Season 3 Episode 17

The Big Easy Does It

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 08, 2010 on ABC Family



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    • Beaver: Rebecca! You look really great tonight. (pause) Was that too far?
      Rebecca: No, it was really nice of you.
      Beaver: I was gonna suggest that we go up to my room, but I didn't because that would be going too far.
      Rebecca: And you expecting me to have sex with you as a reward for not going too far is going too far.
      Beaver: So we're not having sex?
      Rebecca: Bye, Beav.

    • Rusty: Katherine wants to have sex.
      Cappie: Hey, that's great! Wait, with you, right?
      Rusty: Yeah, with me.
      Cappie: Hey, that's great!

    • Katherine: I think you are a great person and we have had one relatively successful date. And I do not want to go to Yale a virgin, so I have decided to lose my virginity to you. Tonight. If you are amenable.
      Rusty: (laughs nervously) I'm flattered. But, you know, we haven't even kissed yet or learn how to greet each other.
      Katherine: Well, clearly we are two smart people and I am confident that we can figure it out. Now I don't have any experience in the area, so I will defer the choice of prophylactic on over to you. (shows him a choice of condoms)

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    • Music:
      "Show Me Around" by His Mischief
      "When The Saints Go Marching In".
      "Where Are You Now" by US Royalty
      "Freaks Up Front" by His Mischief
      "Fairytale" by Mimi and Teft
      "Keep It Cool (Bo Flex Remix)" by US Royalty

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