Green Acres

Season 5 Episode 7

Four of Spades

Aired Unknown Nov 08, 1969 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Lisa serves cups of cream and sugar, but doesn't get around to brewing any coffee.

    • As Lisa deals cards to predict Oliver's future, the "Executive Producer," "Written by," and "Directed by" credits appear on the first three cards.

    • The Haney Employment Service employs a computer-tator. It's a combination of a computer and a potato peeler.

    • Eb is off the tour when he plugs Tadpole's AC guitar into the D/C outlet and blows out his instruments, speakers, and three of his tooth fillings.

    • The Original Tadpole Talbot's big songs include "Tiptoe Though the Barnyard" and "I've Got a Right to Drink the Booze". All were released by the Connubial label.

  • Quotes

    • Haney: (pitching the Haney Employment Service) In order to fulfill our slogan of fittin' the man to the job, I use the services of the Haney computer-tator.
      Oliver: I believe the word is "computer."
      Haney: That is correct. But my machine is a combination of an old computer and a new potato peeler, hence computer-tator.
      Oliver: There must be somebody I can complain to about you!

    • Oliver: (scoffing at Lisa's fortune telling) I'm not interested in that nonsense.
      Lisa: Nonsense? It's a lucky thing you're not a Hungarian, or you'd be in big trouble with the Gypsies.
      Oliver: (disinterested) Wow. That's--
      Lisa: Do you know what they do to you for making fun of fortune telling? They turn you into a chicken!
      Oliver: A chick--?
      Lisa: Or a duck, or a goose. When they get mad, there's no telling what they do to you. They turned a girlfriend of mine into a rabbit. She's working in the Playboy club in Budapest.

    • Oliver: (after Haney gives him another ridiculous sales pitch) Have you no shame?
      Mr. Haney: Not much.

    • Lisa: (after Eb leaves to tour with Tadpole) I hope he knows what he's doing.
      : Why should he start now?

  • Notes

    • Tommy Roe was a sucessful pop singer during the 1960s. His hit singles include "Dizzy", "Sweet Pea" and "Sheila".

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