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  • Green Acres tv show!

    This show has me in tears everyday!! I'm watching re runs! Eddie alber t is classic. I be in tears because of him! And his interactions with the hooterville folks! And Lisa is a stone trip!
  • A show about an upper class Manhattan family's struggle to fit in with rural farm life.

    The casting made this show great.

    The lead couple is a study in contrast - a well-matched upperclass couple: a hungarian heiress and a Harvard lawyer.

    Add an opportunist traveling salesman who would sell anything that isn't nailed down, and sometimes things nailed down.

    Add a County Supervisor who can't speak 5 consecutive words on the same topic.

    Add a farm hand with more aspiration than true potential.

    Add an elderly childless couple - who adopt a pig to be their son.

    Add a general store manager that wears every hat in the city.

    Add a female contractor named Ralph.

    The combination is so delightful that the PC police hardly notice that the whole show is premised on the husband is acting as chief decision makere for his wife.
  • Green Acres Was Very Funny Show

    I liked this show very much. It had Aronld the pig which had me laughing at all the crazy things he would do. The Zipples were Aronlds family.

  • Welcome to Hottervile...

    One of the funniest shows in the 60's, this series is a landmark when it comes to all sorts of gags. The show's story is about Oliver Wendell Douglas and his wife Lisa who move from New York City to Hootervile, in order to accomplish his dream of owning a farm. But this turns out to be a little more complicated than he thought it would be. Along the way, many characters try to help them do the right thing, but sometimes, things do not go according to planned. The characters are incrdibly funny, especially Lisa, who wa sprobably the funniest of all characters, and then, Mr. Haney who ended up selling all kinds of products to Oliver, even if this one did not want to buy them. With its incredible humour, this is definitely one of the greatest shows ever, since the Beverly Hillbilies. A definite 10!
  • Rich character development make this a great show

    Green Acres has an appeal for everyone. Those who have lived in the city all their lives will enjoy the thought of moving to the country to live simpler, more down to earth life. Those who live in small-town America will get a kick out of the shenanigans that go on in Hooterville (the imaginary town where Oliver and Lisa Douglas live).

    Adjusting to country life is not as easy as it first appears to the Douglas family. Oliver is used to schedules and predictability. He finds neither in Hooterville. Surprisingly Lisa adjusts to farm life much better than her husband. She has a real knack for relating to the various characters that visit the "homestead" of the Douglas family.

    Ultimately, the success of the show rests on its great characters. Each one plays a vital role in keeping Mr. Douglas on his toes and Mrs. Douglas from missing the city life of New York City. Need a break from the rat race? Visit Hooterville!
  • Everything about this series was great. I for one and very glad that I can have a opportunity to see farm living portrayed in such a humorous and at the same time satirize its primitiveness.

    This show relates to me in a very big way. I did exactly what the Douglas' did. I was raised in the city and moved to the country later in life. Though Lisa eventually got used to farm living, she learned the hard way.
    I absolutely enjoy this series. The humor is just great and is something no one should miss.
  • Funniest. Show. Ever.

    This is certainly a positively hilarious show. It should be much more popular than it is. It might seem mediocre to a person who just started watching it. Some people might also think, "Oh, it's an old show, so it's not worth watching." But it was way ahead of its time, and consistent watching will reveal its true nature--laugh-out-loud funny.

    A hilariously funny event--quote, action, subtitle, whatever--happens every few seconds on this show. It has all kinds of humor, from the basic humor used on all shows, to the surreal, to breaking the fourth wall. Lisa's speaking flubs. Oliver's speeches. The unseen fife player. Ralph's man-craziness. Mr. Kimball's utter stupidity. Arnold's talent. The Ziffels' bickering. The seen subtitles. And more. All extremely funny.

    If this were promoted more and more people saw it, it could be an immensely popular show. Matt Groening is a fan, and indeed, The Simpsons has many things in common with this. The Simpsons is very popular, and Green Acres could be as well, because it is twice as funny as The Simpsons. HILARIOUS!
  • It may have been before my time, but it was a great show. Lol.

    Green Acres is a classic sitcom from the 60s. The setting is a change from all the town and city scenes of many sitcoms of that time. I think because of the farm setting the show was even funnier. All the country folk in the show were so funny and loveable. But Lisa was probably my favorite. I love her character. She's so ditsy, oblivious, and hilarious. She has no clue about farm life and it's so entertaining to see her try to adjust to it. I also like Green Acres' jokes. They're so funny. Green Acres is definately a classic.
  • Oliver Douglas, successful Park Avenue lawyer longs to give up the rat race and become a farmer. His Socialite wife Lisa reluctently agrees to give it a try for Oliver's sake.

    This series fits into more than one category. Not only is it a classic but it was also ahead of it's time. Like other classic shows from the 50's and 60's there were no divorces or fragmented families, no gay characters, no bedroom humor. Green Acres dared to be different however in that all rules and norms were thrown out the window. Was Hooterville in another dimension or was Oliver just cracking up? Was Lisa scheming with the rest of the town by trying to undermine everything Oliver tried to accomplish? It's all a great mystery just as is the location of Hooterville? Where is this town anyway? Hooterville has had snow, droughts, floods, and freezes. All of this of course doesn't really matter. What matters is the oddball comedy and slapstick you'll find on every episode of Green Acres. A pig that everyone understands except Oliver, a door to door salesman who seems to show up with exactly what you want when you want it, a County Agent who gets everything mixed up including his own name, and a pair of Carpenters with male names although one is the sister of the other. Put it all together and you have one of the absolutely funniest classic sitcom's of all time.
  • A good classic.

    Green Acres is a great spin-off and also a great classic show. I watch this show every now and again.It had its funny moments, mostly Lisa would make the show funny because she is the stupid one of the show, Most classic comedys i know always have a stupid one.Its not of good as Three's Company or shows like that, but its is a very nice show that is worth watching when there isn't a lot on at the time.I never saw the show Petticoat Junction, but i'm guessing that it is as good as this show, cause Green Acres is a spinoff of it.
  • A great spinoff...

    i used to watch this show every night at 10;30 however when i had to go to school in the fall again i soon lost interest. I think Green Acres is a very funny show and difinetly a classic series. i like how Lisa is so stupid sometimes and Oliver gets mad. it is funnier to me than probably most people because i live on a farm.Eddie Albert was a good actor and lived to the age of 99. he died in 2005.i've never watch the parent show of Green Acres; Peticoat Junction but i'm sure it is good as well.later.
  • Green with Envy!

    I've been watching "Green Acres" on the I network almost every night. This not a bad show, about a couple living in the country. I admire the show, the people in "Hooterville" are much smarter than the people in "Cornfield Country." My favorite character is Arnold who probaby smarter than 90% of the people in Hooterville. Olliver douglas is always the fall man in a lot of episodes. he coul;d be the smartest man in Hooterville while the people around him, lacking brains, trying either to correct him or to fool him. I like the theme song. I don't know why it's playing in my head?
  • Lisa and Oliver Douglas find life in Hooterville somewhat different than that of New York.

    Yes, the show is somewhat corny, but it provides many clean laughs that you can't help but to enjoy. The characters are wonderful! It's hard not to fall in love with Arnold Ziffel and/or become aggrivated at that old con man, Mister Haney. Although the topics are often a little far-fetched, they are always entertaining and some how manage to captivate you for a full 30 minutes. I love this show so much I have actually asked for the series DVD for Christmas. No, I am not a loser, but I really get a giggle out of the show and probably always will.
  • This show will make you laugh all the time.

    Some of the jokes on here are so dumb you can't help, but laugh. Lisa is one of my favorite characters on the show. She doesn't know much, but that doesn't stop her from sharing her opinion. Oliver is the only person who even knows what is going on in the world because everyone else in Green Acres never goes anywhere outside of their city. Oliver wanted to live in the country, but Lisa wanted to live in the city in Manhatten. Mr. Haney always tries to trick Oliver into buying things that he has on the back of his truck and if Oliver ever buys any of the stuff Mr. Haney always seems to rip him off by changing the price or something.
  • Green Acres is an older show, but don't let that stop you from watching it.

    Green Acres is an excellent show. I love the beginning song where the Douglas's have a little sing/fight about moving to the country. Mrs. Douglas makes that show funny. She is completely clueless and messes up the most simple things. I thought the funniest thing in the whole series was how they have to climb up the telephone pole to use their phone. It was so funny how they made something you take for granted such a nuisance. However, there are a few things in this show that I do not particularly care for. Two of them being the pig Arnold (although at times he does have his funny moments) and Mr. Haney who appears in just about every single episode. Mr. Haney may be funny during some episodes, but most of the time he is extremely annoying. Nevertheless this show is still great and I highly recommend you watch it. This is one of those shows that you will either love or hate.
  • Green Aceres Is The Place To Be! Farm Living Is Allright to Me! Land Spreading Far And Wide! Keep Manhatten Just Give Me The Countryside!!!

    One of the greats of CBS's ruel sictoms that reign supreme throughout the sixties.
    Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor starred as Oliver and Lisa Douglas a lawyer and wife from New York City,Oliver wanted to do was to be a farmer, so they moved to Hooterville to a run down house complete with a barn, an hired hand in Eb.
    The people mainly was from Petticoat Junction, the show they spunned off from.
    Like allot of the comedies of the time, some corny jokes and slapstick managed to be funny.
    A great show withstanding.
  • Best Show EVER

    There is nothing like it, & never will be. A TRUE CLASSIC. I can watch it over & over & sometimes do, thanks to the 1st season on DVD. My favorite character is Hank. Originally, he wasn\'t the goofy guy he became a few episodes later, he was pretty \"normal\" for Hooterville. I have the \"Return to Green Acres\" on tape, I\'m sure it\'s out there somewhere on DVD. That was\'t really that good, it was just refreshing to see some of the cast on TV again.
  • How do they come up with this stuff and keep a strait face?

    The word play in this show was incredible. How did the writers come up with this stuff? From Lisa messing up her English(kos-ma-tet-a-culls)cosmetics. To Mr.Kimbal being so compleaty lost all the time,and Mr. Haney always trying to con Oliver into buying some junk off his truck in that high pitched cracking voice of his.And finally two words, Arnold Ziffel! Great show!
  • There's nothing wrong with this show!

    This one is definitely a classic. One of those you know you like, but you're not sure if you want many people to know you watch it.

    The supporting cast of zanies were very funny, but it was the comedic chemistry between Eva Gabor and Eddie Albert that made the show. They were the perfect pair.

    Of course the storylines were cheesy, but it was intentional! Which is one of the many things that made this show so great.

    So I highly recommend Green Acres to anyone who would like some wholesome, occasionally strange fun.
  • One of The Worst shows ever

    The only award this pathetic show ever should have won was for having a collection The Most Annoying characters ever.
    There is not one charachter in this show that had any endearing qualities. It was not even mildly funny. The only semi good thing about this show was the show's theme song.
  • This 60's sitcom is about a country man named Oliver Douglas who meets a city woman named Lisa. They move to the beautiful Green Acres in countryside Manhattan. Together, the couple maintains their own farm along with Arnold, their hilarious pig.

    I really enjoy watching the old country sitcom Green Acres starring Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor. Eva's the one who makes the show heartw-warming LOL comedy. I love the theme: City vs. Country, and the plot is so amusing and entertaining to me. I Absolutely LOVE Green Acres!
  • Green Acres is about two New York City couples who leave their apartment to live in Hooterville. But Lisa protest the move when Oliver wants to move. She later agrees to move in for six months and then agrees to stay for good.

    This show is 100 percent nuts and it's just plain funny to watch. Especially the pilot which is the crazy start to an crazy series. Still the characters is what made it nuts like Mr. Haney, Mr. Kimble, and Eb. Also Arnold the pig was an kooky character to create. It might be done again and it's sad because this show is an classic to watch.

    I give it an 9.5 out of 10.
  • Lisa is soo funny!

    She doesn't know how to cook and her hot cakes are allway used to fix something strange! Oliver is sooo mad all of the time! Eb is soo cute and he allways asks to borrow the car so he can take betty joe to the movies! And Arnold hahahahaha what a funny pig he watches tv all of the time and pretends he lassie! it really a funny show!
  • Not Many People Have Done Shows Like These.

    The Douglas are people from the city who agree to move into the country. They end up in a town that the people don't know how to operate it, and that gives them a lot of oppertunity. They own theyir own law firm, and the phone company, and help build a pipeline. They live in an old house with a basement, and build a master bedroom, but the people don't build it right and they also have a phone in their house, but they have to use the one on the telephone pole, and Lisa only knows how to make hot cakes. Eb thinks they are his parents, and Mr. Haney tries to sell them stuff, and the ziffels have a pet pig, Arnold, who is treated just like everyone else. I have never seen the follow up movie but I like this show more than others. And, Oliver knows how to complain, sometimes a little too much. Not many people have done shows like Green Acres. The shows today are boring.
  • Now here's a show that's really enjoyable because it's not over flooded on the airwaves in reruns.

    What a classic. The best "rural" show of the set. I think the main reason that I love it so much is that it doesn't get aired 24-7 throughout the world, like other sitcoms. I was excited a few years ago when TV Land did a 48 hour marathon. That made me fall in love with the classic.

    Plus, the characters are great. Mr Haney, who will sell anything to anyone. Mr Kimball, the forgetful Department of Agriculture worker. And Sam Drucker the most normal one of the bunch. What a wonderful spin off of "Petticoat", that can stand on it's own! Wish it didn't get cancelled along with the rest of the "rural" shows!
  • This show is absolutely fabulous!

    Nobody knows I watch this and for the reason that most would make fun of me for it. Sure most episodes have you sitting there shaking your head at the dumb things the writers have Lisa say or do, and the way Oliver is the only one in town with a brain but it is still absolutely hilarious what with Lisa's never-ending rendition of her hotcakes. and all the times shes burned the coffee pot to the stove burner, her pronounciation problems and how a fuse is a foose. It is a side splitting show that never should have ended, somewhat like Bewitched, The Munsters and The Addams Family. Even though Green Acres lasted 6 seasons I still think it could have lasted longer.
  • After thirty years this show is still absolutely hilarious.

    Along with many other shows from this era, this show is completely zany and off the wall. Filled with memorable characters, interesting situations and good, clean comedy, this show is great. I remember watching reruns on Nick at Nite with my family and everyone enjoying it and laughing our heads off. The show's plots almost always revolve around the Douglases' attempts to civilize Hooterville and having them eventually be taught a lesson by the simple country folk. However, this premise never really gets old. Though it ended thirty years ago, Green Acres is still incredibly enjoyable and still able to make people laugh.
  • Nothing to learn form this show but you will laugh your butt off.

    This show was to be the obverse of "The Beverly Hillbillies" and instead turned out to be perhaps the most surreal TV show ever done in on American TV.

    Oliver Wendell Douglas is the button-downed, successful New York lawyer who longs to be a farmer (he even grows corn on the balcony of his Park Avenue apartment). So off he goes to Hooterville with his glamorous Hungarian wife where they begin to farm Green Acres and live a house so ramshakle that even the Joad family in "The Grapes of Wrath" probably wouldn't live in.

    Oliver tends the farm every day in suit and tie and Lisa wears elegant gowns while cooking the only meal that she knows how to make---"hots cakes" which possess extraordinary qualities---some are like granite, others bubble like sulfur mud baths, and others are stickier than any adhesive known to science. The house itself is hilarious---the bedroom closet sliding door which flys off its runners each and every time Oliver touches it, the phone which is at the top of the telephone pole, the "pore-key" hole for the house which makes it impossible to paint the place. And occasionally Arnold the Pig, perhaps the smartest inhabitant of Hooterville, regularly comes in to watch television which is always showing the same show--a wild Western gunfight between cowboys and Indians.

    That's just the house. The townspeople are an assortment of extreme oddballs. Hank Kimball, the memory-gapped county agent, Ed and Doris Ziffel who are the parents of Arnold, and Mr. Haney who is the biggest flim-flam man since P.T. Barnum (he sold Oliver the house in the first place) and who has a seemingly unlimited assortment of things to peddle to Oliver. Meanwhile, the Monroe Brothers, Alf and Ralph, are perpetually trying to repair Oliver's house. Ralph is a woman and probably the first female tradesman in the history of American television, decades before women were welcomed into the construction industry. Oliver's hired hand, Eb, lives in the barn. Even Eb gets surreal---one great episode has him trying to win a radio "name that tune" call-in show. Every song snippet that is played is exactly the same as the previous one but Eb always comes up with some bizarre new title which turns out to be right.

    The entire world around Oliver is insane but he gamely struggles along, erupting on occasion but absolutely determined not to give up farming and regularly trying to inspire his neighbors with stirring speeches about the nobility of the American farmer---the backbone of the economy, while his neighbors keep wondering where the patriotic music-- which always accompanies Oliver's speeches--comes from.