Season 1 Episode 12

The Great Cappie

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 31, 2008 on ABC Family
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Hoping to sneak around Dean Bowman's probationary despotism, Casey tries to liven up the Zeta Betas by joining forces with Cappie and his Kappa Tau brothers to plan a Prohibition party with a Great Gatsby theme.

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  • ZBZ throw a party in the Kappa Tau house with a secret "Speak Eazy" in the basement. All this goes on whilst Lizzie and the Dean party upstairs. Rusty convinces Calvin to think about pledging Kappa Taumoreless

    I love the flapper costumes. And who knew that Ashleigh could sing like that? She was incredible. And yet again, Kappie saved the day! Is there anything that boy can't do?

    The more I see Rebecca Logan and Kappie together the more I feel like they are a great couple. They make more sense than Kappie and Casey... but at the same time I can't help but feel that Rebecca and Evan would be pretty awesomely matched.

    I loved the start of the episode where Rusty and Calvin invite Dale to the disco party. It was cute. And I'm glad that "Quitter" aka. Calvin didn't pledge KT. I like him in Evan's fraternity.moreless
  • Season 1, Episode 12

    I loved this episode it was awesome. I also love Lizzie, she is hilarious. So, everyone is getting sick of Lizzie and she has an idea to start a book club, Casey has an idea of throwing a party, the only party Lizzie will allow is a party based on the book "The Great Gatsby", so it will be a prohibition party. Casey cooks up a plan with Cappie to have the party at the Kappa Tau house, but have a secret party in the basement. The girls agree to this. So, they need to make sure Lizzie doesn't find out, but Lizzie invites a special guest, Dean Bowman, who is suspisious. Cops show up to the Kappa Tau house because Evan called telling them they have alcohol. They go to plan b then scratch plan b. They turn the basement into a reading session because Dean Bowman claims to have seen a lot of foot traffic go down these stairs. Calvin considers joining Kappa Tau. Cappie gets caught with alcohol trying to distract the cops, so he gets 100 day community service. I loved thiss episode. SNAPPSS!moreless
  • Secret party....

    A very good episode, with some subtle Cappie/Casey moments. Lizzi is actually pretty funny... I don't know why everyone hates her so much. She's one extra comic relief in the show.

    The girls at the ZBZ house are growing tired of Lizzi, and Casey has the idea for a party, but, the only party that Lizzi allows is one based on the book: The Great Gatsby... a prohibition party.

    Casey goes to Cappie for help, and they decide to hold the party at the KT house, and, there will be a speakeasy downstairs.

    Rebecca's feelings for Cappie deepen.

    Rusty convinces Calvin to try pledging for Kappa Tau, since he hasn't heard from Omega Chi about re-pledging for them. In the end, Calvin goes back to Omega Chi.moreless
  • Loved!! That's why I watch the serie!

    I love Cappie!! He is so cute and such a good friend!

    I'm divided between Casey-Cap or Cap-Rebecca!! I like the both couples but I think I still like more Casey! Evan is getting worse!! He is a cheatter! And Calvin will stay in Omega Chi?? Common! They don't even respect his sexual orientation!

    Good to see Spitter is not talking about Jen K anymore!! He needs to enjoy the college spirit now!

    The parties are back!! Exellent idea of Casey! I hope that Lizzie o away soon! I can't stand her anymore!! And we can't forget the hero of it, The Great Cappie!moreless
  • Another great chapther

    I love watching episodes like is because it gives me something to look forward to in college. Being dangerous and sneaky and getting away with it. Love it!

    I hate Cappie with Rebecca! Even though Rebecca seems to care about Cappie, I secretly think she's just getting with him to get underneath Casey's skin. Rebecca has now been with both of Casey's exs. Can you say, pattern? The two of them are nothing alike. There's no way that she just happened to go for both accidently.

    I loved Cappie in his criminal moment. Definetly worth getting arrested for. Evan is such a narc! He better watch out for Cappie. Evan is smart, but Cappie is an evil genius. Its a no brainer to tell who will win.moreless
Alan Ruck

Alan Ruck

Dean Bowman

Guest Star

Senta Moses

Senta Moses


Guest Star

Kevin Kirkpatrick

Kevin Kirkpatrick

Officer Hack

Guest Star

Aaron Hill

Aaron Hill

The Beaver

Recurring Role

Zack Lively

Zack Lively


Recurring Role

Derek Mio

Derek Mio


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Rusty: How would you like to come back to my house forever?
      Calvin: That sounds ominous.

    • Cappie: Downstairs will be a once-in-a-lifetime down-and-dirty secret prohibition party - in our oh-so-humble grotto.
      Beaver: A what party?
      Cappie: ...a prohibition party, uh, a speakeasy.
      (Beaver looks confused)
      Cappie: All right, look. Here's how it's gonna work. Upstairs is gonna be the authority-pleasing, yawn-inducing Great Gatsby party, but downstairs will be a delightful, delicious den of iniquity.
      (Beaver looks more confused)
      Rusty: You've heard of the 18th Amendment? You know alcohol was illegal in the 20s?
      Beaver: No?
      (Everyone laughs)
      Beaver: Is that why they call it the Great Depression?

    • (Stalling Dean Bowman)
      Cappie: Incredible. Um, then what happened?
      Dean Bowman: I graduated high school.
      Cappie: High school? That's fascinating. Then what?
      Dean Bowman: I went to College.
      Cappie: Wow, wow.

    • (After Dean Bowman shows up to their party.)
      Casey: We are so screwed.
      Cappie: Yeah.

    • Calvin: I'm just considering my options, all right? I'm getting a little tired of waiting to hear from you guys.
      Trent: Yeah, you're not going to. Hope you guys got plenty of cosmo mix for the fairy.
      Calvin: I don't even like cosmos, bitch!

    • Ashleigh: That was really noble of you to say you'd step down as president.
      Casey: I know, right? (pause) What the hell was I thinking?

    • Casey: I wish you were a boy and we could be together forever.
      Ashleigh: That's...weird. (after pause) Wait, why do I have to be the boy?
      Casey: Because you're taller. Duh.

    • Ashleigh: Many of these boys have trouble reading. Great job, Beaver.
      Beaver: I can read.

    • Lizzi: Jasmine, please take your hands off your partner's buttocks!

    • Casey: Is your shirt on backwards and inside out?
      Cappie: I was just jogging.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Music:
      More Of You by The Group
      Butterflies by The Good Luck Joes
      Set It Up by Sign Of The Fox
      Ragtime Pie by Ferris Gluck
      Ready For Love originally by Barbara Martin
      Ear Candy by Cafe du MIDI
      Maybe Just Maybe by Blackpool Lights


    • Calvin: Movies are all I do these days. I'm starting to worry about popcorn lung.

      Bronchiolis obliterans is a constrictive disease where the bronchioles in the lungs are obstructed by granular particles. Diacetyl, once found in the butter flavoring of microwave popcorn, can cause this disease, and it was given the nickname "popcorn lung" after former workers at a microwave popcorn plant developed the disease.

    • Lizzi: Something by Dickens! Great Expectations! Little orphans are so cute!

      Great Expectations is a Charles Dickens novel published in 1861 that centers on an orphan named Pip. Additionally, the "little orphans" line is also a subtle allusion for Senta Moses (Lizzi), who played a "little orphan" herself in the musical Annie.

    • Cappie: We are going to need enough liquor to incapacitate David Hasselhoff.

      In 2007 a video on YouTube featured David Hasselhoff (Baywatch, Knight Rider) in a very drunk and incoherent state.

    • Ashleigh: Which is why I think Ferris Bueller is my generation's Gatsby.

      She is referring to the 1986 John Hughes movie, Ferris Bueller's Day Off. Ironically, Alan Ruck who guest-stars as Dean Bowman starred in the movie as Ferris's best friend, Cameron Frye.

    • Cappie: (to Tom and Dave) And one day, I'm sure you'll be hugely successful.

      He is referring the Plain White T's, which Tom and Dave are a part of in real life. They became widely successful with their hit single, Hey There, Delilah and even received a Grammy nomination for it.

    • Title: The Great Cappie

      A reference to the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

    • Cappie: Which Law & Order are you with?

      Law & Order is the law-themed show that was originally broadcast on NBC and has spawned many spin-offs.

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