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Fixing the house

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    I re-saw the first couple of episodes yesterday on TV Land. In it, Oliver promises Lisa that he'll fix up the place and it'll be nice.

    Well, this show ran for a while and he never fixed it up. I realize that the writers intended it to be that way to move the show along, but wouldn't the premise also have worked if they had at least fixed the house up?

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    Hey even in the movie the return to green acres the phone is still on the pole... and the house is still not finnished..... i bet if they had a reunion today..... it would still be the same......would they have cell phone service there in hooterville yet?..... maybe gen 1 with the big brick phones .. ... like zack had on saved by the bell... hee hee...... they souded horrable like talking though a cb radio in the 70's & cost a lot for service....... oh and it would only work on one block between crabwell corners and the pixley diner outside of hooterville only if you climbed a tree and TALKED On IT!!!....... Mr. hannie would sell them!!!!.... at a high price.....

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