Green Acres

Season 6 Episode 20

King Oliver I

Aired Unknown Feb 09, 1971 on CBS



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    • Oliver: We've got to take some kind of action to make our feelings known in the state capital, so I'm throwing this meeting open to suggestions.
      Eb: How about a singing telegram?
      Oliver: A singing-- ?
      Hank Kimball: I'll vote for that! Whatta we sing?
      Fred Ziffel: How about "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" with new words?

    • Haney: First thing we got ta arrage for is Mr. Douglas' carnation.
      Sam Drucker: Coronation.
      Haney: Well, whatever it is, I got a coach and six horses left over from from the Cinderella pageant I'd be glad to rent to the kingdom for a nomynial fee.
      Hank Kimball: I think we outta let the king walk.
      Eb: Yeah, it's more democratic. It'll bring him closer to us peasants.

    • Oliver: (writing irate letter over the tax increase) Why don't you write a letter to the governor! Everybody in town ought to write one!
      Lisa: Oliver, remember the last time you told everybody in town to write to the electristical company?
      Oliver: Yeah! It got action, didn't it?
      Lisa: Yes. They cut off our electristical.

    • Hank: Why don't we join Czechoslovakia?
      Fred: Why don't we join something we can spell?

    • Oliver: I'd hoped for a larger turnout for this important meeting.
      Fred: Well, that's because a lot of people around here have come to your important meetings before and found them to be nothin' but big time wasters.

    • Lisa: Oh, Oliver. Isn't America a wonderful country! One day your nothing and the next day your're king!

    • Oliver: This morning I learned they closed Mr. Kimball's office and fired him!
      (group at meeting bursts into applause)

    • Oliver: That's three straight days our newspaper has been late.
      Lisa: That's because Arnold hasn't learned the route yet.

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  • Allusions

    • The gag of a crown appearing on King Oliver's head after eating margarine was a spoof of the Imperial margarine commercials of the 1960s. The brand's slogan was, "Flavor so good, it's fit for a king". When the actor would take a bite of food covered with Imperial, a fanfare would sound and a crown would magically appear on his head.