Green Acres

Season 6 Episode 3


Aired Unknown Sep 29, 1970 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Oliver finally refers to Eb as his "son." Then he goes inside to wash out his mouth with soap.

    • Haney claims the beat-up piano he'strying to rent for $50-a-dayis a Stradivarius. It's so valuable because it's the only piano Stradivarius made.

    • In the sob story Eb tells Mr. Drucker, Oliver forces him to wear leg irons, only lets him have one sock, hit him everytime his mother ruined one his shirts while beating them with a rock in a creek,and lost his $4000 when he got drunk gambling in Las Vegas.

  • Quotes

    • Oliver: (telling Eb to save up to buy a car) I pay you more than enough. What do you do with your money?
      Eb: I send it home to my mother so that she won't have to take in washing. I can't stand to see her kneeling by the side of a stream, pounding some stranger's shirt with a rock!
      Oliver: If the stranger doesn't mind, then why should you?

    • Oliver: (to Arnold, who's playing his piano) Keep it low, Chopin. And don't get your snout caught in the cracks.

    • (Oliver offers to pay $12 a week for Haney's piano)
      : Mr. Douglas, I wouldn't rent that piano to my own father for $12 dollars a week!
      Old Man
      : (appearing from back of the truck) Son, I'd like to rent that piano from ya for $12 a week.
      Haney: I'm sorry paw!

    • Lisa: (answering a knock at the door) Oh, it's Arnold!
      Oliver: I thought it was your mother.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

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