Green Acres

Season 2 Episode 30

Music to Milk By

Aired Unknown Apr 26, 1967 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Eb becomes obsessed with winning a contest on a Pixley radio station. To identify all the songs, he has to listen day and night. That becomes even harder after Eleanor the cow swallows the radio Oliver just bought Eb for his birthday.

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  • One of the best

    "Music to Milk By" is one of the best Green Acres episodes.

    It was the very last of the second season, and the cast seems in fine spirits.

    It's one of the few episodes not written by Chevillat and Sommers, but the freshness of the writing from a new pen captures the loopy genius of the show.

    Eb gets "Dad" Oliver to buy him a radio for his birthday and proceeds to wreak havoc while fighting for a radio prize (a vacation in beautiful Las Vegas, Illinois) in an ongoing phone-in name the song contest on WPIXL, the county seat radio station of Pixley.

    Every song played in the contest is the same inane tune cooked up by Vic Mizzy, and it's a joy to hear everytime it pops up, and just as fun to hear the equally inane titles with which Eb identifies them.

    Music: Doot Doot (bum bum) Nananananana

    Oliver: That's the same...

    Eb: No it's not! Boy, they saved the hardest ones for last!

    Mizzy's musical work for this episode is amazing. Considering it's the last of 30 episodes, Mizzy creates a theme song jingle, the contest song, romantic music from a neighboring station, and various insipid background songs playing on the radio throughout the day. One song is swiped from Mizzy's movie soundtrack "Don't Make Waves (Make Love)", and I believe one character comments that it sounds like movie music!

    Joyous, goofy storytelling. This show was a delight.

Charles Thompson

Charles Thompson

Dr. Wilson

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Jack Wagner (II)

Jack Wagner (II)

Sam Dennis

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Alvy Moore

Alvy Moore

Hank Kimball

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Frank Cady

Frank Cady

Sam Drucker

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Tom Lester

Tom Lester

Eb Dawson

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Goof: Sam opens the blinds at the store and sees Eb outside. Sam can't hear Eb talking to him through the closed door, though there is clearly no glass in the window.

    • Eb leaves Oliver a huge note saying Drucker's General Store opens at 6AM. The hours posted on the store window, and Sam himself, say 7AM.

    • The phone number at WPILX radio, "the hot breath of Pixley", is 247-ring 3.

    • The prize in the radio contest is a vacation in exciting Las Vegas, Illinois.

    • Even though the same song is played repeatedly in the radio contest, Eb identifies it with a different title each time. The titles include "Don't Lose Your Cool When You Drop Out of School", "You're My Pizza Mama", "You Must Be a Girl Because Your Hair is Shorter than Mine", "I Oughta Give You A Hole In The Head for Making Me Live in This Dump", and "I Got Knots On My Knees From Riding A Surfboard With You."

  • QUOTES (4)

    • (Oliver and Lisa have taken Eleanor the cow to the veterinarian)
      : Mr. Kimball, Mr. Kimball, you got to take me to the vet's!
      Kimball: Why? Don't you feel well?

    • Lisa: (when WPIXL announces the prize is a trip to Las Vegas, Illinois) I thought Las Vegas was in Utah?
      : Nevada!

    • Lisa: (to Eleanor, with songs playing on the radio in her stomach) Don't worry, dahling. During the commercial, you can take a good rest.

    • Oliver: (believing it's Lisa's birthday) Feel any older?
      Lisa: Well, that's a nice thing to say to someone who just spent an hour putting her young on!

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