Season 3 Episode 17

The Big Easy Does It

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 08, 2010 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

It's time for Mardi Gras on the CRU campus and everyone is prepping for the big party day, except for Casey who has to take her LSAT exam. Casey is already stressed about the exam but to make matters worse, Cappie tells her that he's already declared a major and Casey realizes he's lied about it when she finds the blank major declaration form on his desk. It seems the only person that's been helpful to Casey during this period of stress has been Joel, the campaign manager. He advises Casey to bring a lucky charm and greets her after she's done with the LSATs with a celebratory bottle of scotch – because that's what lawyers drink. He tries to kiss Casey but she tells him that she has a boyfriend and that she should really be heading to the KT Mardi Gras party. Joel apologizes but asks Casey why she chose to spend an entire evening with another guy and not mention her boyfriend at all.

Rusty makes plans to take Katherine to the KT party but Cappie thinks that she's too prim to be his date. Katherine, always the planner, informs Rusty that she's still a virgin and does not want to be a virgin when she goes to law school. She wants to have sex with Rusty the night of the KT party. Rusty is worried because he's never been anybody's first time. Cappie is thrilled for Rusty but Casey is horrified, and does not want to hear about the details from either Rusty or Katherine. Dana decides to invite herself to the KT party and goes as Dale's date. Rusty tells Dana about the plan with Katherine. She's horrified and disgusted that Rusty would just take Katherine's virginity like that. She also tells Rusty that she likes him – which is why she came to the party in the first place. She gets upset and leaves the party.

Grant tells Calvin that they're going to Gentleman's Choice, the local gay bar, for Mardi Gras. He's also been offered $500 to bartend. Calvin gives this offer to Evan, since he knows that he's been a bit cash-poor lately after stealing money from the house. Evan takes the gig and tells Rebecca that he has to work catering that evening so he can't party with her that night. Ashleigh and Rebecca decide to go to the KT party to congratulate Casey on finishing her LSATs. However after not being able to find her, they decide to ditch the KT party and go to Gentleman's Choice instead. Evan spots Rebecca at the bar and right as he's about to play a masked game with her, she starts kissing a stranger. Absolutely stunned, Evan reveals himself and the two go outside to talk. Rebecca tells him that she does not want to be exclusive with him, and that she hasn't been. Evan calls her heartless and walks away.

Back on campus, Rusty is in Katherine's room, about to start their sexual "transaction." Rusty realizes that he's not a bad boy and he can't just take her virginity, so he leaves. Casey arrives to an almost empty KT house. The party has pretty much ended and she finds Cappie sitting alone. She asks him why he lied to her about declaring a major. She tells him that she was so bent out of shape about it that she almost kissed another boy – but didn't. Cappie tells her that he just might not be ready to graduate and Casey goes back to the ZBZ house for the night to sleep alone.

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