Green Acres

Season 3 Episode 4

Oliver vs. the Phone Company

Aired Unknown Sep 27, 1967 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Oliver is finally fed up with the lousy service of the Hooterville phone company. He petitions the state "futilities commercial" for improvements, but they can't help; Hooterville needs at least forty-two customers to be covered by the law. Tired of hearing Oliver boast about how he could run the company better, the owner hands him the keys to the place.moreless

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    Stephen Coit

    Stephen Coit

    Woody Shankel

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    Hal Smith

    Hal Smith

    Carl Bevins

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    Kay E. Kuter

    Kay E. Kuter

    Newt Kiley

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    Robert Foulk

    Robert Foulk

    Roy Trendell

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    Alvy Moore

    Alvy Moore

    Hank Kimball

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    • TRIVIA (10)

      • The phone company is closed on Fridays because Sarah is at the beauty shop getting her hair done.

      • Besides "Rump Roast" recording, other selections on the phone company's album include "Operator Out to Lunch", "Operator at Dentist", "Operator Having Her Hair Done", and "Operator Taking The Christmas Tree Down".

      • Huh?: Roy Trendell, the owner of the phone company, says that Sarah the operator is his mother. In episode #10 Don't Call Us, We'll Call You, Hank Kimball says that Sarah is his mother.

      • Trendell obtained the phone company the same way Oliver does: by complaining about the lousy service until the fed-up owner handed him the keys to the business.

      • Three of the front page stories in the "Hooterville World Guardian" are "Douglas Blows Top at Phone Company", "Irate Subscriber Circulates Petition" (featuring a photo of Oliver in a dramatic pose) and "Sarah's Recipe for Rump Roast".

      • Mr. Haney wants to sell Oliver a "woodified" cigar store Indian named Irving Two Smokes for $98.50. Oliver talks him down to $5. When Haney delivers it, he charges $15 C.O.D., plus $15 every month until the total of $212 is paid in full.

      • The "Republic Futilities Commercial" only has jurisdiction over utilities with 42 or more subscribers; the Hootervile Phone Company only has 34.

      • Sarah always makes rump roast on Thursdays. That's also the day Oliver's mother calls Lisa.

      • At the end of the episode when music plays to close the scene (just before the closing credits), the last two notes are ringing phone sounds.

      • The phone company gives its customers an album of their "This is a recording." messages if you don't complain about service for a whole year.

    • QUOTES (6)

      • Sarah: (a recording playing on the phone at Drucker's store) Your Hooterville operator is having rump roast trouble. Call back in an hour.
        Oliver: They got to be kidding!
        Lisa: People don't kid about rump roast trouble.
        Newt: Rump roast trouble? That's a new recording. At least it ain't in the phone company album I have.
        Oliver: They put out an album?
        Sam: Yeah. The company gives 'em out to you as a bonus if you don't complain about anything for a whole year.

      • Oliver: (launching into a patriot speech at Drucker's store) Isn't that a fine attitude for the president of the phone company! Doesn't he realize what the telephone means to the American farmer?
        (fife begins playing "Yankee Doodle")
        That thin strand of copper wire is his lifeline to the outside world! It's his means of communication with the marketplace. It tells about what to do with his crops. What the weather will be. And in time of need, it brings the doctor! Without the telephone, the American farmer's isolated! Cut off from civilization!

      • Oliver: (at Drucker's store, complaing about the phone service) I tried to get a call through to the Hoyt-Clagwell factory in Fargo, North Dakota.
        Sam: Even if Sarah was there you couldn't get through to them. She doesn't have a Fargo hole on the switchboard.
        Oliver: Call Chicago! They route it through there.
        Lisa: Maybe they don't have a router hole.
        Oliver: Every phone company's got a router hole! Well, not a router...

      • Oliver: (to Kimball who's on the switchboard) I want to call the Hoyt-Clagwell factory in Fargo, North Dakota.
        Kimball: Let's see. Gee, I don't think we're going to be able to help you. We don't have a Fargo hole.
        Oliver: Forget it!

      • Lisa: (as Oliver leaves to address the "public futilities commercial") Are you going to take the fifer with you?
        Oliver: The fifer?
        Lisa: The fellow who always plays the fife during your speeches.

      • Lisa: (after Oliver's speech, the fife is still playing)You don't have to play the fife anymore. He's through with the speech. Thank you and have a nice weekend.

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