Season 2 Episode 19

Social Studies

Aired Monday 10:00 PM May 25, 2009 on ABC Family
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Two girls that Cappie is dating at the same time both end up in his study group. Meanwhile, Rusty is having doubts about his relationship with Jordan, and Rebecca solicits help to retrieve her laptop.

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  • A cute episode for Rusty and Jordan, with some angst between Cappie and Casey

    I really enjoyed the storylines for Rusty and Jordan as well as Cappie and Casey in this episode. The interaction between Rebecca and Evan seemed a little silly, but it did make me interested to see more of a relationship between the two since all that's ever been presented in the past was that they hooked up one time during Rush. When Cappie said that no other girl could compare to Casey my heart broke for him. I was surprised that Rusty seemed oblivious to the parallels of his situation since he has previously seemed to acknowledge Cappie's dilemmas in getting over Casey. I did not understand why Andy broke up with and tried to get back together with Jordan all in one night particularly during midterms when she needed to be focused on studying and not boy drama.

    The scene where Rusty projected the Sistine Chapel on the ceiling was adorable and the end of the episode with Jordan's note to Rusty being read aloud to the class was heartwarming and happy. Ashley's procrastination provided a nice bit of comic relief particularly with her organization of her study area in the library and when she said she was awesome at time management since she only studied twice a semester.moreless
  • Love triangles ablaze!

    This week we see everyone at Cyprus Rhodes cramming for midterms. Calvin, Rusty, Jordan and Dale form a study group for their art history class, Casey and Cappie cram for women's studies and Evan and Rebecca team up to retrieve her laptop from her towed car.

    Rusty and Jordan agree to try and be friends again but after Jordan and Andy break up and make up in the space of a few hours Rusty has had enough, he finally tells Jordan how he feels and the next day she passes him a note during the midterm saying she has fallen for him too. The roundabout stuff with Andy was really stupid but in the end it was worth it since the truth about Rusty's feelings finally came out. These two look like they're on their way to a happy relationship. The note being read aloud in class was really romantic:)

    Casey and Cappie start off the night studying with two girls who have both been hooking up with Cap, after the girls figure it out it's only Cappie and Casey from then on. They talk a little about their lovelives but it isn't until Casey talks to a sleep deprived Asleigh that things get interesting. Ash tells her that the reason behind Cappie and Rebecca's break up was the fact that Cappie still isn't over her. This prompts Casey to question Cappie about his feelings but he denies Casey being the reason behind the break up. Then Rusty shows up saying that he had had enough of being Jordan's friend and told her how he really felt about her. Suddenly all bets are off and Cappie finally admits to still loving Casey, he even says that there is no other girl in the world that compares to her...aww:) Casey realizes that as long as she is friends with Cappie, he'll never get over her and she feels he deserves the chance to find someone else to make him happy, she lets him go. As a Cappie and Casey fan, I'm so happy that Cap still loves Case...and it sucks that she is still with Max. Hope she comes to her senses and dumps him to be with Cappie!

    The subplot in this episode revolves around Rebecca and Evan hanging out trying to get her laptop back from her car which was towed and is being guarded by a vicious dog. It's an okay subplot, Rebecca is always funny and Evan was slightly less annoying than he usually is. Maybe these two will hook up again, who knows?

    All in all a solid episode highlighted by two, nay three, declarations of love.moreless
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