Green Acres

Season 6 Episode 25

Hawaiian Honeymoon

Aired Unknown Mar 16, 1971 on CBS

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  • Weak as water...

    This particular episode of Green Acres just happens to be an unsold pilot for a sitcom that took place in a luxury hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii in which a free-spirited girl who works there just happens to be the hotel owner's daughter, who happens to be a widower.

    In this weak episode, the girl helps out a young newlywed couple spend their honeymoon in a bridal suite, which so happens to be reserved in advance for the Douglases who are celebrating their wedding anniversary, and thus the hijinks ensue between Oliver, Lisa & the newlyweds.

    This without a doubt, is the weakest episode of the series & it didn't even feature that cloying waif from the later season episodes, Lori.