Green Acres

Season 4 Episode 16

A Prize in Every Package

Aired Unknown Jan 22, 1969 on CBS

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  • Even with Alan Hale Jr and Al Molinaro it is kind of weak

    Not one of the better episodes of Green Acres. I like seeing Alan Hale play a sheriff though and seeing Al Molinaro before Happy Days and the Odd Couple. One of the better scenes of the episode is when they name all the cereals. All have funny names and Eb and Lisa and Mr Drucker keep naming there favorites. Also Oliver kept getting a Yogi Berra baseball card and everyone in the Vally kept giving the jewelry that fell into it. Not very funny to me, I like a lot more of the episodes that stay on the farm. Those ones are funnier to me, but overall it isn't a bad episode, just nothing that special.