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  • Greek is absolutely great! Cyprus isn't in Rhodes, Rhodes an island in Greece and Cyprus is a different country. The love triangle between Casey Evan and Cappie fading away, Rusty growing, Dale geek, Calvin popular, Evan not a jerk, Ashley shopaholic....

    Greek is absolutely great! I'm from Cyprus, the country, which is not in Rhodes (which is an island in Greece, Cyprus is a different country). Anw enough about this. I love this show. I think it's the simplicity of the story that makes it good, but the spins and turns of the story that make it absolutely great.
    I love how we watched Casey's history with Evan and Cappie, which is the love triangle and that it didn't become tiring and boring, they kept it interesting by slowly making it fade away. Rusty the brainiac know-it-all, who discovers himself through the fraternity and grows with the help of his brothers, Casey, Calvin and Dale. I love Dale's character, he is the geek u can't get enough of, the guy with the extreme ideas and values. Calvin is the cute, cool guy who was the popular guy and now just wants to stand by the sidelines.
    I love how Evan is not a complete jerk, but has his good features, and we hated him in the beginning but now he is being the good guy. The same goes for Rebecca, she is not the big b**** but a survival b****. Ashley is great, I love her obsession with shopping and how innocent she is.
    And last but not least, Cappie ROCKS! I think he is the best, he is the one who stands out from the whole cast. Whatever he tries to pull off, he looks great!