Season 1 Episode 3

The Rusty Nail

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Jul 23, 2007 on ABC Family
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The Rusty Nail
It's mixer night on Greek Row and Rusty feels pressure to find a date so Cappie sets him up with a "sure thing." Meanwhile, Calvin volunteers to be the errand boy for Zeta Beta Zeta to help Ashleigh plan the military themed mixer party. However, Ashleigh confuses Calvin's enthusiasm for party planning with having a crush on her.moreless

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  • Season 1, Episode 3

    I can't believe how much I am addicted to this show already. I mean its great! I defintely think Calvin is gay and possibly that other dude (don't know his name. haha. the guy who was with Calvin. lol). I really like how all the characters have chemistry together and how they all interact together. It was funny the way Ashleigh told Evan not to have sex with Casey, but Frannie told Casey that she needs to have sex with him or it will make him think of her as just a friend. I liked that Casey cared to make sure Rusty didn't lose his virginity to someone meaningless.moreless
  • Rusty has to find a date for a fraternity party and he has just one day to do it so he ask his sister Casey to help him. But...she dresses Rusty like a nerd,so he accepts help from Cappie, hoping he will do better.moreless

    Rusty has troubles dealing with his, after party he goes in bed with his slutty date Lisa(Cappie set her up...). Thank god, he changes his mind....and stays a virgin!:) Cassie is kinda cold to Evan, she can't forget he cheated on her.Evan asks for advice Caseys friend how to win her back...

    I like how they portrayed Evan, not completely bad boy, than...a guy who made a mistake and is willing to do something to save their relationship. (Even though I like Cappie &Cassie more!).The funniest scenes were Rusty and Cappie in the gym and Cappie explaining the whole 'Chuck Darwin' theory... :D I like the development of Rusty/ Calvin friendship...moreless
  • Rusty plans on losing his virginity.

    This is where the characters all develop some real personality. Ashleigh and Calvin also meet, a huge part of the show.

    Love is in the air! It seems everyone but Rusty is having sex. And then, Rusty hears of an upcoming mixer. Cappie teaches him how to flirt. When that doesn't work... Cappie sets him up with a "sure thing", which, in the end, Rusty decides against.

    Casey can't get herself to sleep with Evan after since the cheating incident. Frannie advises that she needs to do it if their relationship will ever survive. But, Ashleigh tells the McSteamy Evan that he should be more McDreamy.

    A mixer is coming up between Zeta Beta and Omega Chi. Calvin is assigned to help the ZBZs set up for the mixer. So, he meets Ashleigh, since she's Social Chair. They become great friends, because of Calvin's homosexuality. Unfortunately, Ashleigh reads it wrong, and thinks that Calvin is in love with her.moreless
  • Exploring the themes of sex(uality).

    It seems as if Greek is finally settling in, the bustle of the pilot episode being long gone, we can know see the show for what it really is and is going to be. Where most shows fall down a huge cliff after the pilot, Greek only makes a little fumble. If even that. The intricate dealings in the love triangle (or square) between Case, Cappy, Evan, and that spoiled rich girl are becoming ever more clear, the battle has begun, and the real carnage is about to break loose. Although it doesn't seem as if Casey and Evan are anywhere near breaking up, bad advice given to both of them almost put a big dent in their Volvo. Calvin, meanwhile, exploers and experiments some more with hes seemingly newfound love for men. Nobody seems to have any clue, even though it's all so obvious. Not even the tall skinny girl Calvin is stuck with doing chores has the brain cells to figure it out. Not that that's a big surprise, but still.

    Virginity is a blessing from God, but Rusty seems to disagree. Cappy sets him up with the loosest girl on campus, and they come ever so close to doing the deed. At the very last moment (not literally), Rusty decides he'd better not begin something he'll regret later on, despite what Lisa told him about how it's about the fun, not about the love.

    If Greek manages to keep this up I can see it stay for two seasons at the least!moreless
  • With help from Cappie, Rusty manages to find a date, but Casey's not happy about it.

    Another interesting episode with a great storyline and some character development.

    Rusty knows how people look at him and that's why he desperately wants to find a date. His speech to Dale and his friends is fantastic and very well-written.

    Casey and Evan are still going through a rough patch in their relationships, the conflicting advice given to Casey is fun. The 'reason' Evan gives for cheating on Casey was well-acted and seemed convincing, it certainly seemed to convince Casey.

    I still like the Casey and Cappie relationship, I think they relate at some deep level and the revelation that they both lost their virginity with each other was very endearing.

    Casey also seems to grow into her role as big sister.

    The Calvin storyline was great!moreless
Gus Lynch

Gus Lynch

Party Photographer

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Arielle Vandenberg

Arielle Vandenberg

Lisa Lawson

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Drew Roy

Drew Roy

The Pledge

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Tiffany DuPont

Tiffany DuPont


Recurring Role

Jessica Rose

Jessica Rose

Jen K

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Aaron Hill

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    • Cappie: It's simple. The secret to flirting, dating, and hooking up is all biology.
      Rusty: Don't you mean anatomy?
      Cappie: Spitter, can't you see I'm in lecture mode? Where was I? AH! Biology. Okay, there's this guy named Chuck Darwin, now he proved that mankind has evolved over billions and trillions of years. Darwin showed that every aspect of human behavior has an evolutionary purpose. Right? Chatting up girls is in our genetic code, we're programmed to be able to do it. Why? So we can boink and make babies. It's survival of the flirtiest.

    • Evan: Look, Rebecca, I made a huge mistake hooking up with you, okay? I love my girlfriend.
      Rebecca: I got that sense when you were taking my bra off with your teeth.

    • Casey: about getting Rusty and Lisa together. Lisa Lawson, Cap? She's even easier to get into bed than you are.
      Cappie: Really? Damn it, I'm losing my edge!

    • Cappie: The gym is the ideal place to meet women.
      Rusty: How? How so?
      Cappie: Think about it. A totally non-threatening environment all filled with women in tight clothes all high on endorphines. Charles Darwin will call this the Galapagos island of dating.

    • Cappie: Look, in your virgin mind, women are like these mythical creatures... Like unicorns! With breasts! But let me tell you something: that's a myth. Women are just normal people with breasts.

    • Lisa: So I'm guessing this is your first time?
      Rusty: Do I have "virgin" written on my forehead?
      Lisa: I was talking about dancing.
      Rusty: Oh, got you.
      Lisa (whispering): Don't worry, I'm a good teacher...

    • Casey: I was trying to force myself to sleep with you.
      Evan: Wow! That killed the mood.

    • Casey: (Talking about Rusty) It's his first time.
      Cappie: Ok, it'll be brief but still...

    • Lisa: (referring to Rusty) I remember you, you spit on me!

    • Ashleigh: Did you forget Sam the Stalker from freshman year? Creepy Craig last semester?
      Casey: You do attract the crazies.

    • (Talking about Calvin):
      Ashleigh: He's really into it, like planning, shopping, decorating, all that crap. Which is weird for a guy. At least I've never met one who was into that stuff who wasn't... Oh my God.
      Casey: You mean he's...
      Ashleigh: Got a crush on me!

    • Rusty: That actually makes scientific sense.
      Cappie: Of course it does, I was a bio major once. Now let's go make Chucky D. proud.

    • (Talking about Rusty)
      Casey: He asked me for help.
      Cappie: And he looks like he's about to over dose on Khaki.

    • (Talking about the clothes Casey bought Rusty)
      Cappie: Turning your brother into your boyfriend is kinda creepy.

    • Casey: If your wardrobe isn't an emergency then I don't know what is. Plus, I can walk next to you without feeling like I'm doing you a favor.

    • Asleigh: Pledge lets go shopping.
      Calvin: I have a name.
      Asleigh: I'm sure you do.

    • (Talking about the mixer)
      Calvin: I have an idea.
      Frannie: Did he just speak?

    • Casey: What's up? Did the library burn down?
      Rusty: I go other places you know.

    • Rusty: I've never been on a date before.
      Calvin and Dale: You haven't?
      Rusty: What? Is that so weird?
      (pause, then turns to Dale)
      Rusty: Wait, Dale. You've been on a date?
      Dale: Hey, I'm a virgin, not a leper.

    • Dale: We talk about girls, sin, temptation, you know fun stuff like that.

    • Casey: Um, I'm ready.
      Frannie: (referring to her outfit) We're going to a bar, not a bake sale.

    • Cappie:Our first date function of the year is Friday. So that gives you nut bags three days to find a date. Now, pledges don't worry, you won't be judged by how hot your date is.
      (Everyone in the room laughs):
      Cappie: We prefer the term, evaluated.

    • Cappie: De-fun-fri. . . Does anyone know what that means?

    • Cappie: So, if anyone knows who Sara is, please let Ferret know.

    • Lisa: Cappie, can we use your room?
      Cappie: Nothing would make me more proud.

    • Rusty: I know you guys think virginity is like this precious gift, but you know what, it's not! It's a big fat burden, it's one that's making me feel like this lonely, awkward loser and I'm tired of feeling that way and tonight I have a chance to change that. So I'm gonna give my gift away. I'm gonna give it to a girl named Lucy ... or Laura, or something that begins with an L.

    • Cappie: Spitter, what are you so afraid of?
      Rusty: Rejection, humiliation, and clowns.

    • Casey: Have you forgotten our first time?
      Cappie: It was pretty amazing, wasn't it?
      Casey: No.

    • (To Rusty)
      Cappie: Zoinks. Looks like we are going to have to wait......twelve minutes?

    • Cappie: (to Rusty) Come on Spitter, who are you going to pick, your sister or your brother?

    • Frannie: Ashleigh, if you get one drop of paint on the floor, I'll gut you like a fish. (pauses) Have fun!

    • Cappie: At least it's just bruised.
      Rusty: My toe or my ego?

  • NOTES (1)

    • Music:
      "Coming Out Wild" - The Sammies.
      "Do You Want It" - Lash.
      "How Good Can It Be" - The 88.
      "Understanding" - Aidan Hawken.
      "Our Time Now" - Plain White Ts.
      "Blind" - Aidan Hawken.
      "Hey There Delilah" - Plain White Ts.
      "The Plot That Weaves" - The Brothers.
      "Traffic Jam" - Vega4.
      "Prepare To Reactivate" - Fredalba.
      "Fly Straight" - Aidan Hawken.
      "Handful of Names" - Waking Ashland.


    • Ashleigh: Just make sure you're an officer and a gentleman tonight.

      She is referring to the 1982 romanctic drama An Officer and A Gentleman.

    • Casey:Oh, Frasier is on.

      Casey is played by Spencer Grammer, daughter of Kelsey Grammer, who played Frasier, in Cheers and Frasier.

    • In this episode the Zeta Beta Zeta President is reading an issue of MODE which she then uses to give Casey some advice. MODE is a fictional magazine from another ABC show Ugly Betty.

    • Ashleigh: For now you're McDreamy, not McSteamy.

      A reference to the doctors in the ABC medical drama Grey's Anatomy, played by Patrick Dempsey who plays Derek "McDreamy" Shepherd and Eric Dane who plays Mark "McSteamy" Sloan.

    • Cappie: Zoinks!

      A reference to the quote uttered by Shaggy from Scooby-Doo.