Season 3 Episode 16

Your Friends And Neighbors

Aired Monday 10:00 PM Mar 01, 2010 on ABC Family



  • Quotes

    • Beaver: I had sex with Rebecca Logan!
      Beaver: I'm sorry, I broke the Bro Code. If you wanna hit me, I understand.
      Cappie: Wait, wait, is this like last year, when you "had sex" with Wonder Woman?
      Beaver: I'm still not convinced I didn't.
      Cappie: Remember all the rope burns from the guys teasing you with the Lasso of Truth.
      Beaver: Yeah, okay, but I'm still 75 to 25 percent sure I had sex with Rebecca. I was drinking and...
      Cappie: Okay, why don't you just keep this to yourself until you're absolutely sure. Okay? We wouldn't want Wonder Woman to get jealous, would we?