Green Acres

Season 4 Episode 6

Handy Lessons

Aired Unknown Nov 06, 1968 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Wanting to be a bigger help to Oliver, Lisa decides to learn carpentry. She buys overalls and begins to study the craft from the inept Monroe brothers. Lisa's talents result in destruction in Monroes' workshop and earns Oliver a punch in the nose.

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Frederic Downs

Frederic Downs

Mr. Harrison

Guest Star

Alvy Moore

Alvy Moore

Hank Kimball

Recurring Role

Sid Melton

Sid Melton

Alf Monroe

Recurring Role

Tom Lester

Tom Lester

Eb Dawson

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (4)

    • Oliver: (learning Lisa was upset) She had nothing to cry about. All I did was complain she out to be able to do a few things like changing light bulbs or hammering a nail in the wall.
      Eb: How can she hammer a nail in the wall when it's got that big home in it?
      Oliver: She made that hole.
      Eb: And you say she's not handy!

    • Alf: (after Lisa destroys a table with a saw) Just what I wanted: a three-legged work table.
      : Maybe I could screw it together with the chisel.

    • Hank: (explaining why he's hiding from Ralph) Who wants to marry a lady carpenter?
      Lisa: My husband.
      Hank: Gee, I'm sorry Mrs. Douglas. I didn't know your husband had a thing for Ralph. Well, I wouldn't worry about it. He'll change his mind as soon as he sobers up.
      : No, no, you don't understand. He wants me to be like Ralph.
      Hank: Oh, well. That shouldn't be hard. Just get a pair of overall and ugly up.

    • Oliver: (after Lisa knocks a hole in the wall while trying to hammer in a nail) Lisa, why are you so inept?
      Lisa: I'm as "ept" as anybody.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Hooterville exists in a Bizarro world unlike any other in television. Eb is mesmerized by Petticoat Junction, the fictional TV show he's watching. At the same time, many of the characters of that show (Sam Drucker, Kate Bradley, Uncle Joe Carson, Charlie Pratt, Floyd Smoot, and others) exist in the "reality" of Green Acres. A tip of the hat to the absurdity of it all is when Eb launches into Oliver for turning off the set and putting thousands of technicians, artists, and producer's realitives out of work by the flick of his wrist.


    • Eb is watching Petticoat Junction on television. Petticoat, also airing on CBS-TV, was from the same producers as Green Acres, and was the "mother" show that Acres was spun-off from.

    • Eb tells Olvier that Mrs. Douglas has run off with a doctor, just like on Peyton Place, a primetime soap opera airing at the time on ABC-TV.