Green Acres

Season 3 Episode 17

Not Guilty

Aired Unknown Jan 03, 1968 on CBS



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • (explaining to Trooper Webster where his original $300 came from)
      : That's another story. You see, about six months ago I got a letter from my Uncle Wallaby in Australia.
      Lisa: You never said you had an uncle in Australia.
      Trooper Webster
      : Oh?
      Eb: Oh, he must've slipped my mind. Anyway, $300 doesn't mean a thing to him. He's very wealthy. He bottles sheep dip. It's a very popular drink, especially in the summertime. It tastes kinda like a hairy vodka.

    • Haney: (pitching the use of his bloodhound, Clarence, to Oliver) It was Clarence's cold nose that sniffed out Frank Nitti from behind an abandoned still over at Bagwell.
      : Oh, for--

    • Lisa: (to Judge Perkins) Your Honor, Eb is innocent. He was framed! Just like Frank Nitti!
      : Frank Nitti?
      : The feller that gave Mr. Douglas his still.
      : What still?
      Oliver: Your Honor--
      : Counselor, don't you know it's against the law to operate a still?
      : I don't operate one!
      Eb: No, he just sits and looks at it and dreams of the old days in Chi-car-go.

    • (Eb pulls up to see "the fuzz" with the Douglases)
      Eb:In trouble with the law again, Mr. Douglas?
      Oliver: No, I--
      Eb: He find your still?
      Eb: Eb, will you--
      Eb: He never uses it. It was a present from Frank Nitti.
      Trooper Webster: There's that name again!
      Eb: Mr. Douglas used to be his mouthpiece.
      Lisa: Yes, he's a lawyer. he could've been in the FBI, but he's afraid of guns.

    • Trooper Webster: Is your husband around?
      : Around what?
      Trooper Webster:
      Is he home?
      : He's over in the barn. I call him for you. (calling to Oliver) Oliver! The storm trooper's here!
      Trooper Webster: State trooper!

  • Notes

    • Lisa sees the "directed by", "written by" and "executive producer" credits at the end of the episode, rather than them being shown at the beginning, like they normally are. She comments that the fellow who is supposed to put them on at the beginning, must have fallen asleep.

  • Allusions

    • Many references are made to ganster Frank Nitti. He was Al Capone's lead henchman during the prohibition-era in Chicago before heading up the mob himself. He owes his enduring fame to the television series and films The Untouchables where he was the nemesis for Eliot Ness.

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