Season 1 Episode 8

Separation Anxiety

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Aug 27, 2007 on ABC Family
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After their community service chairwoman is unceremoniously dismissed from the sorority, the Zeta Beta Zetas must find a way to make up on lost time with their community service. Will Casey be able to work together with Dale on a charitable performance for the Bible Bunch? Meanwhile, a lovesick Rusty and Cappie try to distract themselves by escaping to the one place where woman are a sure thing.moreless

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  • Rusty tells Jen k "I love you" and got a thank you in return. Kappie nurses a broken heart and Ashley's found herself a new best friend. The Zeta Betas do some charity work at a church group run by Rusty's roommate.moreless

    Who knew that the "lunch table" was code for strip club? I really like that Calvin is friends with Rusty. They seem like such an unlikely combo but they work really well.

    I'm getting the OC flashbacks with the "I love you" "thank you" thing. Except these characters are much more believable than Ryan and Marissa pretending to be teenagers ever were.

    This episode was a bit of a filler. Nothing really happened. Kappie was for me, as usual, the high light of the show. The nurse's outfit was spectacular ;)

    And he was a physics major at some time too... I thought it was one of those dorky but brilliant moments when Rusty revealed he was using a physics law and applying it to his love life.moreless
  • Season 1, Episode 8

    Ashleigh is still keeping her relationship with Travis a secret which causes friction between her and Casey. So for the show they are putting on Ashleigh is partners with Rebecca Logan and Casey is partners with Jen K. Rusty wants to tell Jen K. that he loves her but Cappie tells him not to do it. Rusty tells her anyway and she says thank you. Cappie then takes Rusty and Calvin to a strip club where they see other students including Calvin's boyfriend who tells Calvin that he hooked up with someone else last night. Cappie raises the bill to 275 dollars and his credit card declines, so Rusty calls Casey for her to bail them out. before the show starts Ashleigh's phone rings, its a text from Travis. Later Casey then tells Ashleigh that she knows she didn't break up with Travis.moreless
  • Stuck at the strip club...

    Hm... this was an okay episode, I just think Ashley was being extremely immature. Just because Casey did not like Travis... It was just really annoying how she was freaking out and being a jerk to Casey about the whole thing. The ZBZ play was also kind of stupid. The whole "I love you" plot also was not very entertaining. I kind of liked Calvin and Heath's story, but, it wasn't enough to get this episode to a nine...

    The ZBZs need some more philanthropy hours, and so they help a Bible group, one that Dale is running.

    Ashleigh is mad at Casey for being part of the anti-Travis mob.

    Rusty wants to say that he loves Jen, but is not sure if she loves him back. He goes to Cappie, who is cleaning extensively, for advice. Cappie thinks that it's a terrible idea. When Rusty tries and Jen says "thank you", the KTs end up at a strip club

    Calvin and Heath are having some problems, and Heath cheats on Calvin, causing them to break up.moreless
  • Cappie is recovering from Casey and Evan's evergrowing relationship, in a humorous way.

    OK so I did not see all of this episode as my cable went out and the DVR did not catch all of it, but from what I saw I liked.

    Rusty says "I love you" to Jen K., who in turn is not ready to say it back, a.k.a. going against Cappie's advice. Putting Rusty into a slump.

    Cappie cleans the Kappa Tau house in order to get over Casey. When he realizes that the cure he is really looking for is 'Lunch Buffet', another hilarious installment by Cappie.

    So I was a bit lost on what the Zeta's were doing, it was some sort of good hygiene play, but the I got most of the hostility from Ashleigh and Casey. I think they are both right, Ashleigh can do better, but Casey should have made that a private issue, and not publicy sided against her.

    So Dale likes Casey, does he even know her? How funny would it be to throw him into the triangle. His band is named 'Darwin Lied' that is just too funny.

    I liked the ending with Rusty and Jen saying the things they loved.moreless
  • trying to find distractions from women, while falling harder for them.

    As Rusty feels closer to Jen K. he decides to tell her he loves her. When he does it, it was just really hard to watch. You felt to sorry for him, and even though I personally believe it was too early you wanted her to say it back just cause he is so naive. My heart dropped when she said thank you, but in the end when she said that she thought she loved him, and they finally made it, it gave you a warm feeling inside. It made you super happy for them. While this was occurring Cappy was dealing with the feeling that he lost Casey for good. He went on a rapid cleaning streak trying to forget about her, and tried to implement this same advice in Rusty who did not take it. Cappy eventually took all the frat boys to a strip club and when it came time to leave, his card was rejected and Rusty had to call Casey to bail them out. Rusty then figured out that Cappy's behavior was from Casey not saying anything when Cappy told her how he felt. I thought this was a turning point in Cappy's behavior and how he would then pursue Casey from then on. I believe that he will now look to find someone else. Also, with Casey's friend wanting to be with Rebbecca was crucial because now they have made up, and i am glad that happened. All in all i thought this was a very well done episode, and I enjoyed it.moreless
Jennifer Lee Keyes

Jennifer Lee Keyes

The Waitress

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William Walton (II)

William Walton (II)

The Customer

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Jessica Rose

Jessica Rose

Jen K

Recurring Role

Tiffany DuPont

Tiffany DuPont


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Aaron Hill

Aaron Hill

The Beaver

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  • QUOTES (26)

    • Heath: You left without saying anything.
      Calvin: It's probably better you didn't hear what I had to say.

    • (Talking about Love)
      Rusty: How do you know when you mean it?
      Cappie: I don't know, I guess it's a kind of burning, itching sensation. But in a good way.

    • Cappie: What's with this welt on my head? Did I enjoy it?
      Rusty: Absolutely!

    • Casey: During rush, I was actually close to taking a bid out of Tri Pi, and Ashleigh found out that one of the girls hated me and was gonna dig me out two weeks later, and she keyed the girls car.
      Evan: You never told me that… Someone keyed my car this rush.

    • Dale: Hey! I was just in the neighborhood, and thought I'd drop by and see how our shows going!
      Casey: Oh, really well.
      Jen K: Hi.
      Dale: Oh, you. Hello.

    • (At the strip club)
      Rusty: Look where she's putting those bills!
      Calvin: Which will go right back to circulation. You know by the end of the week it could end up under some kids pillow, from the tooth fairy.

    • Cappie: This is the Lunch Buffet. Complimentary, I might add.
      Rusty: Oh they serve casserole!
      Cappie: Oh no those are buffalo wings.

    • Ashleigh: I prefer to dance with a little more freedom anyway, so I would love to pair up with a new partner.
      Casey: Like who?
      Ashleigh: Rebecca!
      Casey: Rebecca who?

    • Rusty: Your still cleaning?
      Cappie: Dirt works 24/7!

    • Rusty: I love you!
      Jen K: …Thank you.

    • Heath: Why don't we do something old we know is fun?
      Calvin: Like bowling? Again? You can only enjoy it so many times before you start to understand why it's not a real sport.

    • Dale: The Bible Bunch kids are seriously risky, I mean some of them are gang members some or them are even atheist!

    • Casey: How can we help you all… immediately.
      Dale: Well let's see, the basketball court needs repainting. The gym floor needs waxing. You could hose bird feces off the building exterior with a pressure washer… it's more fun than it sounds.

    • Casey: I'm Casey Cartwright, Zeta Beta. I'm here about volunteering.
      Dale: Rusty's sister? I'm his roommate Dale.
      Casey: You're the, confederate flag guy!

    • Rusty: I think I'm ready to use the L word with Jen.
      Cappie: That's a pretty bold move, what makes you think she's a lesbian?

    • Rusty: Cleaning?
      Cappie: The house is a mess, Spitter. Have you seen the surface build up? There is mold growing on mold!

    • Jen K: Will you walk me to class in the morning?
      Rusty: I was just going to suggest that.
      (After getting another IM from Dale)
      Rusty: Yes! I was going to suggest that. Stop IMing me!

    • Rusty: (After getting a lot of IM's from Dale) Dale, i'm right here!
      Dale: I promised I'd leave you guys alone til' ten, but look, here it is 10:20. I do not appreciate you taking advantage of my good nature.
      Rusty: My interpretation was that you'd actually leave the room!
      Dale: There's two names on that door, go read them.

    • Ashleigh: (Explaining her reason for not being able to help Casey) Really, I can't, I have a paper to write, a project. I'm also growing out my bangs which requires extra sleep.

    • Casey: (Talking to Ashleigh) was talking to this girl in my Spanish class, and she says, she knows this guy who worked on Laguna Beach second season, and he says that it's not really real!

    • Cappie: By the time I came clean to the pretty Cartwright, the Evan train had already left the station...

    • Casey: Cappie and I may have revisited our history recently... Things kind of escalated...
      Rusty: Escalated how?
      Casey: We kissed. That's it. It was a big stupid lacks of judgement.
      Rusty: You're his minx!

    • Rebecca (talking about the cupcake that Casey was taking): I saw that first!
      Casey: Oh look, going after something else that's mine... Must be Monday...

    • Rusty: Did you do something to your hair?
      Jen K.: What? No.
      Rusty: Well, I really love (pauses) it.

    • Rebecca: (about her and Ashleigh) We could dress up as cupcakes.
      Casey: You have the body for it.

    • Cappie: I had a little minx once. She was the fairest of all forest creature. But I let her get away. (slaps himself) Bad Cappie.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Music for this episode was:
      "Filthy Rich Kids" -Parkas
      "Sexy Baby" -Blue Baron
      "Oh Song" -Kale
      "MC Oui B. Cuul" -Mark Holden
      "Loves Made A Fool" -Barefoot Servants
      "Acid Jimmy" -Walter Murphy
      "Carefree" -The Perishers
      "Small Part Of Me" -Maria Taylor


    • Cappie: (about the Strip Club) This is the second happiest place on Earth.

      This is an allusion to Disney World, known as "The Happiest Place On Earth".

    • Casey: We're Mary-Kate and Ashley.

      She is referring to twin Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who have appeared in television and movies together. They also have several lines of clothing, books, and cosmetics.

    • Cappie: (to Rusty) You'll end up eating a pint of ice cream while watching Never Been Kissed and writing about it in your journal.

      Never Been Kissed is 1999 comedy starring Drew Barrymore and Michael Vartan. It is about a copy editor who goes undercover at a high school.

    • Cappie: (to Rusty) Listen, young Padawan...

      He is referring to the Star Wars movies. A Padawan is a Jedi apprentice.

    • Casey: You think Frannie will be Marie Antoinette again?

      Marie Antoinette was the queen of France who was known for her overindulgence and her execution by guillotine.