Season 3 Episode 16

Your Friends And Neighbors

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 01, 2010 on ABC Family



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  • Quotes

    • Rebecca: You're gonna make me say it, aren't you? When we... had sex.
      Beaver: We did do it! I bet Wonder Woman really happened too! (Rebecca stares at him) Don't worry, you were way better.
      Rebecca: You're actually charming when you aren't trying so hard.
      Beaver: Wanna go upstairs and lose your earrings?
      Rebecca: And you're back.

    • Anthony Hopkins: Bite me, A!
      Dump Truck: Who are you calling an A?
      KT Pledge: You! You R!
      Dump Truck: What the H is an R?
      KT Pledge: I think it's the same as a Q.

    • Katherine: Maybe we should get a cup of coffee and discuss what's bothering you and also about these feelings I'm having for Rusty.
      Casey: As fun as that sounds, I really need to work on my personal statement.
      Katherine: Oh, well maybe I could come over and brainstorm some ideas. I mean, I was recently accepted into Yale Law.
      Casey: Congratulations! That would be great! You don't mind?
      Katherine: Of course not. But perhaps while we work I could ask you some hypothetical questions about dating. We could pretend I'm not talking about your brother.
      Casey: (weakly) Yay!

    • Joel: The older you get, the more you realize, some people should be around your entire life and others should just make an appearance.

    • Beaver: I had sex with Rebecca Logan!
      Beaver: I'm sorry, I broke the Bro Code. If you wanna hit me, I understand.
      Cappie: Wait, wait, is this like last year, when you "had sex" with Wonder Woman?
      Beaver: I'm still not convinced I didn't.
      Cappie: Remember all the rope burns from the guys teasing you with the Lasso of Truth.
      Beaver: Yeah, okay, but I'm still 75 to 25 percent sure I had sex with Rebecca. I was drinking and...
      Cappie: Okay, why don't you just keep this to yourself until you're absolutely sure. Okay? We wouldn't want Wonder Woman to get jealous, would we?

    • Cappie: Hey, you have a major right?
      Rusty: Yeah. Did you pick one yet?
      Cappie: It's a big commitment. I was thinking about archeology. You know I've always liked Indiana Jones.
      Rusty: Did you see the last movie?
      Cappie: Good point. How about astronaut?
      Rusty: Um, that's not a major.
      Cappie: Looks like I'm back to square one then.

  • Notes

    • Music:
      "No Control" by The Laureates
      "Everybody Knows Everybody" by Earlimart
      "Take Me On The Ride" by The Sessions
      "Beat To The Rhythm" by Jo C
      "Shootin' Stars" by The Filthy Souls
      "Blackout Hearts" by Apteka
      "When A Heart Breaks" by S.O.Stereo

  • Allusions

    • Cappie: I'll be like Speedy Gonzales

      Speedy Gonzales is the animated mouse from Warner Bros.. He is dubbed the "Fastest Mouse in all Mexico."

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