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  • Greek is an Awesome Show. It is basically college drama, where Casey, tries to lead a sorority and maintain a relationship, which never works out well, and her brother, Rusty, tries to fit in a fraternaty and to make friends.

    Greek is about Casey Cartwright, who is the sorority: Zeta Beta Zeta house and is trying to do the best she can so she can be leader of the house.
    She has a brother who is younger and starting in Cypruss Rhodes University. Her brother, Rusty, is a nerd who wants to join a frat house so he can fit in and make friends. He meets Dale, his roommate who is a Christian Addict and who is completely against fraternaties and sororities.
    On the hunt to find a fraternity, Rusty meets Calvin, who turns out to be gay Calvin's best friend is Rusty and Ashleigh, who is also Casey's best Friend.
    Rusty ends up joining the Kappa Tau Gamma house, which is the most trouble prone house on campus, and lead by Casey's ex boyfriend, and Calvin goes to Omega Chi Delta, which is lead by Evan, Casey's current Boyfrind in the pilot and is Cappie's enemy. The Omega Chi house and the Kappa Tau house are the main enemy's in the show, except Casey and Rebecca, the new senator's daughter who Casey bribed to go into ZBZ.
    Watch as everything falls apart each episode.

    Diffenetely recommend you watch it.
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