Green Acres

Season 5 Episode 1

Lisa's Mudder Comes for a Visit

Aired Unknown Sep 27, 1969 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Lisa's mother never knows Oliver's name and calls him "Whatshisname". Soon, everyone in Hooterville is calling him that.

    • Lisa's mother thinks she married Rupert, a mad scientist who wanted to put her in a jar so he could worship her forever.

  • Quotes

    • Haney: (as a canon is being loaded on the Douglas' lawn) Mr. Douglas, we have got to give Her Majesty her 212 gun salute.
      Eb: Since we don't have 21 guns, it took a little figuring out.
      Hank: Yeah. All we could find is one cannon and three cannonballs.
      Haney: So what we're gonna do is three-ball her seven times.

    • Haney: (to Oliver as the press arrives at the canonball firing ceremony) I sold the television rights to the Pixley TV station for $12.
      Oliver: For 12 dollars?
      TV Announcer: Excuse me. Will you mind stepping aside, buddy? I'm going to get a shot of the queen.
      Lisa: Oh Mother. You'll be on TV!
      Oliver: (shocked by the TV coverage) And they cancelled the Smothers Brothers!?!?!

    • Hank: (trying to get the cannon for a 21 gun salute) Sam, we're only gonna fire the cannon at her for an hour or so. Well, not at her...

    • Lisa: I always say it's better to be a clean countess than a dirty queen.

    • Eb:(subtitles continue after everyone starts speaking English) Mr. Douglas, are you going to need anymore subtitles?

    • Haney: (trying to turn one cannon and three balls into a 21 gun salute) What we're gonna do is three ball her seven times!

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