2 and responsibilities for the future. But that's not even the key to what makes Greek so entertaining, it's the accessibility. When you're on a cable network that has 'family' in the name, and you're trying to make a show about college, you obviously can't follow the movies and have girls stripping in every scene, that's why this show has a mix of storylines. On one side you have the girls, bickering over what are going to be the colors of the next homecoming, and on the other side you have the guys, wondering what games to play next that involve beer, a slide and a wooden chair. This way, you can keep both genders equally interested and don't even have to wonder about crossing any lines. Greek is one of the few shows that is for everyone, and you can't help but fall for all the wonderful written characters. I have yet to see a guest-character I didn't like, and the main ones, well, those are just so familiar (the popular rich guy, the crazy fun guy, the geek, the pretty social girl) and yet so modern (they too have grown up with Grey's and The Hills and modern references are thrown around like it's 'Friends' again), they are bound to serve you for many seasons to come. Though the ratings could always be better, this show has gotten it right, without too much drama, they had almost everyone in the cast hook up with each other, but at the same time, have all the relations clear for newcomers to see. And the mix of weekly-storylines and overlapping drama works perfect, the show isn't fast-paced, and it shouldn't be. It's four years of a young adults life, there's not going to be a death every week, and it's college, there are more fun situations then there are times to cry together. It's a lively, fun show that has hilarious returning characters, and light-hearted but recognizable drama. The characters feel real, and though the situations sometimes may seem too absurd to actually happen to people who are right in their mind, it makes you love this show and keeps you coming back every season just to see what crazy stuff happens next at Cyprus Rhodes.
    After the second season finale, it's safe to say that Greek's major weakness are the finales, they are as the show itself - light hearted, not very major drama and more likely to happen, but hardly ever keep you wondering what's going to happen next. But on the other hand, the show is addicting and fun enough to make you check your calendar for its return date, because every day could be your last day, and if you want to make it a fun one, you might as well tune into Greek.