Green Acres

Season 5 Episode 26

Happy Birthday

Aired Unknown Apr 11, 1970 on CBS
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To his irritation, Oliver learns he shares his birthday with Arnold Ziffel. He refuses to spread the joy by getting a gift for theZiffel boy, even though the pig gives him a fur-lined electric snout warmer. Even though he requested no celebration, Oliver's convinced that Lisa is throwing him a surprise party, so he puts on his tux and goes all around Hooterville looking for it. He gets a surprise, but it's not a party.


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    Merie Earle

    Merie Earle

    Sarah Hotchkiss

    Guest Star

    Arnold the Pig

    Arnold the Pig

    Arnold Ziffel

    Recurring Role

    Alvy Moore

    Alvy Moore

    Hank Kimball

    Recurring Role

    Frank Cady

    Frank Cady

    Sam Drucker

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    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (7)

      • Haney shows Oliver a couple of gifts that would be good birthday presents for Arnold: a battery powered fur-lined snout warmer, and a matching mink car coat.

      • Lisa's present for Oliver ate Eb's and flew away.

      • Lisa puts the curtains in the washer and dryer while they're till on the rod.

      • The card Oliver receives from Eb reads, "Happy Birthday oh boss o' mine/ Hope this finds you well and fine--"

      • Haney tries to sell Oliver a birthday card for Arnold that reads, "Happy Birthday, oh pig o' mine/ Hope this finds you well and fine/ The joys you brought me all through life--"

      • The birthday card that Oliver receives from his mother reads, "Happy Birthday, oh son o' mine/ Hope this finds you well and fine/ The joys you brought me all through life/ Never any sorrow, never any strife/ And now you're married, and have a wife/ Happy Birthday, oh son of mine."

      • Mr. Haney's is peddling birthday cakes in this show. Sarah, the world's fastest cake printer, prepares three while Oliver argues with Mr. Haney. Those cakes read: 1) Will you get lost? 2) Beat it! and 3) Oh you dirty...!

    • QUOTES (5)

      • Haney: (pitching gifts ideal for Arnold) How about this mink-lined electric snout warmer, for the pig that has everything. Now, this can be plugged into a set of batteries that Arnold can wear strapped to underside of his stomach. If you're worried about it showing--
        Oliver: I'm not!
        Haney: It can be covered with this matching mink car coat.

      • Haney: (reads card he's selling for Arnold's birthday) "Happy birthday 'o pig oh mine--"
        Oliver: Oh pig 'o mine?
        Haney: "Hope this finds you well and fine. The joys you brought me all through life--"
        Oliver: Yeah, yeah, I'm familiar with the poem!
        Haney: Oh. That Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote some great stuff.

      • Oliver: I don't wanna do anything on my birthday. No parties. Nothing. Just let the day pass quietly without any fuss. Well, maybe after dinner we can pop open a bottle of champagne.
        Lisa: How about a birthday cake?
        Oliver: Hmmm. A birthday cake's fine.
        Lisa: How many girls do want to come out of it?

      • Sam Drucker: (complaining about inflation) The whole thing's gettin' out of hand. It's a good thing Coolidge didn't choose to run again, 'cause I wouldn't have voted for him.

      • Lisa: (after presenting Oliver hotscakes with a candle on top) Wait a minute! I have to birthday them up!
        (begins pouring something over them)
        Oliver: What's that?
        : Chocolate syrup.
        : Chocolate!!
        : Go on. Eat!
        (Oliver begins eating the candle)

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